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  1. how good is deodatos washing machine?
  2. www.darioargento.it
  3. bavas youll die at midnight remake of four flies on grey velvet?
  4. Nightmare Beach
  5. English friendly "Beatrice Cenci" coming in August
  6. Spaghetti Documentary
  7. Mr.Cool -> John Phillip Law
  8. katia cardinali: sensuous in polsellis delirium
  9. The Sweet Body of Deborah
  10. the italian film board edit of mother of tears
  11. New PAL DVD of House by the Cemetery ~ Shock DVD
  12. what giallo music unnerves you the most?
  13. Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava teaming up again!
  14. will Interview Dario Argento.
  15. kidnapped or rabid dogs?
  16. silvio amadio: director of amuck!
  17. Cemetery without Crosses~> WOW! Nice release!
  18. living doll[1990]: weak imitation of damatos beyond the darkness
  19. The blind dead collection...
  20. anybody own this eyeball dvd?
  21. iguana with tongue of fire
  22. italian directors collaborating
  23. Fulcis 'The Beyond' on DVD
  24. Mario Bava Collection Part 2!
  25. your fave foot chase in a giallo
  26. reflections in black: low tier giallo but still fun
  27. the most effective giallo opening
  28. heads up! fulcis beatrice cenci now at xploited cinema!
  29. Should I buy Alfa Digital's releases?
  30. Blue Underground not quite dead yet!
  31. Il Bianco, Il Giallo e Il Nero DVD question
  32. Exorcism & Night of the Sorcerers...
  33. What is the best DVD release of Lucio Fulci's CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD
  34. Let Sleeping Corpses Lie - 2 Disc Special Edition
  35. Anguish
  36. blind buys im glad i made
  37. Rome:Armed to the Teeth ~ Umberto Lenzi
  38. Medusa Goes Hi Def
  39. Some BU Release Updates
  40. Spirit of the Beehive screening in Pittsburgh
  41. My Suspiria trailer - Tell me what you think!
  42. The Opera-Phenomena connection
  43. The Official La Terza Madre aka Mother of Tears Reaction Thread
  44. Four Flies on Grey Velvet DVD News
  45. Frontiere(s)
  46. Women Behind Bars
  47. Severance DVD in Canada
  48. CORRUPTION with Peter Cushing was on TCM
  49. Looking for the Dragon DVD of Suspiria
  50. Phantom of Death: Deodato, Fenech, Pleasence
  51. Cool Suspiria release
  52. The Bloody Judge-Franco
  53. Blue Underground and Synapse Sale at DeepDiscount
  54. ~ Lucio Fulci Memorial Dvd Forthcoming ~
  55. Pensione Paura/Hotel Fear ~ Francesco Barilli
  56. Ne TORSO release by Shameless Screen Entertainment
  57. The Euro comedy thread
  58. Question on the dvd Sette Scialli Di Seta Gialla
  59. Hey,DefJeff!
  60. Bava Boxset Pt.1 already OOP?
  61. Sergio Martino's "Arizona Colt Returns"
  62. New Argento book + CD
  63. New INFERNO dvd (from Fox) pisses all over AB transfer.
  64. I think this will be great!Pupi Avati's Il Nascondiglio...
  65. The Beast in Space release by Severin
  66. "Dario Argento Back to Giallo in 'Yellow'?"
  67. Another new Italian production:"Colour from the Dark" ~ Ivan Zuccon
  68. Mill of the Stone Women new DVD
  69. Ittenbach retirement
  70. Cannibal Holocaust: Special Edition (again)
  71. Jean Rollin recommendations
  72. Crazy 'bout Fenech?
  73. Michele Soavi Returns to Horror
  74. Klimovsky's The Dracula Saga coming to dvd
  75. The Fifth Cord
  76. Ricco the Mean Machine
  77. Tragic Ceremony
  78. Death Laid an Egg
  79. I FINALLY saw Cannibal Ferox
  80. Two interesting classics coming soon!
  81. The Sister of Ursula/La Sorella di Ursula (1978)
  82. Ricco the mean machine
  83. So Sweet So Perverse - The Umberto Lenzi Giallo
  84. Enzo Castellari's Inglorious Bastards 3 Disc by Severin in May!
  85. Navajo Joe ~ Sergio Corbucci
  86. For the Cannibal Ferox Collector
  87. Tenebre and Phenomena SE DVD Update
  88. Torso and Pieces DVD UPDATE
  89. Dario Argento's Five Days of Milan on German DVD
  90. Absurd (the sequel/prequel to Anthropophagus)
  91. Death Walks On High Heels (Help If You've Seen This)
  92. Killer's Moon and Schizo from Redemption
  93. Schoolgirls in peril:Enigma Rosso/Rings of Fear on R2 DVD!
  94. Just Got Kidnapped/Rabid Dogs and The Case of the Bloody Iris
  95. Anchor Bay's Dario Argento Collection
  96. Does anyone have the AWE release of City of the living dead?
  97. What are the AWE DVDs like?
  98. David Gordon Green to remake Suspiria
  99. Franco's Bloody Moon and The Devil Hunter from Severin
  100. Very nice recent Umberto Lenzi interview
  101. New Dutch label also releases some Euro Horror!
  102. Dværgen/The Sinful Dwarf
  103. What would "The Good,The Bad & The Ugly" be without...
  104. BU and Argento GOES Blu-Ray
  105. At last!Some Giallo news again:Nothing Underneath coming to R2 DVD!
  106. Il Diavolo a sette facce/The Devil Has Seven Faces
  107. La ragazza del vagone letto/Terror Express ~ Ferdinando Baldo
  108. Deep Red 2DVD by AWE
  109. 5 per l'inferno ~ Italian WWII flick
  110. The Beyond's Eibon Symbol
  111. Another BAVA DVD!
  112. The Beyond......IN 3-D
  113. Nightmare Castle & Door Into Silence from Severin
  114. Daria Nicolodi's Third Mother script?
  115. In the Folds of the Flesh
  116. Will Stivaletti's The Wax Mask ever get a good (re)release?
  117. Who hopes that Dario Argento's Sleepless will get a re-release?
  118. Anyone here love Demons (1985) ?
  119. Another Giallo DVD!:Oasis of Fear ~ Umberto Lenzi
  120. Anthropophagus 2 a.k.a. monster hunter coming to region 1 dvd ever?
  121. The Guillotine in Dario Argento's Trauma:An observation.. *SPOILERS!*
  122. Happy Birthday Umberto Lenzi!
  123. Fernando Di Leo Thread
  124. Fulci's "Door into Silence" by Severin
  125. Shameless praparing to release Footprints/Le Orme...Yep,another Giallo
  126. Trauma on Dutch DVD...I'm perplexed!
  127. Excellent Giallo Blog.
  128. Duccio Tessari's "Death Occurred Last Night"
  129. "Who Saw Her Die?" by Shameless
  130. Recommend some good Euro-Horror double feature DVDs!
  131. Cat in the brain region 1 grindhouse dvd coming in 2009
  132. New Mother of Tears DVD (dimension unrated) where's the bluray?
  133. Antropophagus - opening music
  134. Comment on the flicks included in the Paul Naschy Collection
  135. El Orfanato/The Orphanage ~ Juan Antonio Bayona
  136. Another World Entertainment releasing Bava's Bay of Blood
  137. Mya Communication - new company - take note
  138. Lucio Fulci Presents:The Trap/La Gabbia
  139. The Children
  140. The Last House in the Woods..
  141. Whip and the Body
  142. BLACK SABBATH on Netflix "Play Now"
  143. Udo Kier film recommendations
  144. Is it worth buying the BU Suspiria DVD?
  145. Some new Italian titles added by Severin
  146. Reccomend me some good Giallos
  147. "Demons" mask on eBay
  148. Castellari's Cold Eyes of Fear on AWE
  149. A need for Eurocrime.
  150. Beyond the Door Best Buy DVD Exclusive Edition
  151. movie title???
  152. Dario Argento - Phantom of the Opera Ardustry release...
  153. Tony Musante = A nice guy!
  154. Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave
  155. Là dove non batte il sole/The Stranger and the Gunfighter ~ Margheriti Western
  156. I Vampiri - New release by Anolis Germany
  157. Martyrs
  158. Sergio Martino ~ Scorpion with two Tails - A review
  159. Col cuore in gola (1967) by Tinto Brass
  160. BBC Horror TV
  161. Giallo Trailer
  162. Linkeroever
  163. Diamond Comics Drops "Little Shoppe of Horrors" Magazine
  164. Mother of Tears again
  165. Crystal Plumage BR -First Review on DVDBEAVER
  166. The Viy 2009 remake
  167. Stone cold dead 1979
  168. Wow. Another reason to go r-free.
  169. Room 205 Question
  170. Ruggero Deodato's Gialli
  171. Deep Red Rap Video
  172. HOLY SHIT! We need a new MYA thread for this!
  173. BU rereleasing The Tenth Victim
  174. Where can I get the themes to some of Dario Argento's films?
  175. The Children (2008) UK
  176. Mattei's Cruel Jaws on Italian DVD ~ English friendly
  177. Jean Rollin's Night of the Clocks
  178. Terror Express ~ "Italian Genre Cinema Collection" continues!!
  179. For those wondering about Suspiria on DVD
  180. DVDBeaver's Torso comparison (Shameless vs. X-Rated vs. AYP)
  181. Vacation Massacre/ Vacanze per un massacro ~ Di Leo
  182. Barbara Bouchet listens to New Trolls!
  183. Rites of Frankenstein DVD Question
  184. Woman Dispiser; 1967 Turkish Giallo
  185. Stridulum ~ Paradisi
  186. Poor goat! (... watched Lenzi's Man from Deep River)
  187. MYA DVD: Island of the Fishmen ~ Sergio Martino
  188. Tenebrarum - New Magazine about Italian Horror / Gialli
  189. Arrow Video's Masters of Giallo
  190. Another World Entertainment
  191. New York Ripper Special Edition
  192. Di Leo's Killer vs. Killers a spoof?
  193. Lucio Fulci
  194. Cannibal Ferox by Sazuma - the numbers
  195. Anthropophagus Impressions!?!
  196. Dorado Films
  197. The Shadow ~ Federico Zampaglione (2009)
  198. Who or What got you into foreign horror movies?
  199. Mario Bava and his films.
  200. Fulci Zombie VS Shark...Cool or Stupid?
  201. Fulci's Zombie Screening Sept 19th RICHMOND VA
  202. Romolo Guerrieri's "Un Detective" any good?
  203. Argento's "through the window" scenes..
  204. "Amer" a modern Giallo?
  205. Where can I purchase the AWE release of TORSO?
  206. Suspiria on the big screen!
  207. Umberto Lenzi's Knife of Ice coming to R1?
  208. So Sweet, So Dead ~ "Italian Genre Cinema Collection" No. 3!
  209. Mondo Macabro Announces Franco Series for 2010
  210. Deodato's The Barbarians on DVD
  211. Lamberto Bava Films - Questions??
  212. Would you consider Pieces a Giallo?
  213. New Dario Argento Book
  214. Two Polselli's coming soon to DVD!
  215. What are some of the best Italian / Euro animal attacks flicks?
  216. R1 News! Luigi Cozzi's masterpiece Starcrash coming at last!
  217. Two new Inferno releases
  218. City Of The Living Dead (Special Edition)
  219. Don't Torture a Duckling: for or against?
  220. La Setta (aka: the sect / devil's daughter): Soavi
  221. Icelands first Slasher movie - Harpoon
  222. Broken Mirrors/Broken Minds: The Dark Dreams of Dario Argento (Paperback)
  223. Spider Labyrinth R1 Release
  224. The Etruscan Kills again ~ Armando Crispino
  225. Primal Rage ~ Vittorio Rambaldi
  226. the new Dario Argento film "DRACULA" in 3D?!
  227. Soavi's art reference in The Church
  228. Some new Argento and more on Blu & DVD from arrow
  229. Inferno (Special Edition) (Dario Argento)
  230. Is Troll 2 an acceptable date movie?
  231. Glittering Images ~ GIALLO & THRILLING ALL'ITALIANA
  232. Giallo T-Shirts
  233. The painting from Argento's "Bird.."
  234. Italian newspapers in the 60s/ 70s
  235. Italian Crime: Mafia Junction (1973) ~ Massimo Dallamano
  236. "Night Child" and "Exterminators of the year 3000" coming soon from Code Red!
  237. Deep Red/ Profondo Rosso Locations
  238. Tenebrae observation..
  239. Superstition 2 (1989)
  240. R.I.P. - Bruno S. (1932-2010)
  241. Arrow UK to release Demons 1 and 2!
  242. That "doggy" scene from Fulci's Lizard in a Woman's Skin
  243. Mark il Poliziotto spara per primo ~ Stelvio Massi
  244. RE: Blood and Black Lace (Anolis)
  245. Faccia a Faccia/ Face to Face ~ Sergio Sollima
  246. Hercules (1983) ~ Luigi Cozzi
  247. Daria Nicolodi and me :)
  248. Jess Franco Collection DVDs from SRS Cinema
  249. Murder Mansion (1972)
  250. Paul Naschy