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would you buy all of a series of movies if you only like some of them?

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    would you buy all of a series of movies if you only like a few of them for the long term "collection"?(example--friday the 13th series--nightmare one elmstreet series etc..)
  2. slinker

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    Aug 8, 2001
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    Ive thought about this alot and i actually wouldnt waste my money on films that i didnt want just to complete a collection...
    i Have NOES 1,2,3 and am planning to only get Friday 13th 1,2,3,4,6 at the moment, also i have Dawn of The Dead and Day Of The Dead...but have no plans to buy Night Of The Dead no matter how many times it gets released!...i never really did like that movie much after seeing Dawn first =^,^=
  3. I say, what the heck...alright!

    If a Friday the 13th collection came out at a pretty decent price, I'd definitely get it even though 3 or 4 of them were pretty lame! I even bought the Carnosaur collection (3 movies) without ever seeing any of 'em (it was $14.95 at www.deepdiscountdvd.com)
  4. AceRimRat

    AceRimRat Guest

    Yes, but...

    I voted yes, because I bought the NOES Collection, but I've sort of regretted it ever since. I really only like three of the movies and think two are OK and two are bad, but I wanted all the supplements on the extra disc.

    Now I'm kind of sorry I didn't just buy 1 and 3 and 4, except I love that cheesy Dokken video on the extras disc. Darn New Line.

    I would only buy a box set if I liked most of the movies, usually, and if it had some incentive, like a bonus disc. Or so I say now.
  5. rhett

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    Jul 30, 2000
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    It is a tough question...I hate NOES 5, but I bought the set anyway and don't really regret it. And my opinions on films change from time to time (I like Deep Red much better now than I used to) so who knows, I will probably end up giving Part 5 another chance and end up liking it. It is good to buy the entire series as a continuum, so you can watch all the films in succession if you ever feel like it.
  6. AceRimRat

    AceRimRat Guest

    Right, kind of

    I kind of agree about the whole succession thing, but I like the movies that stick to the story, as much as any slasher series does.

    For instance, Halloween, H2, H4 and H5 go together. H6 almost kind of does, too.

    Or you could say H, H2 and H20 go together.

    But Halloween 3 has almost nothing to do with the others.

    Or in NOES, 1, 3, 4, 5 and 7 go together, but 2 and 6 don't fit.

    Friday the 13th is a freakin mess of a series, so who knows.

    But you get the point. So with the Elm Street set, I like 1, 3 and 4, think 5 and 7 are OK, but I don't like 2 and 6 so not only do they not fit, I don't like them, but had to get them in the set.

    Am I making any sense?
  7. Erg0n

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    Apr 8, 2001
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    In a House that's Up My Butt In A Cellar, Canada
    For me its gotta be no cause I gots No $$$

    But even if I did it'll probably be no as well.


    I agree ErgOn! Some people just collect dvds. They do not care to actually watch them! I get only the movies I like! I do not think that watching a series of films in order can make a single film better. Every movie should be liked on its own.
  9. keith70

    keith70 Guest

    Man that confused me. I didn't read the blue part at first. I just saw the yes, no vote?! I have to say no on this one. There's just too many dvd's that I want for me to be buying movies that I don't care for just to have a complete set. The only thing that might make me reconsider is a specialty disc like the one in the Nightmare on Elm St. box. I only like the first one and part three, so the box wouldn't be worth it. However, I really want to see the extra disc.

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