Zombie's HALLOWEEN teaser

Discussion in 'General' started by indiephantom, Apr 7, 2007.

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    i think it will be cool if the deaths are boring like the original, make it more like a suspense
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    Unsure if this has been discussed. Saw this at Dark Horizons:

    Three if it's a hit. Should be interesting. I will see it, but I have mixed feelings on it. I think it's better than getting a Halloween 9.
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    I just watched the HD yahoo teaser trailer for this a few times and other than the very awkward jump scare at the end, I liked it. I have no problem with the mask or the twist on Carpenter's original theme. Zombie seems to like making things off-kilter and dirtier so the sour notes playing over the original theme with some nice eerie ambience and sparse percussion is a nice touch.

    I'll reserve judgement until I see it opening day but the idea of humanizing Michael Myers doesn't sit too well with me. The scariest part of the original was that you knew next to nothing about him other than he killed his sister and his psychiatrist wants him locked away for life. It sounds like this is going to just be some guy who went psycho killer because he was abused by his father and liked to kill small animals. We don't always need to know the reasons why these masked psychos want to kill... I guess if this is Zombie trying to distance himself from the original, he's done a good job. I just don't know how scary it can be told in that manner...

    And what is this I'm reading about Michael rapes a girl in the mental hospital? WTF? :fucked: If this actually happens in the final movie, I will probably walk out. The idea of Michael f**king Myers raping someone means Zombie is taking the legend way too far in the wrong direction.

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