Volcano High...is this any good?

Discussion in 'Asian Horror and Other Pleasures' started by poorlogic, Aug 26, 2002.

  1. poorlogic

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    I just purchased "Volcano High" and "Vistor Q" - anyone seen these films? I just wanted some info before they arrive!

  2. 2D4EVER

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    I've heard good things about both but I haven't seen either yet. Volcano High is full of special effects goodness and Visitor Q is Miike weirdness. If you don't like either I'll take them off your hands.:D

    Later all...
  3. Joel Groce

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    Visitor Q is awesome!!!

    I loved "Visitor Q" - this is really edgy filmmaking. I really "got" it and at the end of the film my head was reeling from the images and cleverness of it all. Haven't seen the other one.
  4. LJMurder

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    visitor q is one of those movies that breaks all the taboos. it's something you should see but it's definitely not for everyone.

    volcano high is awesome. it's like a live action dragon ball type thing. not so high on the plot but it has a great entertainment value.
  5. Mr.Vengance

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    Yeah, I'll back up the statement that the plot is somewhat lacking but the vibe and the look of the film more than makes up for it. It's got a really dreary look to everything. The characters are great and the situations that occur are worth getting the movie for. Highly recommended.

    I've not seen Visitor Q yet and I kick myself in the ass for it on a daily basis. I love everything I've seen by miike yet and this is supposed to be one of his best. I should really get on the ball.
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    Damn, maybe I need to get Q. Is there a R1 copy available, import or otherwise? I loved Audition and I want to see more by Miike, so this sounds like the next step. Volcano High sounds interesting too. I need to see both of these.

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