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Discussion in 'Euro Horror' started by crank, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. crank

    crank Guest

    Is it just me, or has it been a while since we've seen some new Fulci on DVD. End of the year, we had Image's Voices from Beyond disc, and AB's Four of the Apocalypse one, but since then nothing. I know that Shriek Show owns quite a few Fulci movies (House of Clocks, Sweet House of Horrors, Lizard in a Woman's Skin, Zombie and Zombi 3), but I imagine it'll be end of the year at best before we see a one of those, and god only knows if Cat in the Brain is ever going to actually come out.

    Does anybody know if any other companies are going to work on the remaining Fulci library. I know that a Murderrock disc, or a Ghosts of Sodom disc won't sell like Zombie or The Beyond, but us fans are out there, and I know I'd buy them all. By my count, there are probably around 20 viable Fulci titles not yet sucked up (maybe not that many, but quite a few). It's time for some Fulci news, the announcement of a Door to Silence DVD, or the Conquest SE I've been pushing for all these years. Come on AB, where did you run when we need you?

  2. Mr. Giallo

    Mr. Giallo Guest

    I can't wait to get Cat In The brain!

    I'm also adopting a "wait and see" policy towards AB's recently reissued Zombie, because isnt' Shriek Show supposed to come out with a superior version?
  3. skinnypuppy6

    skinnypuppy6 Guest

    I'm waiting for a SE of Conquest! and a decant version of New Gladiators in english(dream on) to replace the troma shit/disc
  4. AlkanFan

    AlkanFan Guest

    I'm just putting my word in for Conquest again (for about the 20th time!); it's easily one of Fulci's greatest from the early 80s time period. I've stayed away from the New Gladiator DVD so far, but I'm considering getting it just to see the movie. Is it worth it?

    I believe that Image will be releasing The Psychic in the not too distant future (a very good movie that starts with the same dummy trick that was used in Don't Torture... also, while I'm on the subject, has anybody else here noticed the song that the watch plays sounds remarkably similar to the Zombie theme song?). Unfortunately it sounds like the Lizard disc may be a long time coming but hopefully it should be worth the wait. Also, if you desparately want to see Door into Silence there is an EC version out there, albeit with a less than passable transfer.

    This is a little off subject, but do any of the companies have plans to release any of the post-apocalypse movies, in specific 1990: The Bronx Warriors? It'd also be nice to see some of the late 80's Mattei action movies on DVD... does anybody have info on possible releases? Thanks in advance for any information!
  5. crank

    crank Guest

    Could anybody confirm if Image does indeed have the rights to Fulci's The Psychic? Also, is there an EC disc either out or coming out for Door to Silence?


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