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Discussion in 'Euro Horror' started by poorlogic, Jun 15, 2002.

  1. poorlogic

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    About a month ago the Zombie Survivor Set was released - did anyone in this forum ever buy it? I was thinking about getting it and was wondering if it was worth the price (looks to be around $100) ?
  2. Max Yokell

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    Man, when it comes to Zombies and such I am there all the time. I saw the set advertised and it was very hard to resist but...

    I realized that several of the features are going to see equally as good or Better US SE releases and I also got the impression that some of it did not even have english sub-titles and me being the American pig I am have not learned any other Languages so I would feel pretty screwed.

    It looks good but if you look to the Future US releases and really look at what is in the Box, it just seems the smart thing to do is wait.

  3. Jason25

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    I got it - pretty sweet set. Excellent packaging and decent transfers. All have english audio except for Zombi 3. I'd have no problem recomending this to others, if you like these films.

    I am working on a review for my site.
  4. thrashard76

    thrashard76 Guest

    Ok, shoot me.

    I know at some point AB were trying to release Fulci's Zombie (Zombie Flesh Eaters) but is it true that Shriek Show got a hold of the license and were / are planing on a release of it in the near future? :rolleyes:
  5. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    AB has released ZOMBIE twice, but it's the same disc. Shriek Show does have the rights, and it should be coming sometime in 2003. Check out most of the threads in this forum, there's bound to be a post or two about it :D.

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