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Discussion in 'Euro Horror' started by crank, Aug 24, 2002.

  1. iguana

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    Great to hear you are still very much into this market! I hope your releases sells very well...

    I cant seem to get enough of the italian stuff, so I hope you are still looking for more to release, even though your "coming releases" is mouthwatering...

    I dont know why Sergio Martinos three greatest gialli hasnt been released yet (Madam Wardh (Next), Case Of The Scorpions Tail and Your Vice...)... they are definitely amongst the greatest gialli ever. Maybe the rights are too expensive?

    A release of Guilio Questis amazing "Death Laid An Egg" would be very welcome! (if it is at all possible to find out who owns the rights).

    Also be on the lookout for the stylish and scary giallo-with some surprisingly hard gore "The Perfume Of The Lady In Black".
  2. Ralph Mouth

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    Re: Erotic Nights of the Living Dead

    Fun Joe D'Amato film - what is media blasters/shriek show's attitude towards the XXX version, and other XXX euro horror crossovers like the aforementioned "Porno Holocaust"?

    I think its time these euro flicks were released with their h/c scenes put back in: these films are entertaining, but even more so when the h/c is chucked in (Image should re-do "Female Vampire").

    I realise that this is probably down to snobby stockists, but I don't get why places wouldn't stock something over abit of XXX material...we can see all kinds of gory and perverted violence on thousands of dvds, but we can't see some lady suck a guys dick.
  3. betterdan

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    zombi3 the Mutilator (uncut of course) has some pretty cool gore. I love that cheesy theme song. The atmosphere is very good too I think.
  4. Cydeous

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    La Casa Maledetta
    How about the US titles:

    - Let's Scare Jessica To Death
    - Lemora, A Children's Tale of the Supernatural
    - The Hunger
    - Wild at Heart
    - Lost Highway

    As for Eurohorror:

    - La Visione del Sabba (dir by Marco Bellocchio)

    I had to throw in the Bellocchio film. I have the Italian tape and I really love the movie. By the way, it HAS to be released in Italian.
  5. blaster

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    Thank you all...

    Well first thanks for all the suggestions and let me say I am amazed since I do not seem to know most of these titles especially those giallos from Iguana but will look into all of them. I and another guy in the office trying to find all these producer/directors of the past in the US...

    Next on the issue of XXX stuff like erotic nights of the living dead, there will be two versions 1) Uncut with all the XXX and an 2) edited version which will be sold to all the major stores so watch what you buy in these cases. You can tell becuase if one says UNCUT and XXX that is the one you want.

    Next I have received lots of emails about will zombi 3 be complete. We had to rush it for Block Buster but it is completely uncut!! we even got the scene from the Japanese version included. The only thing we could not help is that those scenes that were never scene before we only in a video format so the quality of the transfer goes up and down at certain points but it is UNCUT and should be the definitive version. We also got interviews with Mattei and Fragrassi so the issue of who made the film either Mattei or Fulci will finally be answered...I will let you have to see it for the answer...

  6. here's some off the top of my head that I would love to see get a DVD release(yep, here we go again with the lists! gotta love 'em!).

    Mansion Of The Doomed
    Night of 1000 Cats
    Night of the Demon (the bigfoot/slasher/gore flick)
    Meatcleaver Massacre
    Drive-In Massacre (an NTSC release)
    Microwave Massacre
    Dawn Of The Mummy (this needs an NTSC release!)
    The Flesh And Blood Show
    God's Bloody Acre
    The Mutilator
    Final Exam
    Silent Scream
    Blood Diner
  7. dlundh

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    Wouldn't it be fun to do a moderated IRC chat with Blaster ala the Anchorbay chat?

    I'm sure it would be a (dare I say it?) blast! ;)
  8. skinnypuppy6

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    there was one about a year or so ago, but another would be cool
  9. zombi3

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    Aug 12, 2001
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    Shit Creek
    Blockbuster is carrying Zombi 3? Is there a big PG-13 sticker somewhere on the cover? :p
  10. Serega_M

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    Jun 29, 2001
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    Moscow, Russia

    Possible my suggestion will be impossible to do, since the movie is probably belongs to some big studio. But at the end of 80's there was really great title about dead cop called "Dead Heat" :) That would be REALLY cool to finally see this movie on DVD :) If you could do that, Blaster - that would be really great and the sells should be well, I am sure :)

    Also - Scarecrows - as someone shave uggested - would be really cool to see it on DVD as well as the movie is EXTREMELY creepy...
  11. Awesome!

    Yeah, Dead Heat would rock, too. And Valentina (that's not American, rhough - but this movie NEEDS a DVD release).

    Giallo wise, how about Death Laid an Egg?
  12. crank

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    I'm really glad to hear (not to mention impressed) that your going to be going forward with horror/hard core hybrids. Just curious, how difficult are you imagining the XXX versions of films such as this will be to find. I know that Best Buy will probably stock the not-so-sexy version, but will stores like Amazon and DVDPlanet carry the unedited cut? Just curious.

    Also, to throw my 2 cents in, I'd love to see on DVD:

    Horror of the Zombies
    Night of the Seaguls
    More of Nashy's Werewolf films

    And for US horror, how about The Video Dead. Total cheese, but not to shabby.

  13. I agree, more Paul Nascy films, especially Hunchback of the Morgue and Horror Rises From The Tomb!

    The other Blind Dead films are a must also.
  14. betterdan

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    Lets Scare Jessica to Death is an excellent choice but I doubt they can get it. This is one of my very favorites.
  15. Jeremy

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    Titles that I'd love to see include...

    CURSE OF THE LIVING CORPSE (Not Eurohorror, but great fun and it stars Roy Schneider!)
    DEMON IS ON THE ISLAND (Unusual French horror/mystery)
    LIVING DEAD IN TOKYO BAY (Japanese zombie film, would be great for your Tokyo Shock line)
  16. Mark Relford

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    Aug 31, 2000
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    AB has Dead Heat on tap for next year.
    I second Dawn of the Mummy, The Mutilator, & Ghosthouse. You can't go wrong with those flicks!

    Blaster, how about Superstition or The Children?
  17. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Sorry, I'm guessing there's a reason you didn't answer, but hoping you just missed the post...

    What's the deal with SCARLET DIVA?
  18. blaster

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    Scarlet Diva

    Because of XXX, the hype is big and is doing really well in theaters. Infact we had to order more prints which is a first for our theatrical area, we have too many request from too many theaters to have it done with one print.

    To keep riding the XXX hype we will be releasing the DVD at about the same time as XXX, end of November. The XXX DVD is coming out in December.

  19. Andrew

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    Awesome, thanks!
  20. morpho

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    Erotic Popshots

    So...will Erotic Nights be uncensored Blaster? ...since you are riding the XXX wave and all.:D

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