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  1. Favorite Texas Chainsaw follow up
  2. What Scream Factory release are you anticipating most?
  3. Best Nazi Zombie Movie
  4. Favorite Universal Monster movie
  5. Best Larry Cohen Movie
  6. Best Killer Scarecrow Movie
  7. Most Anticipated Fall Release
  8. Best Alien Invasion Movie
  9. Who won in Freddy vs. Jason?
  10. Favorite film by James Wan
  11. Best Shock Ending
  12. Favorite Friday the 13th film (Mark II)
  13. What kind of new FRIDAY THE 13TH do you want?
  14. Favorite film about snuff
  15. Favorite horror film composer
  16. Best Horror Franchise Doc
  17. Best "Maniac" Movie
  18. The Best Release of 2013
  19. Worst Dracula Movie
  20. Plead the 5th: Best Part V Sequel
  21. Best Horror Movie Rap Song
  22. Sound decisions: Mono or 5.1?
  23. Unreleased Horror Films on DVD/Blu
  24. Best Worst Zombie Movie
  25. Favorite Film in the Leprechaun Franchise
  26. Favorite Horror Distributor
  27. Favorite Cannon Horror Film
  28. What Halloween Sequel had the best Myers Mask?
  29. What did you think of the Phantasm V teaser?
  30. Best Kill in a Friday the 13th Movie?
  31. Best "__________ COP" movie?