Your top three laserdiscs of all time!!

Discussion in 'Laserdisc' started by John, Sep 4, 2002.

  1. John

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    What are the top three laserdiscs that you have EVER owned? Think back to the excitement of getting a bonafide special edition of your favorite movie for the first time. So ignore what you have seen on DVD and think back to the classics.

    1) Halloween: Criterion Collection; This has to be the highlight for me of being a laserdisc collector. My favorite horror movie with commentary and a beautiful picture. The movie that REALLY taught me what widescreen was all about.

    2) Pulp Fiction: Criterion Collection; Again an excellent disc from Criterion. One of my favorite covers and had some great extras.

    3) Trainspotting: Criterion Collection; The insert in this gatefold is classic. Uncut and DD 5.1. I couldn't wait to get my hands on this disc when it came out.

    My two honorable mentions go to Boogie Nights: Criterion Collection and Star Wars Trilogy: Special Edition boxset. I know Criterion dominates my list, they just happened to get the rights to some of my all time favorite movies. What are the odds that The Frighteners Signature Collection is going to pop up on a couple of your lists? I never owned it, so it cannot be part of mine.
  2. chrishicks

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    Nov 9, 2000
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    star wars trilogy (original ed.)
  3. laserdogg

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    Sep 3, 2000
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    My response pertains to the golden years of movies on LD for me - 1985 to 1993. After that I still bought them, but they didn't have that same high level of anticipation for me. I still love my collection though.

    1) I was excited as hell when I paid MSRP (99.98) for the SE boxset of Aliens in 1991

    2) Drove 120 miles (each way) in '87 to pick up a FS copy of Predator (still one of my favorite movies) at the only chain in Omaha to carry LD's - Applause Video. I used to love those trips from Des Moines to Omaha.

    3) Didn't think of it much in June '98 when I pre-ordered the Signature Collection of The Frighteners for 39.98 @ Ken Cranes. Who knew it would turn into the collectible it seems to be today. Not only is it cool to have a desirable rarity, but it's the sh*t as far as special editions go.

    A lot of my pre '98 discs have a story or memory surrounding its acquisition. LD's were never easy to acquire in my area and the expense was significant. I also remember jonesing for the original release of Robocop when it streeted in '87 and then buying it again for 100 bucks as a Criterion CAV.

    Sometimes I go through the collection just to look at the cover art and reminisce.
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  4. Max Yokell

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    It is a tough call here but

    1,Star Wars Definitive Collection (Original Version of SW movies)
    2,Robocop This was one of my Favorites when It was finally released.
    3.Criterion's The Player I liked the DVD a great deal and it showed off how great a company Criterion was.

  5. Dave

    Dave Pimp

    Sep 28, 1999
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    Boston, MA
    1. Frighteners SE

    2. The Monster Squad - Japanese WS LD - great movie and one of the few I can watch with my son.

    3. Halloween CAV Criterion - one of my first lasers. Cost me $70 on sale, direct from Criterion's on-line store. They had a 30% off sale; I was quite excited about it.
  6. jscott

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    Oct 5, 2001
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    Southern Indiana
    1. Dawn of the Dead Elite CAV Special Edition- This is the first laserdisc I purchased, before I even had a player!

    2. Dellamorte Dellamore- Japanese Release- One of my favorite films of all time, and since I have no multi region DVD player, this disc gets heavy playtime.

    3. Night of the Living Dead Elite Special Edition- Even though the video transfer on the new DVD is better, I still pull this disc out and marvel at the beautiful cover art, not to mention the massive photo gallery that wasn't included on the new DVD.
  7. wago70

    wago70 Surviving on nostalgia

    Sep 17, 2001
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    San Francisco - down by them two ol' sheds
    The Big Blue - Imported special edition with Making of...documentary, cards, map of locations, ect.

    Halloween - Yeah, I'm a big fan of the Criterion edition meself.

    Godzilla retrospective - from Japan - clips of all the Toho films.

    MISFITZ Guest

    1. All my TOM & JERRY BOX SETS - has all the CLASSIC episodes. In Widescreen and uncut. I'm not being funny. If you keep up with that sorta thing, you know Tom and jerry has been edited to bits on cartoon network and other stations. Even the Chuck Jones's 70's acid episodes fill up a box set. It's by FAR my favorite piece to my LD collection. Name another cartoon that took the themes it did and mad you laugh without speaking one damn word. Comedy at one of its best and a MUST have for animation historians.

    2. Disney box Sets - Disney did box sets with SERIOUS collector's in mind. You not only received a great movie transfer and TONS of extras, but they had books in some and litho prints of rare art work. I own Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White and Fantasia.

    3. Tie - Between Poltergiest box set, and TCM, and Natural born Killer Box set.
  9. Gnaghi

    Gnaghi Guest

    since i only own a couple and have never actually watched them due to not having a player yet... all regular releases, and of course innerspace is widescreen cause its joe dante ;)

    night of the creeps
    delirious - eddie murphy
    north american watusi tour - howie mandel
    meet the hollowheads

    no bonafied special editions, but i'd kill to have the frighteners and monster squad (looking in daves general direction)... and if i did have a player i'd probably have a bunch of 9.99 special editions i see used at local record stores.

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