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Discussion in 'Laserdisc' started by wago70, Feb 19, 2002.

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    Happy Birthday to Me (1981) - I picked this up in the bargain LD bin at a used record store for only $7.00.
    Expecting the worse in terms of quality, I'm proud to say the LD is decent picture and color and not a sign of laserrot considering the early manufaturing date (early '80's). However, I can say the Japanese LD looked better and the artwork is sheener as well. Seeing the title letters in Japanese makes it look so...wicked. I rented the Japanese disc a coupla years ago from a video store that JUST got rid of their LD's. *Sigh* I wish I had known...
    The Japanese LD had better reds but other colors seemed a tad muted. The subtitles are a tad on the large size, however. The American LD has too-yellow of hue tint and the reds bleed a little bit.
    I would LOVE to see a re-mastered version of this with ALL the TV spots I remember when the film came out.
    Anyone else like this film?

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