Who's Shipping BUIO OMEGA?

Discussion in 'Euro Horror' started by Andrew, May 17, 2002.

  1. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I wanna order it, but does DDD have it in stock? $15 is pretty damn cheap, but if they don't have it I'm not gonna bother. If they don't have it, what's the next cheapest place that does? Thanks.
  2. Mark Relford

    Mark Relford Chairman of the Bored

    Aug 31, 2000
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    Do you have a Best Buy near you? I was surprised to find a few copies at mine for $15. It might be worth checking out.
  3. Suicide

    Suicide Space Bastard!

    Jun 26, 2001
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    Cary, NC
    Go to pricegrabber.com

    You can search for any movie there, and compare prices, and you can even enter you zip code and get how much it will cost shipped.

    I ordered one from DDD and got it last Saturday. I think they have it the cheapest.
  4. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Mark - Kick ass man. I figured when Best Buy eventually got it it'd be $20 like JUNGLE HOLOCAUST, but if it's that cheap I can just wait. Mine'll probably get it in in a few months :rolleyes:. Thanks man! :D

    Chris - I usually use DVDPriceSearch, but I was just wanting to know if any other like "cheap" stores had it in stock. Thanks though, if Best Buy doesn't get it in next Tuesday I'll hit up DDD.
  5. poorlogic

    poorlogic Guest

    Bought mine from DDD - it did take about 10 days to arrive (from the street date of 4/30), but I did get it.
  6. blaster

    blaster Guest

    Hate to self promote...

    Go to rareflix.com...

    I know they have it in stock and will always have shriek show first!!!:D
  7. jaybienweb

    jaybienweb Guest

    Got mine from http://www.pokerindustries.com/ today. They have it in stock and are VERY reliable.

    BTW, it's an amazing disc, John. I noticed that rareflix.com is selling 'Burial Ground', is it shipping now???
  8. Andrew

    Andrew Guest


    I would man, but not until my TWO THOUSAND MANIACS ships :D. I've exchanged a few emails with someone at customer services who's gonna do my credit card for me (cuz it doesn't work through the site), so if that works you can bet I'll be ordering more. :)

    Oh yeah - check out the Coupons section ;).
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  9. Buio Omega seems to be on back-order at this time at DDD.
  10. blaster

    blaster Guest

    rareflix is working

    Your two thousand maniacs went out and the credit card processing is now working. So get some Buio Omega...right away.

    Next week should have Burial Ground so be first to have it.

  11. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Awesome, thanks John.
  12. DefJeff

    DefJeff Franca Stoppi's #1 fan

    Aug 1, 2001
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    Hamden, CT
    Re: rareflix is working

    hey, stupid question, is rareflix.com gonna be shippin out Burial Ground early, or is it available everywhere next week???

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