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Discussion in 'Euro Horror' started by Nexus_06, Dec 21, 2001.

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    Hi again.

    I heard that anchor bay will be releasing soon the zombie DVD, I´ve never seen it :p and I´m quite antious to see it but I´ve heard that other versions are going around japanese, R2 etc..

    Do you guys know anything about them and which would be the best version to get, and if they are forien were can I get it from.


    and a bloody cristmas to U.
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    I suggest you get Italian Shocks release of the movie. It's called Zombie 2, is not anamorphic (much like all available versions) but is a fine print of the movie in the correct aspect ratio.

    I got mine from http://www.filmchock.com/ but I imagine anyone not from sweden will have a hard time ordering from them.

    Anchorbays DVD is really bad imagewise and Dragons release of the film (titled Woodoo) is not matted correctly (it cuts some of the picture from the frame).

    If you've waited this long though, maybe the best suggestion would be to wait a little longer until Shriek SHow releases the title with anamorphic treatment next year.

    You being from Chile and all, I saw a horror movie from Chile recently titled Angel Negro. SOrt of ARgento-esque, not halfbad although you could spot the killer halfway through the film. Do you know if the film is available on DVD?
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    no unfortunately the chilean film industry is quite poor and underbugeted, so no chilean dvd´s are avaliable yet except for jonny cien pesos ( a ganster postice type thiller not bad) hopefully in the near future we will start producing dvd´s.

    If you are into forien horror movies an other movie that is on dvd is the spanish film thesis by chelean director Alejandro Amenabar (director of the others) one of my favorites around very original, and deals about the controversial snuff movie rumors. a must see, his other movie is also avaliable Open your eyes but after seeing the matrix and dark city I did not like it much.

    Chile has another interesting and famed director Alejandro Jovorosky who made very interesting films like Santa sangre, el topo, La montaña sagrada and a few more I cant remember he is also an excelent writer, poet, painter and comix creator.
    the curious thing is that it seems to be a succesful movie maker you must leave chile and work in europe, This is problaby because of the low buget and importance our country has for this industry.


    Ps another of my favorate spanish directors from spain is Alex de la Iglesia. Director of El Dia de la Bestia, Accion mutante, and perita durango I´´d call his the spanish peter jackson not of the gore but of the humor and staire in his weird and wacky films.

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