Witchfinder General R2 DVD review

Discussion in 'Euro Horror' started by Phibes2000, Nov 12, 2001.

  1. Phibes2000

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  2. Witchfinder General DVD

    A good review, Phibes2000!
    With a lot of interesting information.
    I own the DVD.
    However, I will buy the MGM version too because I still hope that it will contain more blood and gore than the UK and European version.
  3. skinnypuppy6

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    I recently ordered the import dvd, when is mgm going to release it in the states?
  4. Phibes2000

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    MGM was contemplating a Conqueror Worm release jettisoning the Ferris score. Level heads prevailed and that didnt happen, thank goodness. Hopefully when it does come from MGM an uncut and unsynthesized score version will be the one that makes it out. I know that WG is not on the MGM 2002 schedule so far, but that schedule is always changing. If it's possible in 02 I'd look for it around Halloween ;). Cheers.

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