"Visiting Hours" and "The Forest"

Discussion in 'Slashers' started by Joel Groce, Apr 21, 2002.

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    Saw these the other day - I didn't realize how similar "Visiting Hours" would be to "Maniac" - still conceptually different films, but Michael Ironside has a deep misogynistic bent and looks a lot like Joe Spinell in some parts coming in and out of his pad with the tight clothes showing his girth. Also, brought back memories of Jack Nicholson's performance in "The Shining" towards the end. Throw in some classic overacting from William Shatner and you've got a decent fright flick with plenty of good jumpscares.

    On the other hand, we have "The Forest" - actually better than a lot of flicks coming out at the time, featuring a creepy synth score derivative I'm sure, but I dug it. It gets right to the killin' with some good 'ol stalk and slash in the woods - and it has some good moments sprinkled throughout the whole film not in just the last 30. One moment is etched in my brain as there is a flashback section giving a little of the killer's history - it has one part that is simply played for laughs and has the killer miraculously appearing in front of his fleeing victim, each time with a new weapon in hand - and I was rolling with every scene. Recommended - just don't forget your 6-pack!
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    Visiting Hours

    Ironside has made a career out of playing psychos. He's great in this Canadian slasher. The hospital setting was very effective. (I know, Halloween 2 and Hospital Massacre came first...)
    Fox is sitting on this movie.:( Man, I would kill for a DVD release.:D

    Haven't seen The Forest. It sounds like Grade A cheese.
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    This one need a release!!!

    Agreed Mark - this would earn a welcome place in my collection - I was pleasantly surprised to see how gritty it was - and menacing in a "Maniac" way. Fox also owes us "Terror Train" among others I'm sure.

    "The Forest" is a cheesefest - but funny and it's what I needed before getting into "Visiting Hours".
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    I saw Visting Hours at the cinema house when it came out - by then the slasher bug had worn itself out (although it was June and Friday part 3 was the only "sure thing" popularity-wise to make an impression later that summer in August). Still, the small audiences liked the film (including me). It was difficult to see Lee Grant in such a film as well as Shatner (whose cameo is sort of campy).
    Most of all, the motive of this killer reminded me not only of "Maniac", but also of the disturbed young psycho in "Don't Go in the House".
    I add Visiting Hours to my list of favorite Canadian movies (right up there with Curtains, Killer Party, Blue Monkey, Funeral Home, ect.)
    The one-sheet poster is also kinda cute (which is a shot from Fox's theatrical trailer of the film which showed all the lights in the hospital going out until they show the skull.) thanks for bringing this film up - I've always liked it, but forgot about it in recent years.

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