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  1. Bloody Birthday Review!!!
  2. Visiting Hours
  3. Dumb question about Paramount's April Fools Day DVD
  4. Holiday (or related) slashers
  5. Happy Birthday to Me - Uncut
  6. Girls Nite Out
  7. The First Scream
  8. is there a slasher film that...
  9. some info on the UK release of Nightmares in a Damaged Brain SPOILERS
  10. Give Pieces A (Second) Chance?
  11. don't go in the woods...alone
  12. Kane Hodder In Freddy Vs. Jason!!!!
  13. Early Rave for WRONG TURN
  14. Twisted Nightmare
  15. Deadly Blessing- a Craven classic!
  16. Relation to TCM characters and TCM 2 characters
  17. Name some REALLY obscure 80s Slasher/Horror films
  18. Roger Avery might remake American Psycho
  19. The Burning (VHS)
  20. Alt version of Halloween H20 on FX
  21. Slugs
  22. The Prowler
  23. Boy this section has gone downhill.
  24. keeping the section alive/Massacre at central high
  25. slaughter high
  26. Cheerleader Camp
  27. Bloody Murder 2, not too bad
  28. slashers not on DVD
  29. Freddy VS. Jason pics
  30. Halloween fans - READ THIS!!! 25th Reunion info!
  31. Victims!
  32. Blood Tracks
  33. El Arte De Morir - The Art of Dying
  34. friday the 13th part 2
  35. White Of The Eye
  36. How would you escape a slasher movie ??
  37. What Friday The 13th dvds Should I buy?
  38. Has anybody seen...
  39. Nightmare on Elm Street LD
  40. Nightmare on Elm Street 2
  41. Dead Girls
  42. Video Violence
  43. Strange Behavior
  44. Japanese SCREAM DVD
  45. MANIAC COP 2 and 3?
  46. Anchor Bay to release SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT!
  47. Halloween re-re-release info
  48. New Freddy VS. Jason Reviews!
  49. who's the best killer in a horror movie
  50. The Love Butcher
  51. Whats the most under rated or over rated horror move
  52. Do you consider IDENTITY to be a slasher? (Caution: Spoilers within!)
  53. Let me clear something up about SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT
  54. Do you still love/hate Halloween: Resurrection?
  55. Remaster Nightmare on Elm Street series (PAL)
  56. Madman
  57. Tobe Hooper to remake Toolbox Murders!
  58. Friday the 13th - UNCUT R3/NTSC DVD! (Merged threads)
  59. Prom Night
  60. Stagefright
  61. rented "My Bloody Valentine"
  62. Killer Workout aka Aerobicide (1986)
  63. A Tribute to FINAL CHAPTER'S Jimbo and Ted
  64. Don't read this if you haven't seen Sleepaway Camp.
  65. Paramount says Friday the 13th SEs are in the works
  66. What are some of your favorite slasher flicks?
  67. The Slumber Party Massacre Series
  68. Friday the 13th party poll!
  69. Don't Look in the Basement
  70. F13 3d
  71. New Anchor Bay "drive-in" slasher discs
  72. Freddy vs Jason
  73. Hello Mary Lou-Prom Night 2
  74. Halloween the novel
  75. Slumber Party Massacre
  76. Return to Horror High
  77. Friday the 13th Alternate Ending????
  78. The Stepfather
  79. The Carpenter
  80. Jason...
  81. The Prom Night Series
  82. Jason X
  83. Friday the 13th fans....
  84. Freddy VS Jason - World Premire in Austin, TX
  85. What's up with Halloween 2(goodtimes)?
  86. Original OAR of Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II
  87. The Dorm That Dripped Blood
  88. 5 Freddy VS. Jason Clips
  89. Slashers as the plague of horror movies
  90. Halloween 25th Anniversary DVD review
  91. More Wrong Turns
  92. My Bloody Valentine Article
  93. Most heavily cut F13th film?
  94. sleep away camp 4
  95. Freddy V Jason print ads. Where do they get this shit?
  96. Freddy vs Jason Spoilers Please!
  97. FREDDY VS. JASON $$$ Numbers
  98. Halloween 6
  99. Halloween 6: Producer's cut
  100. Vague rumor about F13th Box SE from Paramount
  101. Friday the 13th
  102. Best entries in the Friday the 13th series ...
  103. Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3
  104. some Friday the 13th cut scenes online
  105. Halloween 4
  106. German Stepfather Trilogy box set
  107. Bloody Birthday
  108. Where is the F13th news?
  109. New Friday and FvJ sequels coming
  110. Friday the 13th- upcoming commentary tracks
  111. maniac
  112. Backwoods Slashers
  113. Prom Night remake
  114. Finally got to See Freddy vs Jason Down Under
  115. Is there a DVD of DON'T GO IN THE WOODS?
  116. R2 Uk Black Xmas
  117. Maniac
  118. Shadows Run Black
  119. Small Friday the 13th DVD update
  120. Least likely slasher to make it on dvd
  121. The Funhouse
  122. The Majorettes DVD
  123. The Burning
  124. The Prowler
  125. April Fool's Day
  126. Top Ten Slashers (recommendations?)
  127. Customize Your Own FREDDY VS JASON Matchup
  128. which burning dvd to get?
  129. Neon Maniacs
  130. Pranks?
  131. Terror Train Anchor Bay UK DVD
  132. Psycho 2....WOW!
  133. Blades/Blood Hook/Zombie Island Massacre out soon!
  134. Friday the 13th Boxset
  135. VH1's SuperSecret Movie Rules: Slashers
  136. The NIGHT SCHOOL Thread
  137. Black Christmas - Slasher or Giallo?
  138. Welcome To Spring Break
  139. Jason's Face
  140. Movie House Massacre?
  141. Scream Bloody Murder (1973)
  142. Hell Night
  143. National Lampoon's Class Reunion DVD
  144. SLEEPAWAY CAMP region 2
  145. TERROR TRAIN... derailed
  146. Return to Horror High
  147. Terror Train on Fox Movie Channel Tomorrow
  148. 80's Slasher Movies
  149. Friday the 13th: Is Warner Bros. the only hope now?
  150. Boycott Paramount and the F13TH Boxset
  151. My Short Slasher Film
  152. Doom Asylum
  153. Friday the 13th Uncut Warner DVD
  154. Driller Killer
  155. Happy Birthday to Me finally on DVD!
  156. William Friedkin's RAMPAGE
  157. I Spit on your Grave
  158. How would you describe slasher...
  159. Friday the 13th uncut DVD
  160. Silent Scream / Night Warning ???
  161. Chopping Mall Special Edition
  162. My Bloody Valentine unrated DVD?
  163. Friday the 13th part 3 in 3-D on eBay
  164. Halloween 6 Producer's Cut Vs. Halloween Curse Of Michael Myers
  165. F13 Box Set Delay...
  166. Just Before Dawn?
  167. The new Texas Chainsaw Massacre, really bad as some say?
  168. Hard to Die
  169. R2 Spanish Jason X Dvd...
  170. Offical Friday the 13th Boxset Specs
  171. Does anybody know why TCM has some sort of weird blue tint?
  172. Body Count
  173. Friday The 13th 3d On Dvd
  174. Happy Hell Night, any good?
  175. Definitive version of A Nightmare On Elm Street?
  176. Anyone have information on these obscure slashers?
  177. Evil Ed PAL version Question
  178. Giallo films?
  179. Are we considering the films in the "Leprechaun" series slasher films?
  180. What's the opinion on the book "Creature Features" by John Stanley?
  181. What's your favourite slasher / horror film reference book?
  182. Happy Birthday To Me 2
  183. Convinve me of Return To Horror High's greatness
  184. The Last Slumber Party dvd
  185. Alone in the Dark to hit DVD!
  186. MADMAN from Blue Underground?
  187. Most obscure slasher you know of?
  188. Where Can I Find I Spit ME online?
  189. Splatter University coming to DVD
  190. Sleepaway Camp uncut...at Walmart?
  191. Anybody used Inferno Imports from Spain?
  192. Slasher films for 2004 thus far - a slow year?
  193. Toolbox Murders remake out in Holland
  194. Favorite horror actor?
  195. what DVDs has the best and worst extas
  196. when is Superstition R2 coming out
  197. Ultimate Christmas Slasher !!??
  198. Hatchet
  199. He Knows You're Alone
  200. The Last Slumber Party/Terror at Tenkiller dvd
  201. i need ur opinions
  202. Hide and Go Shriek
  203. Friday the 13th part 2 and Prowler...similarities!
  204. FRIDAY 3 DVD glitch.
  205. Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night Ii Dvd?
  206. Friday the 13th completist must own that one.
  207. slasher movie.
  208. Nailgun Massacre now on DVD - Merged Thread
  209. Worst slasher motive
  210. Halloween on the Big Screen!
  211. Slaughter Studios
  212. House of Death
  213. blood voyage
  214. Scalp
  215. Halloween: 25 Years of Terror
  216. Has anyone heard of this movie...
  217. Halloween 9 (rumored script review)
  218. Troma's Graduation Day DVD question
  219. Just before Dawn
  220. The Hillside Strangler
  221. Are these titles on dvd
  222. Can Anyone Recommend Me Some Movies
  223. Camp Daze
  224. Happy Birthday to Me R2 DVD
  225. Microwave Massacre
  226. Don't Go in the Woods
  227. JUST BEFORE DAWN coming on DVD!!!!
  228. Don't Answer the Phone
  229. Savage Streets
  230. Ice Cream Man (1995)
  231. Big slasher score
  232. Do You Wanna Know a Secret?
  233. Someone plz tell me if these r any good!!
  234. Cheerleader Camp 2
  235. lady Stay Dead
  236. Any One Know Where I Can Find These Five Movies
  237. Night warnings
  238. Memorial Valley Massacre
  239. The Funhouse
  240. Night of the Intruder
  241. nightmare in a damaged brain
  242. Help me find this movie PLEASE
  243. Evil laugh
  244. Death Academy.
  245. R1 Of The Intruder News At Retro Slashers
  246. are these movies still print
  247. a must have title on DVD
  248. Forgotten Genre? The Mexican Slasher!
  249. Can anyone tell me what the hell this is....
  250. Anyone know where i can find custom covers