zombie problem?

Discussion in 'General' started by alice.b, Dec 8, 2002.

  1. alice.b

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    just got a copy of anchor bays zombie & noticed that at 1hr 20mins 59secs for a frame or 2 there are coloured lines onscreen. bad copy? or are they all the same.
    thanx 4 any info
  2. Dunno about that one!! I have the Japan Shock (Gli Ultimi Zombi) version, and it seems fine to me!

    Oh yep - welcome!:lol:
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    Alice.b, my copy is the same. The colored lines appear for one frame when the zombies are walking toward Stefania D'amario, right? I bought Zombie about 3 years ago from the original pressing, so I would imagine that they are all the same. I plan on upgrading when the Shriek Show version comes out, which will likely have superior picture quality and extras. :)
  4. thrashard76

    thrashard76 Guest

    Amen to that! :lol:

    Now when will blaster be back to update us here and fill us in on another batch of horror goodness (i.e. Fulci's Zombie). ;)

    Also, welcome aboard alice .b. Good to see a new face around here. ;)
  5. mcchrist

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    I just remember how bad the quality was for the original DVD AB put out, so I never got the re-release. I have the Roan LD which is fine for me.
  6. Fart Lighter

    Fart Lighter Guest

    the re-release is just the first one again. No difference.
  7. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Actually the packaging is different. They added the "Lucio Fulci Collection" banner and made the back more traditional (as far as AB discs go). Doesn't mean shit to me, but some collectors get anal about that stuff :).
  8. nofxafi

    nofxafi Guest

    Yeah, I had the first disk, sold it on Ebay for $55 then bought the new one a few months later for $9. The new one is the exact same as the old one, except for the artwork that Drew mentioned.

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