Worst Nightmare on Elm St. Film

Discussion in 'Reader Polls' started by DeepDownTraumaHound, Oct 16, 2001.


Nightmare on Elm street

  1. 1. A Nightmare on Elm Street

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  2. 2. Freddy's Revenge

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  3. 3. Dream Warriors

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  4. 4. Dream Master

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  5. 5. Dream Child

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  6. 6. Freddy's Dead

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  7. 7. New Nightmare

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  1. I love the series, ridiculous as some of them are. My least favorite has always been part 6. It pushes the limits of stupidity. It's still a lot of fun, but man it's as watchable as a vat of frying chicken gizzards.
    VOTE for which one you dislike the most.
  2. Hellbilly

    Hellbilly Active Member

    Jul 22, 2001
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    Nightmare Poll

    the one i didnt like was Freddy's Revenge , runner up must be part 6. my favorite is of course the first one and the last one.
    :) :) :)
  3. Yowie

    Yowie Hologram

    Jun 25, 2001
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    I voted for "Dream Child". I may be a minority, but I think the bad reputation of part 2 is not fair. I really like it, even though the sets look like something from a crappy TV show. It's so unlike any of the other entries, which again makes it interesting. I forget the kid's name but the guy who plays the lead is pretty good, and we all know Kim Myers will be cast in the lead of "The Meryl Streep Story". Part 3 is quite good too with a great cast; Wasson, Rubin and Arquette. Actually, I never liked this series very much so I should probably vote for all of them; I'm more of a "Friday" fan myself.
  4. I voted Part 6....

    What a corny ass way to kill off Freddy! I have the Nightmare Box Collection & in the X-tras disc, the funny thing is Nightmare 6 Director Rachel Talalay even agrees she made a weak flick & brought an even weaker death to Freddy!

    I'm with U Yowie, in that I didn't think Nightmare 2 wuz all THAT bad! Sure it didn't follow the story as it should have, but Freddy was at least still SCARY in Nightmare 2. He was a joke by the time Nightmare 6 rolled around & when Craven tried to make him "scary" again in Nightmare 7 it was too late!
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  5. The Chaostar

    The Chaostar Johnny Hallyday forever

    Jul 23, 2000
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    I too believe that no.2 it is not that bad. I hate part 6 though.

    Best parts
    and the last of course

    (Dream Warriors is a GREAT sequel)
  6. Mark Relford

    Mark Relford Chairman of the Bored

    Aug 31, 2000
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    I voted for The Dream Child. (What a bore!) To its credit, this lethargic entry boasts some cool imagery. Freddy's Dead was a major letdown. Can't wait to see what Talalay does with Preacher.:rolleyes:
  7. rhett

    rhett Administrator

    Jul 30, 2000
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    I really liked Part 2 as well, it broke several of the "rules" the films film had set, and kept the audience guessing. Plus, the whole gay undertone thing can be pretty humourous.

    Part 5 was the pits though. A lame idea, with some ugly gore effects. The 100 maniacs scene in the first dream sequence was well done, but the film just seemed completely by the numbers to me.

    I liked Freddy's Dead, although not near as much as some of the other films. The 3D sequence was totally cool, and the look at Freddy's past was interesting and would have made the film much better if they would have elaborated on that.

    Dream Warriors <b>is</b> a great sequel, and one could argue that it even betters the original. The effects were really well done, and the direction was sharp as nails.

    I don't see why people like Dream Masters so much though...I found it rather disappointing. I guess it seemed too MTV for me. Again, some effects were nicely done, but the plot was pretty lame.

    New Nightmare had an awesome premise, and Wes Craven really did a good job in blurring reality, Hollywood and dreams...but I thought the climactic sequence was a let down to the rest of the film. Still very enjoyable though!

    Great poll!
  8. AceRimRat

    AceRimRat Guest

    I voted for Part 2. But Part 6 is just as bad, to me. I just have fonder memories of it as I saw it in the theater with some friends.

    I agree that Part 3 might be even better than the original, but I also like Part 4. Five is OK and 7 is pretty good, too, I think.
  9. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I have decided that turning off NOES 2 back when I rented the VHS was a bad move. I just watched the DVD the other night and it's pretty good! Totally turns around. I like it a lot.

    So far I haven't seen a NOES flick I didn't like, but I still haven't seen 4, 5, or 6, which seem to be the ones that most of y'all hate. Guess I have to see 'em.
  10. Demon Tech

    Demon Tech Guest

    All of them. I hate freddy as much as I hate vampires.:eek:
  11. MovieFan

    MovieFan Guest

    Part 2 might be a big piece of shit, but Part 5 is the worst Freddy film of all time and the original negative to it should be burned.
  12. jas1081

    jas1081 Guest

    Got to go with part 6, it is the biggest piece of shit!
  13. moogong

    moogong Arte Suave

    Oct 18, 2001
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    2 and 6 blew big time.
  14. Part 2? Really?

    I really like part 2! It's strange that so many people hate it. It's kind of silly at times, but by far darker than the ones that follow, which i appreciate a ton. It's more of a straight slasher than a monster/supernatural movie, but still scary, IMO.
  15. Dark Lord

    Dark Lord Guest

    Hey, DeepDownTraumaHound, I like Part 2 either, I think it is terribly underrated, one of the best of the series, I think Liza is a cutie! Part 6, Freddy's Dead is the worst of the bunch. My favorite is of course the original.
  16. I voted part 4... I never liked that one
  17. thrashard76

    thrashard76 Guest

    #2 dead last

    the second nightmare was just that a nightmare...cuz we were the bodies and the movie had no brains!

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