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  1. Favorite Friday the 13th?
  2. Most Anticipated Fall Title
  3. Favorite Universal Monster?
  4. Favorite Fulci?
  5. Favorite Clark/Ormsby film?
  6. Which Ginger is for you?
  7. What should be Carpenter's next SE?
  8. Which version of Zombie will you be buying?
  9. Favorite Recent Franchise Re-Imaging?
  10. Favorite Exorcist Sequel?
  11. Which Exorcist will you be buying?
  12. Which Dawn cut is your favorite?
  13. Best Cronenberg special edition DVD?
  14. Will you be buying the Friday the 13th box set?
  15. Favorite Recent Zombie Film?
  16. Which recent Anchor Bay announcement are you most excited about?
  17. Altered Soundtracks?
  18. Favorite Halloween Sequel?
  19. Which recent WB horror DVD are you most interested in?
  20. Favorite Fall Horror Film?
  21. Contest Voting, Final Round
  22. Favorite Child's Play Film?
  23. Favorite George A. Romero film?
  24. Which early Cronenberg film would you like to see remade?
  25. Which turkey is your favorite?
  26. Favorite Modern Horror Director?
  27. What is your favorite Christmas horror film?
  28. Which site addition would you like to see most?
  29. Favorite Horror DVD of 2004?
  30. Will you be buying Lizard in a Woman's Skin?
  31. Which theatrical horror film will you be seeing next week?
  32. The Grudge: Remake or Original?
  33. Seeing Saw?
  34. Best theatrical horror film so far this year?
  35. Favorite Debra Hill production?
  36. Tarantino and the next Friday film
  37. Synapse's new horror slate
  38. The Best Decade for Horror
  39. What is your favorite Amityville Horror film?
  40. Which major studio has done best with horror on DVD?
  41. Which genre do you prefer?
  42. Favorite Haunted House Movie?
  43. Warner Contest Voting, Part 1
  44. Warner Contest Voting, Part 2
  45. Warner Contest Voting, Final Round
  46. Favorite backwoods killer movie?
  47. Carpenter's latest
  48. Favorite Horror Trilogy?
  49. Favorite Val Lewton Film?
  50. Will you see High Tension in theaters?
  51. Wes Craven: Hero or Hack?
  52. Which Hammer film are you most anticipating?
  53. Favorite DEAD film?
  54. Which upcoming NoShame title are you most anticipating?
  55. Favorite Crypt episode in season one?
  56. Cryptic Contest Voting, Round 1
  57. Cryptic Contest Voting, Final Round
  58. Will you be buying the Blind Dead box set?
  59. Favorite Remake Trailer?
  60. Most Anticipated Giallo?
  61. Favorite Craven Film?
  62. The Best Howling Sequel Is...
  63. Favorite Edwige Fenech Giallo?
  64. Favorite Cronenberg film that he did not write
  65. Favorite Blind Dead Film?
  66. Horror Havoc Conest Voting
  67. Worst 2005 Remake
  68. Crypt of Wax Voting, Part 1
  69. Crypt of Wax Voting, Part 2
  70. Crypt of Wax Voting, Final Round
  71. Which film should Rhett review next?
  72. Special Halloween Contest Poll
  73. Favorite Coscarelli
  74. DVD Cover Rejects Contest Voting, Part 1
  75. DVD Cover Rejects Contest Voting, Part 2
  76. DVD Cover Rejects Contest Voting, Final Round
  77. Most Anticipated Code Red DVD?
  78. What do you think about Masters of Horror?
  79. Favorite Christmas horror tagline?
  80. Favorite Horror of 2005?
  81. Worst Horror of 2005?
  82. Which "Master" was MASTERS missing?
  83. There's Always Romero Contest Voting
  84. Have you checked the children?
  85. Favorite Final Destination?
  86. Blue Underground's 2006 Gialli
  87. Recent Dark Sky Releases
  88. "The Conest Has Eyes" Voting
  89. Favorite Horror Videogame Adaptation
  90. Stephen King Special Editions
  91. Best Mini-Creature Feature
  92. Favorite Crypt Season
  93. Favorite Myers
  94. The Best Elm Street Sequel is...
  95. Don't Go into the Woods tonight...
  96. What is your favorite holiday?
  97. Favorite Exorcist Sequel?
  98. Do You Like Hitchcock?
  99. Favorite Halloween Protagonist?
  100. Hitchhiker Halloween Contest Voting
  101. Masters or Crypt keepers?
  102. Salo is...
  103. What will you be watching this Christmas?
  104. Favorite Horror DVD of 2006?
  105. Favorite Non-Frankenstein Karloff
  106. Will you be buying Lizard in a Woman's Skin: Remastered?
  107. My Bloody Contest Voting
  108. Favorite Crazy Critter Series
  109. Favorite Horror Performance From 2006's Oscar Nominated Actors
  110. Which cult DVD label would you be saddest to see go?
  111. Which Grindhouse entry are you more excited about?
  112. Which Grindhouse entry is the best?
  113. Which Grindhouse trailer was best?
  114. Favorite Bava
  115. Favorite Platinum Dunes?
  116. The Hitcher (2007) Contest Voting
  117. The battle of the kiddie monster flicks
  118. 28 What?
  119. The Most Underrated William Friedkin Film is...
  120. Which Hostel provides the best accommodation?
  121. Who can kill a child?
  122. Masters of Dipping
  123. Most Anticipated Midnite Movie Double Feature
  124. Best giallo title?
  125. Favorite Prom Night?
  126. Would you be sad to see Troma go?
  127. Halloween (2007) The Verdict.
  128. Favorite Silver Shamrock Mask?
  129. Favorite Twisted Terror?
  130. Favorite Religious Horror Film
  131. Favorite Creature Feature Subject?
  132. SAWful or SAWesome?
  133. Halloween Costume Contest Voting
  134. Nosferatu or Dracula?
  135. Favorite Frank Darabont Script?
  136. Tim Burton is...
  137. Favorite I AM LEGEND Adaptation
  138. Which new Code Red title do you want most?
  139. Best Creepy Old Man
  140. What was the best DVD of 2007?
  141. Favorite Camille Keaton
  142. The Best Invasion of the Body Snatchers is...
  143. Favorite Golden Era Fulci
  144. Movie props you would want to own
  145. Which arthouse director should remake SUSPIRIA?
  146. Best 1980s SOV film
  147. Favorite Neil Marshall Film
  148. Least Favorite Golden Era Argento
  149. Least Favorite Romero Dead Film
  150. Which Blu-Underground are you anticipating most?
  151. Favorite "Color" Film?
  152. Favorite Stan Winston Film?
  153. Best of the first half of 2008
  154. What kind of release would you prefer?
  155. Best Masters of Horror Season 2 Episode
  156. Croc Crap or Gator Garbage - The Worst Animal Attack Film?
  157. Child's Nay - Worst Chucky Movie
  158. Best Series for Sequels?
  159. Worst Series for Sequels
  160. Favorite American J-Horror Flick?
  161. Classics still non-anamorphic on DVD
  162. Have you seen a Faces of Death film?
  163. Best Exorcist Clone
  164. Favorite Sub-Genre
  165. Favorite Political Thriller
  166. Friday Blu-rays
  167. Favorite Hellraiser?
  168. Favorite Horror Disc of 2008?
  169. Valentine Viewings
  170. Does the Zooming on the new FRIDAY THE 13TH disc bother you?
  171. Did the Friday remake do Jason proud?
  172. Favorite Last House Imaging?
  173. What do you think about the new Freddy?
  174. Defunct DVD Series
  175. Favorite Grindhouse DVD thus far?
  176. Favorite Friday the 13th Tune
  177. Favorite Friday the 13th Tagline
  178. Have you ever played a record backwards?
  179. Are you still watching in 1.33:1?
  180. Favorite Polanski?
  181. Favorite Fruet?
  182. Favorite Little Creature Feature Sequel
  183. Will Halloween be your Final Destination this weekend?
  184. Which Halloween is better?
  185. Best Stephen King Short Story Adaptation
  186. Horror Conventions
  187. Best Performance by a Child
  188. Favorite Universal Icon
  189. What's your favorite horror film that debuted this fall?
  190. Favorite 80s Anthology Series
  191. Do you like DVD with your Blu-ray?
  192. Favorite Disc of 2009?
  193. What Country's Horror Films Do You Have the Hardest Time Enjoying?
  194. Do You Still Read Fangoria?
  195. How do you watch your movies at home?
  196. Favorite Puppet Master?
  197. The thing I like most about A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET is...
  198. Favorite Friedkin Following The Exorcist
  199. Haley vs. Englund
  200. Best Fulci Zombie Movie?
  201. Favorite Japanese Monster
  202. Which 80's horror vet's movies hold up best today?
  203. Half-time Report: 2010
  204. Savini Slasher Special Effects
  205. Favorite kind of horror title?
  206. Favorite Troll 2 Quote
  207. Franchise Revival You Want the Least
  208. Favorite horror from the IMDb Top 10?
  209. How many horror movies are you going to watch this October?
  210. Favorite Franchise Sequels
  211. Evil Dead Ratio
  212. Best of Scream New Wave Slashers
  213. Favorite Fall Disc 2010
  214. Horror Video Game Franchises
  215. Favorite Belated Sequel
  216. Worst Silent Night, Deadly Night Sequel
  217. Favorite 2010 Blu-ray Horror Release
  218. How many movies did you watch last year?
  219. Favorite Blank From Hell Movie
  220. Was Amityville Real?
  221. Best Scream Movie
  222. Inferno is...
  223. What Scorpion release are you anticipating most?
  224. Halloween 3D Thoughts
  225. Halloween Sequel Blurays
  226. Favorite "The _______" title from the 80s
  227. Favorite Destination
  228. Best Rape Revenge Movie
  229. Favorite DePalma Thriller
  230. Favorite "Phantom" Film
  231. Favorite Number 2
  232. Favorite Threequel
  233. Best Corn
  234. Halloween 6: Which Cut?
  235. Best Winter Horror Movie Not About Christmas
  236. Favorite Release of 2011?
  237. Hottest Friday the 13th Babe
  238. Favorite Hitchcock Film
  239. HG Lewis Photoshop Contest Finalists
  240. Horror Soundtracks
  241. Hottest Halloween Babe
  242. Best Water Creature Feature
  243. What is your favorite Amityville Horror film? (UPDATED)
  244. Do you watch the end credits?
  245. What horror film are you most psyched for this October?
  246. Favorite Stephen King Castle Rock Film
  247. Favorite 4th Sequel
  248. Worst Hellraiser Sequel
  249. Worst Halloween Sequel
  250. Best Kill in Silent Night, Deadly Night