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    Well this one WASN'T disappointing. Awesome movie from start to finish. Add to that the fact that it was filmed using some of teh same sets as NOSFERATU and in a fraction of the time, and wow. I love it.
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    A truly amazing movie from start to finish. If there were any doubts (which there shouldn't be) as to Kinski's acting greatness this movie dispells them completely. If I had to pick the greatest performance in the history of acting....this would be my nominee.
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    Great film, very operatic in style, very Klaustrophobic too. ;)

    My first-sight comments on the Herzog/Kinskis are here. :) Although I haven't watched Cobra Verde or My Best Fiend yet.
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    Nov 29, 2001
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    I saw this today and agree that this might be the definitive "man cracking up" performance. What makes Kinski's performance doubly astonishing is the long takes that Herzog uses. The barber scene, the fight in the bar and the
    murder scene
    are good examples of how he stays completely within character while the camera is on him.
  5. gorelover

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    Many critics consider this to be Kinski's greatest performance as an actor. As Herzog said, he's not playing Woyzeck - he is Woyzeck. To all true Kinski fans I highly recommend his only work as both actor and director, Kinski Paganini.

  6. Andrew

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    I'd love to see KINSKI PAGANINI, but for now I am region-capped. I'm sure it'll make its way over to R1 sooner or later.

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