We need to e-mail MGM about our beloved horrors...

Discussion in 'Slashers' started by WesReviews, May 29, 2002.

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    The deed is done!!!!

    Did anyone watch the "Jason Alexander" profile on E! the other day. He mentions this as his first film. I guess it was filmed in '79 and he calls it a "Friday the 13th knockoff with a madman running amuck with a pair of garden shears" or something like that. He said he had a ball while filming at the camp and that everyone had a crush on Holly Hunter back then.
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    Hey all. Lets also E-mail them about releasing the Craven classic DEADLY BLESSING, okay! Please do so, and also request extras, because Craven is very willing to do audio commentaries, and I'fd love to hear is thoughts on this forgotten classic! Come on people, please do this!
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    Heard it over at www.sexgoremutants.co.uk - it's about halfway down the message board.
  4. I tried e-mailing MGM a while back about the possibility of "Mute Witness" getting a DVD release but I just got the standard "We appreciate you taking time to fill our Deleted Items folder" type of reply. I hope you do better, though.

    I'd love to see Chopping Mall again, though. It was my first ever exploding head scene in a movie. <wipes tear from eye> Happy days...
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    Program Power has this one on it's schedule and is shooting for a release later this year.
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    I agree...

    I think this post should be moved to the main forum for all who don't visit the Slasher Forum can help too. These are the ones I will email them about for sure.

    From the Thorn/EMI/HBO Library, MGM owns/may own:
    The Burning (request it uncut, of course)
    The Deadly Intruder

    From the Embassy Home Entertainment library, MGM owns/may own:
    The Brood
    Deadly Blessing
    Death Ship
    Final Exam

    From the MGM library, MGM owns:
    He Knows You're Alone
    The House Where Evil Dwells
    Killer Party

    Lightning Video Library :

    Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell

    I added SUMMER OF FEAR + KILLER WORKOUT to the list because it would be great to see those two especially since SUMMER OF FEAR is on DVD in UK on PAL but it needs to be done here.
  7. Andrew

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    Haha, KILLER WORKOUT on DVD. That'll be the day :D.
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    Once again, MGM doesn't own the Embassy-library anymore. Studio Canal took over the rights and have licensed the titles to Anchor Bay in the US. As I also mentioned in my post above Roger Corman and New Concorde owns the rights to The Brood. So there's no need to request those titles from MGM as they don't have the rights and instead we can put the effort in some titles they do own.

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