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Discussion in 'General' started by David666, Oct 30, 2002.

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    Tonight those in the know gather for the world premire of Zombie Campout at the beautiful Angelika Theatre in Dallas, Texas. Pre-show activities begin at 7:30 pm including a costume contest!

    The Angelika Film Center is located in Dallas just off of I-75 at Mockingbird Station. The address is 5321 East Mockingbird Lane, Dallas Texas 75206.

    I'm told that Lloyd Kauffman will be in attendance

    Following the presentation there will be a brief Question and Answer with the director.

    The Official Premire Party is at the Indigo Club in Deep Ellum begining at 10:30. Some One Small, Fubahr and Carb will be playing their songs from the soundtrack in addition to a few suprises.

    I believe there are a few tockets left for anyone int he area who wants to get them at the door. They are a little steep, $15 I believe... but that also gets you into the Priemire Party as well. There will be door prizes and a whole lot-o-fun. So come if you can and watch me as a Zombie who gets the shit beat out of him with ice and a flashlight.
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    Is this a Troma flick?
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    The director wants it to be.
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    Ok, so I just got back from the World Premire of Zombie Campout. It was a cursed evening right from the start as I misplaced my tickets and could not find them. So with my a print-out of my paypal receipt I harassed the staff of the Angelika until they found the producer to let me and my bf in. What a pain in the ass. Speaking of ass, I went to the restroom just before the start of the show only to walk in on some guy with his pants completely down around his ankles showing everyone his flabby ass. That just added to the surreal, weird events of the evening. The director was late, of course, pursuing a prima-donna reputation already. He showed up in a really badly fitted tux and addressed the sold-out audiance briefly, basically welcoming them to the event. No preshow activities took place because of his tardiness. And so the movie began.

    Filmed on digital video and then transfered to film, the movie had a severe pixilation problem. Whites were washed out in many shots and way too many scenes were completely out of focus. It was basically a nightmare of bad technique due, I'm willing to bet, to a severe lack of true knowledge in the fields of crew and cast. Yes, it was badly acted and horribly directed but the real loser is the script. To be blunt, it was a disaster. Thankfully, its only saving grace is the fact that it did not take itself seriously. However, the tongue in cheek approach didn't really work. The jokes are old and there wasn't anything of true merit to be had. Its a sad, pathetic film that will not get major distribution in any way, shape or form. Troma wouldn't even touch this, I'm afraid.

    In no less then two sequences there was a cameraman or crew member visible. It's hard to say if this was intentional or not. There were moments where cast members were reading the script out load and a sequence in which one guy refused to go with his friends to a lake side party because the script said they were all going to die. There were bad jokes about craft service tables and there were countless, shameless plugs for the actual film itself throughout. Characters even wear Zombie Campout attire! Durring the climax a character pulls a Campout Shirt from a store rack saying "Zombie Campout shirts! Wow, people are just dying for these."

    The director went name crazy in the credits... his name was there so many times it almost felt like a running gag... it wasn't.

    My bf found infinite amounts of humor in the fact that the first guy he ever made out with is in the film! A dear friend of mine got alot of screen time as well as closing credit which was fun. Two reasons I'll probably own the film in whatever incarnation it comes to on Home Video.

    I didn't bother going to the After Party for fear someone would ask me what I thought of the film. There is no way I could have said anything other then my actual feeling with a straight face. It was bad, bad, bad. The general concensus is the same... everyone I spoke with in the lobby expressed similar reactions.

    I feel bad because I wanted it to be something in the vein of Showgirls. I knew it wasn't a great movie to begin with... the the final result is utterly forgetable and that is the worst thing anyont could say of any piece of art.

    Stay clear. Avoid it like The Clap.
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    Sounds like you had to sit though an overly hyped cinematic equivalent of a bowel movement.

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