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  1. Who's Hotter?
  2. Biggest Media Whore.
  3. Favorite Old-School Metal Band
  4. Favorite John Woo flick?
  5. Ugliest Horror Director
  6. Favorite "Valentine" Slasher
  7. Your Favorite Shriek Show DVD Release: Part Two
  8. Your Favorite Shriek Show DVD Release: Part One
  9. Your Favorite Blue Underground DVD Release
  10. Your Favorite Synapse Films DVD Release
  11. Favorite DVD's
  12. Best Male Horror Performance Tournament
  13. Hair Bands
  14. Mullets
  15. Best of Tom Savini
  16. In Tribute - Best Rock band EVER!!!
  17. Lord Of The Rings Presents: Ian McKellen VS Christopher Lee
  18. Favorite Film of 2002
  19. Best Friday the 13th Flick?
  20. What The Hell Are You Doing
  21. Sexiest Chick from a 80s Horror Flick
  22. Oscars: Best Picture
  23. Your Top 10 Favorite Films
  24. Which RING do you prefer?
  25. hotest chick
  26. favorite john carpenter movie
  27. Favorite Crispin Glover Performance
  28. favorite nightmare on elm street movie
  29. Road Trip
  30. Pick my next DVDs
  31. The Ending to THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT: Your Interpretation (Spoiler Central!)
  32. Favorite type of horror villain
  33. What is your favorite weapon(s) of choice?
  34. The War
  35. Battle Of The Corporate Video Rental Stores
  36. your favorite lotr movie of so far
  37. Who's the "Master"
  38. The Race Is On...(4,000 Posts)
  39. your favorite tv series
  40. Nolte VS Rhett -- Which is worse?
  41. Most underrated film
  42. Favorite movie you wanna see this year
  43. Fantasy Dawn of the Dead Casting
  44. House of A 1000 Corpses or Strangeland
  45. Best 1st sequel
  46. What deserves a Criterion release?
  47. House of 1000 corpses. Love it or hate it?
  48. Twitch of the Death Nerve Audio Quality
  49. Best Blind Buy?
  50. what is the best or worst remake ?
  51. Favorite Video Game Score
  52. Takashi Miike's best film?
  53. Best horror Film last five years
  54. Favorite Herschell Gordon Lewis epic...
  55. Favorite John Waters movie
  56. horror survey
  57. Favorite "Jack The Ripper" Movie
  58. Favorite DVD Company?
  59. Best Female Horror Performance Tournament
  60. Favorite Haunted "HOUSE"
  61. How addicted are you?
  62. Favorite zombie movie?
  63. X-Men
  64. most over used thread?
  65. Best so far this year
  66. Anthologies
  67. Iron Man Vs. X-Men
  68. Favorite production company
  69. Top 5 august dvd releases
  70. Favorite 80s Video Company
  71. Friday the 13th SE Poll
  72. Favorite "Picture" scene
  73. Doors!
  74. Your favorite Roger Corman/Edgar Allan Poe movie
  75. Favorite Ghost Movie?
  76. Do You Want To Help Make A HorrorDvd Film
  77. Which looks best?
  78. Best Horror Film Remake
  79. Best Movie Project idea
  80. Best Film Idea (Complete List...for now)
  81. which is your favorite made for tv movie based on a Stephen King novel?
  82. Rope Hangings
  83. Best T2 DVD?
  84. Most Graphic Murder Scenes
  85. What are your favorite Alfred Hitchcock movies?
  86. Battle of the Ships (flicks)
  87. What is your favorite movie boxed set?
  88. The Crush (Love it? Like it? What??!)
  89. SNUFF: Good or Bad?
  90. SNUFF: Good or Bad DVD Cover Art?
  91. Downloading Music: Where do you stand?
  92. Favorite Killer Kid
  93. Darkness Falls vs They
  94. Favorite Horror theme music
  95. Favorite Twilight Zone Episodes?
  96. Scariest Films Of All Time
  97. Favorite puppet from the Puppet Master franchise
  98. Seance
  99. The Ultimate "i'm Bored Poll"
  100. Favorite Original Horror Poster Art
  101. The Best of Mario Bava
  102. Favorite Halloween Sequel
  103. How many Limited Editions do you own?
  104. Nicest Horror Star You've Met
  105. Best 2nd Sequel
  106. Rude-est horror star you've ever met?
  107. Freddy Vs. Jason: Who will win?
  108. Soledad Miranda vs. Lina Romay
  109. An American Werewolf in London vs. The Howling
  110. Best Hess Film?
  111. Favorite Story in Creepshow
  112. The Most Prized DVD in Your Collection
  113. Favorite Version of THE SHINING?
  114. Do you Love or Hate Troma?
  115. Female artists of the 1980's
  116. Favorite Main Character in Dawn of the Dead?
  117. Best Creepshow tale (from both 1 and 2)
  118. Are you in the industry?
  119. Your favorite F-13 murder
  120. Best Avatar?
  121. Favorite Black-Comedy
  122. My Next Review!
  123. Pick the First Disc For My Region Free Player
  124. Favorite Scream Queen
  125. Best Movie Spoof?
  126. Your Fav Blue underground so far
  127. Your fav Synapse so far!!
  128. What horror series would you like in a box set
  129. What is your favourite Dino De Laurentiis production of a Stephen King story?
  130. Best showcase of Tom Savini effects
  131. How do you view?
  132. Anchor Bay: Love em? Hate em? Undecided?
  133. Favorite Book?
  134. Which TWO EVIL EYES story do you prefer?
  135. Favorite Friday the 13th Babe
  136. What color is YOUR "Cutting Class" vhs cover?
  137. Favorite Music Video
  138. The MGM Batch
  139. Freddy Vs Jason - Who's gonna win?
  140. Favorite Horror/Sci-Fi Magazine Past/Present
  141. Favorite Moderator (Multi-vote allowed)
  142. Best Horror Movie Film theme Music
  143. Best Opening to A horror film
  144. Best use of a baseball bat
  145. DVDs you wouldn't mind getting rereleased over and over?
  146. Whats your favorite Amityville?
  147. Favorite John Carpenter Anti-Hero
  148. Favorite Section of HorrorDVDs Forum
  149. best f/x artist
  150. Paying for Autographs
  151. Whats your favorite Resident Evil.
  152. Who is creepier? Hannibal Lecter or Buffalo Bill?
  153. Jason and the Leprechaun - Who was better in space!
  154. Should theatres bring back the intermission?
  155. Spoilers! Favorite Final Destination 2 death scene
  156. Mars Poll
  157. another movie crossover battle to the finish! who will win?
  158. Favorite Millenium Edition?
  159. Favourite John Carpenter Film Score
  160. BLUE UNDERGROUND DVDs which do you own Part 1.
  161. BLUE UNDERGROUND DVDs which do you own Part 2.
  162. Favorite "House on" Film
  163. Worst movie ever made?
  164. In which NOES movie do you consider Freddy to have the most scariest face?
  165. Most Beautiful Horror Film ...
  166. Suggested Horror Rating system
  167. Favorite Chainsaw Sequence
  168. If A Gun Was To Your Head
  169. Eyes
  170. Scariest Slasher Villain
  171. Exploding Chests or Tentacle Sprouting Mutts?
  172. Best Horror DVD commentary
  173. Goriest "R" Rated Horror/Sci-Fi Movie
  174. Most Pointless Nude scene in a Horror Movie
  175. Best Actor That Made A Living Doing Horror
  176. Creepiest Documentary?
  177. Favorite Movie Theme Songs Turned Hit Songs?
  178. Cabin Fever Yeah, Nay or Just OK
  179. Lions Gate - The new savior of Horror?
  180. Favorite John Carpenter theme song
  181. Best Werewolf Movie
  182. HorrorDVDs To Host An Internet Chat With (???) Company
  183. David Cronenberg film tournament
  184. Favorite Novel Turned Movie?
  185. Scariest Film You've Ever Seen?
  186. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Hooper vs. Nispel versions)
  187. Best Horror Movie made this year
  188. Best Horror Film of 2002
  189. Best Horror Film of 2001
  190. Best horror film of 2000
  191. Best horror film 0f 1999
  192. Best Horror Film of 1998
  193. Best Horror Film of 1997
  194. Which AOD DVD(s) do you own?
  195. Best Looking 16mm Film On DVD
  196. Suffer!
  197. Favorite Hammer Film
  198. Favorite Godzilla foe
  199. How many LOTR DVD(s) do you own?
  200. Favorite Alfred Hitchcock Film
  201. Best Horror Magazine
  202. Favorite HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES character?
  203. Anyone else posting? Look below.
  204. Electrocuted!
  205. Fave DRILL scene
  206. Favorite Song With a Horror Theme
  207. Coffins
  208. Serial Killers
  209. A slappin' good time
  210. Favorite Giallo?
  211. favourite space or Alien related Sc-Fi/Horror Film of all time
  212. Best Direct to Video Horror Film Ever
  213. Zombies: running or walking?
  214. Greatest Thread Argument
  215. Nuclear terror
  216. Squirm Vs Slugs
  217. Favorite Horror Reference on The Simpsons
  218. Best Actor in an Argento film
  219. Best Actress in an Argento film
  220. Best Supporting Actor in an Argento film
  221. Best Supporting Actress in an Argento film
  222. Best Screenplay for an Argento film
  223. Best of the recent Serial Killer Bio Pics
  224. Best Horror Remake Character
  225. Dawn 2004 - Yay or Nay
  226. DOTD Remake VS Original
  227. Battle of the apes: Link vs Monkey Shines
  228. Who directed POLTERGEIST?
  229. Friday the 13th Box Set - You buyin'?
  230. The Last Man on Earth vs. The Omega Man
  231. Best Fast Food
  232. Most Disturbing Horror Film Ever Commited to Celluloid
  233. Horror and its effects
  234. Favorite dog in a horror film
  235. Cool Walking
  236. Italian Horror VS Asian Horror
  237. Dark Castle Films
  238. Favorite sub-forum
  239. Henry or Confessions of a serial killer?
  240. Favorite Dick Smith Horror Make-Up Effect
  241. Favourite 80's Chick?
  242. Dead films Survey
  243. Best Decade of Horror
  244. Best/scariest soundstage in a horror movie
  245. Funniest Bruce Campbell Role
  246. Most #@$%ed-up horror movie ever.
  247. Best Indie Horror Movie That Nobody Else Saw But You
  248. Witchboard or Night of the Demons: Which is Kevin Tenney's masterpiece?
  249. Update: Coolest Chick from a Tarantino flick
  250. Best George Romero (non-zombie) Film