Winners Tape All: The Henderson Brother Story (SOV horror "documentary")

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    Hi... I'm Justin Channell, the director of the 2006 zombie-comedy Die and Let Live and co-director of the microbudget anthology Faces of Schlock.

    I'm just stopping in to shamelessly plug my new film, Winners Tape All: The Henderson Brothers Story. Even though the movie is technically a comedy, it's one specifically geared toward horror fans - especially those who love shot-on-video or direct-to-VHS regional horror movies from the '80s. I really think a lot of folks on these forums will get a kick out of it, so I thought I'd share it.

    It's available on video-on-demand from VHX for as low as $2 and on DVD at We had a limited run VHS/Blu-Ray combo pack available, but we've sold out and are currently working to make another batch with variant artwork. Here's a trailer and a synopsis:

    The movie is a "documentary" about the straight-to-video regional horror flicks The Curse of Stabberman and Cannibal Swim Club. They've recently found a resurgence in popularity and a young VHS collector discovered the filmmakers, the Henderson Brothers, and the films both hail from his West Virginia hometown and got them back together for their first on-camera interview about the films and their careers.

    However, neither of these movies actually exist, nor do the Henderson Brothers. The entire movie is fictional, with the '80s-style film clips being created in 2015 and meticulously processed to get the correct look, down to a pan-and-scan full-frame transfer dubbed to VHS tape for authenticity.

    Elliott Maguire from called Winners Tape All "a must-see for horror fans ... SPINAL TAP for low-budget filmmakers" and Daniel Boyd, director the West Virginia Troma classic Chillers said "Michael Henderson is to filmmaking what Kenny Powers was to baseball in Eastbound and Down."

    Anyway, sorry for coming here and plugging my film, but I really think the members here will enjoy it. The DVD package has a lot of great extras as well, including an in-character commentary track and the "HD restoration demos" of The Curse of Stabberman and Cannibal Swim Club. It's a movie for horror fans created by horror fans - but it's really not a horror movie... if that makes any sense.
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