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  1. The Giallo Zone
  2. Dario Argento Soundtracks-Who do you prefer?
  3. Zombie Lake VS Burial Ground VS Zombi Holocaust
  4. New York Ripper: Collector's Edition 2-disc set (R2) - October 18
  5. Making it a Giallo Halloween
  6. L'orribile segretto di Dr. Hitchcock
  7. New Antropophagus/Grim Reaper/Man-Eater 2-DVD from Austria
  8. Bay of Blood on IFC
  9. The Card Player (limited Edition Wooden Box Set)
  10. Can I get 3 words for Stefania Stella
  11. Holocaust or Ferox?
  12. Euro - Sci Fi
  13. Cannibal Holocaust EC Ultrabit Edition 2 discs
  14. Ratman
  15. Argento working on screenplay for third part of the Three Mothers trilogy
  16. Two new Gialli by NoShame Italy
  17. Japanese Beyond the Door DVD
  18. Catriona MacColl in Saint Ange (2004)
  19. The Luciano Ercoli's Death Box Set Coming soon from No Shame
  20. Vampire Circus and Twins of Evil
  21. Blood and Black Lace/The Whip and the Body soundtracks 2CD
  22. No Shame is releasing 2 more giallos in April
  23. Escape From The Bronx
  24. Blue Underground's next FOUR(!) Gialli!!
  25. Michele Soavi's "Uno Bianca" on Noshame DVD!
  26. Giallo DVD List?
  27. How To Kill A Judge - BU
  28. The Official Giallo DVD Thread
  29. Not Sure About Lizard In Woman's Skin Dvd
  30. City of the Living Dead DVD query
  31. Today We Kill,Tomorrow We Die! on German TV next week..
  32. Calvaire (2004)
  33. Night Of the Skull - Jess Franco DVD
  34. Caligula!!!
  35. Delicatessen (R1) - May 2nd, 2006
  36. Tenebrae's Anthony Franciosa : RIP
  37. Is the Austrailian PAL R4 DVD of Ruggero Deodato's BODY COUNT uncut?
  38. The Killers are our Guests/ Gli Assassini sono nostri Ospiti
  39. More NASCHY and Spanish Horror on the way!
  40. Media Blasters releasing Lucio Fulci 's MurderRock 5/16
  41. Post Apocalyptic three piece- Any good?
  42. Broken Mirrors - Broken Minds by Maitland McDonagh
  43. Beyond The Living Dead
  44. NoShame Out Does Themselves on 4/25!!!
  45. Western:Take a Hard Ride - Antonio Margheriti
  46. Night of the Sorcerers, 6 Paul Naschy films, others coming soon!
  47. The Mutilator
  49. GOBLIN are back!
  50. burial ground nights of terror vhs edited?
  51. My Italian Horror Essay is up
  52. 2 WIP Films Coming In May From BU
  53. Eyes of Crystal/Occhi di Cristallo:The modern Giallo!
  54. I just saw "High Tension", and I HATED the ending...
  55. At last!...Some Argento news again!
  56. My Space rocks!
  57. Cool Fulci Reference In Spider-Man 2
  58. Duccio Tessari's "Puzzle" on New DVD Label!
  59. Umberto Lenzi Giallo:Un Posto Ideale Per Uccidere
  60. Soavi and others from NoShame
  61. Lamberto Bava's Princess Fantaghirò
  62. Recommend me some Giallo films
  63. Kill Baby Kill @ Xploited.
  64. No Suspiria remake?!?
  65. Dæmonia live DVD + CD
  66. Argento:Back to Baroque!!
  67. a cat in the brain
  68. 2 New Crime Films Coming From Noshame In June
  69. Dario Argento Collections
  70. For those who have seen them all, What is Argento's goriest flick?
  71. Martino's Morte Sospetta di una Minorenne/Suspected Death of a Minor
  72. Anchor Bay Suspiria promotional statue from 2001....
  73. The Comeback DVD Pete Walker
  74. Giovanni Lombardo Radice to star in Omen remake!
  75. Hah!Glad I waited:Fulci's Lizard new DVD!!
  76. Alida Valli (Suspiria + Inferno) died
  77. Jungle Holocaust (1977) vs. Cannibal Holocaust (1980)
  78. What film should NoShame release next?
  79. Women's Prison Massacre UNCUT
  80. Red Queen Easter egg!
  81. Cannibal Metropolitana (Ruggero Deodato)
  82. Fulci movie sound effects
  83. Emanuelle In America
  84. four flies on grey velvet
  85. Horror Express
  86. good news for nazi-exploitation fans
  87. Bruno Nicolai CD Collection
  88. NEW Lucio Fulci DVD Release! AenigmA
  89. Dario Argento's Do You Like Hitchcock and Jenifer Being Released August 15th
  90. Italian Masters of Horror -->>Cool!?
  91. A Candle for the Devil on DVD?
  92. Don't Torture a Duckling AB DVD going OOP ?
  93. L'Arcano Incantatore... any news?
  94. La Piovra/The Octopus (TV)
  96. Question(s) about two Gialli on VHS
  97. Some new/upcoming Italian/Euro releases
  98. Thought we needed a Peplum thread...
  99. AB does Bava in 2007!
  100. New Ennio Morricone DualDisc
  101. New Dragon Argento box...looks quite nice!
  102. New Tenebre and Phenomena SEs in 2007
  103. Just watched Cemetery Man for the first time...
  104. Blazing Magnums - Italian crime mag
  105. Fangs of the Living Dead - Any Similar Recommendations?
  106. DVD box project I'm working on.
  107. The Wicker Man DVD re-release?
  108. Fatal Frames
  109. Blind Dead seperate releases by BU!
  110. Which Ghosthouse dvd?
  111. Epitafios
  112. The Witch's Mirror/The Curse of the Crying Woman
  113. So whats the deal with J&B and Gialli?
  114. New Layout For Xploited Cinema
  115. Amazonia by Raro
  116. Any fun Italian Pirate flicks?
  117. What's the deal with the recent PAL DVD release of Lucio Fulci's THE DEVIL'S HONEY ?
  118. New Giallo book:"La Dolce Morte: Vernacular Cinema And the Italian Giallo Film"
  119. Macumba Sexual - Jess Franco
  120. Dario Argento Collection by Anchor Bay UK (6DVD)
  121. slaughter hotel R1 DVD shriek show
  122. Argento's "Do You Like Hitchcock?" DVD warning/info
  123. Scandanabian horror
  124. Killer In Don't Torture A Duckling
  125. Street Law released by NoShame Italy:English audio option!
  126. Lamberto Bava's Ghost Son -->> Opinions?
  127. Cannibal Ferox by Blue Underground!!!!
  128. A Cat in the Brain released by Raro!
  129. The Witchery - Fabrizio Laurenti
  130. Two Fenech comedies (one by Sergio Martino) by NoShame!
  131. City of the Living Dead + The Beyond (Fulci,duh!) New French discs
  132. Emanuelle's Revenge
  133. Sheitan
  134. Slaughter of the Vampires
  135. new Daughters of Darkness SE from BU (includes The Blood Spattered Bride!)- Oct. 31st
  136. Killing Car (Jean Rollin)
  137. You must check this out ASAP.
  138. New Profondo Rosso 2 CD!!
  139. Django goof
  140. Most erotic scene in a Euro Horror film (WARNING:possible nudity)
  141. Two great new Bava T-Shirts @ FabPress!
  142. Oooh,another Giallo!Fulci's One on top of the Other in 2007!!
  143. New The Wicker Man AB 2-disc set coming 12/19
  144. Cannibal Holocaust "Remake" ...
  145. Argento Opera DVD Question
  146. Two Italian Gothics from NoShame Italy!
  147. The Fifth Cord
  148. Delirium (Polselli) and Bloody Pit of Horror ->> Mickey Hargitay
  149. Island of the Living Dead (Bruno Mattei)
  150. "Blue Underground will reissue a slew of Italian horror"
  151. Blood and Black Lace image comparison
  152. Sergio Martino Report Card
  153. Bava's Erik the Conquerer DVD
  154. La Settima Donna (Last House on the Beach) by Sazuma
  155. Kill,Baby,Kill! ~ Dark Sky Films
  156. Strip Nude For Your Killer (1975)
  157. Frankenstein 2000 (D'Amato)
  158. Lady Frankenstein DVD question
  159. Riccardo Freda's Double Face/A Doppia Faccia DVD!
  160. Just finished watching Inglorious Bastards
  161. Some intertesting titles by Another World Entertainment
  162. Visions of Suffering
  163. Isolation Dvd
  164. Iguana With the Tongue of Fire!
  165. Shriek Show's "Demons" Triple Feature Box Set
  166. Whoever's online now...read this
  167. has anyone heard of these giallos?
  168. Hellbenders - Sergio Corbucci R1 DVD
  169. perfume of a lady in black looks like an exciting giallo
  170. Night of the Sorcerers web site stuff...
  171. Blind dead dvd question
  172. 3 new dark sky releases
  173. any lamberto bava fans here?
  174. women as lead characters in giallos
  175. Dubbed Actors in Italian Horror
  176. fulcis seven notes in black
  177. Rediculous dubbing
  178. Beware of The Murder Secret!
  179. Planet of the Vampires ~ Bava
  180. Demons Ab Dvd Needs Updating
  181. how creepy is lenzis ghosthouse?
  182. Next Door (Naboer)
  183. Giallo watching order
  184. Let Sleeping Corpses Lie by NoShame Italy
  185. Werewolf Woman anyone?
  186. Jess Franco's Count Dracula
  187. Un Fiume di Dollari/The Hills Run Red ~ Carlo Lizzani
  188. Today, Remember the Maestro
  189. New STENDHAL SYNDROME 2-disc SE from BU (Deadpit.com breaking news)
  190. Is their hope in the Gialli world for me?
  191. argentos deep red made into a musical
  192. anchor bay titles at 5 bucks each!
  193. Day Watch (Dnevnoi Dozor)
  194. Lo and behold another Giallo by Freda!
  195. The Colossus of Rhodes (Sergio Leone) new DVD
  196. Four Flies on Grey Velvet finally on DVD!
  197. Black Emanuelle's Box
  198. Barbara Steele in "The She Beast" on DVD by Dark Sky!
  199. La Vittima Designata any good?
  200. What are your favorite Giallo's?
  201. R2 DVD of Danger:Diabolik coming
  202. New Glittering Images book:1970s Italian Sexy Horror
  203. are fewer giallos being slated for dvd release?
  204. whos your fave euro actress?
  205. How bad is Olaf Ittenbach's House of Blood actually?
  206. Damn!What a cute Goblin boxset!
  207. NEW Giovanni Lombardo Radice interview on GASPetc.com!
  208. Goblin's "little devil" or which came first?
  209. Blood and Black Lace by Adrian Smith
  210. Kill Baby Kill AB vs. DS
  211. Violent City by Koch Media
  212. bad inclination a giallo guilty pleasure?
  213. the sleaze epics of andrea bianchi
  214. blue eyes of the broken doll
  215. Bruno Mattei RIP
  216. Fulci on the big screen
  217. amuck and 5 dead on the crimson canvas
  218. saw naschy double feature
  219. lamberto bavas torturer and ghost son
  220. No Shame's Nude in the Dark set
  221. Slaughter Night aka SL8N8 DVD
  222. Erotico Follia/Evil Eye
  223. is almost human lenzis best politizia?
  224. legal action against suspiria remake
  225. Mondo Macabro's The Blood Rose
  226. pieces and fulcis cat in the brain
  227. is trauma your least watched argento?
  228. New label for great Euro stuff
  229. lenzis spasmo is great paranoia!
  230. New DVD:Reincarnation of Isabel ~ Polselli
  231. Nightmare City
  232. Questions on Torso dvd?
  233. Who can Kill a Child? ~ Serrador
  234. Your Vice is a locked room etc.
  235. Antonio Margheriti's The Last Hunter (1980)
  236. Hate 2 O ~ Alex Infascelli
  237. Ever ordered from Thrash-Online.com?
  238. Trinity Twin Pack in R1 widescreen
  239. Lizard in Woman's skin
  240. fatal frames how does it rate as a giallo?
  241. Single Favourite Argento movie - and why!
  242. 5 dolls for an august moon
  243. amuck was a pleasant giallo surprise!
  244. personality clashes in argento films
  245. Trying to find Euro-horror posters (reprints)
  246. is cut and run prime deodato?
  247. giallo newbies see blood and black lace first
  248. D'Amato "Rosso Sangue/Absurd"
  249. Four Flies on Grey Velvet
  250. Demons 1+2 rerelease news and some other Euro things