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  1. Blu-Ray wins????
  2. Return Of The Living Dead - 1985 Director's Cut On Monsters HD?
  3. Anchor Bay Blu-ray: Halloween, Evil Dead & of the Dead
  4. My big upgrade decision
  5. Halloween Blu Ray release gets poor rating
  6. Horror/Cult Releases for October
  7. HD-DVD & Blu-Ray Bargains
  8. Pan's Labyrinth Coming to Both Blu-ray & HD-DVD 12/6
  9. FOX BluRay Playback Problems
  10. Anchor Bay HD Wishlist
  11. Company Of Wolves BluRay (UK)
  12. Paul Naschy Double Feature on BluRay
  13. Thirteen Ghosts BluRay (UK)
  14. Resident Evil Trilogy on BluRay
  15. Question does the sony blu ray dvd player play well with a sony trintron tv not HD?
  16. Toshiba HD-A2 HD-DVD Player for Under $100!
  17. HD updating firmware
  18. Got my 5 free bluray's
  19. Girls Gone Wild: Sexiest Moments Ever 2 - Uncensored! on Blu-ray and HD-DVD
  20. AVS Forum, Hi-Def Meltdown.
  21. War coming to an end finally?
  22. HD-DVD Imports in 2008
  23. Anyone see the Friday films on MonstersHD?
  24. Don't Know Much about High Def. TVs, but I Got Some Cash to Burn; Help Requested
  25. Help Anyone have any loud static when the blu ray logo appears on tv screen??
  26. Is the PS3 region free for DVDs?
  27. Next generation format upgrade?
  28. LCD vs Plasma vs CRT Projection vs projectors
  29. HD Downloads Are Here
  30. Anyone have a sony BDP-S500 Blu ray player?
  31. So how do these cult movies REALLY look?
  32. How does a sony playstation 3 hook up to hd tv
  33. HDMI converters
  34. Is there any vcr players that can look good on hdtvs
  35. Composite vs. S-video vs. HDMI
  36. Warner dumps HD DVD
  37. Would it be foolish to try and switch to blu-ray cases?
  38. Investing for the Future: 720p vs. 1080p
  39. 16:9 and other ratios.
  40. Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player - $79.99 at Amazon
  41. I read somewhere that blu ray players are region free and can play pal dvds
  42. New pics of my home theater
  43. Netflix Goes Blu-ray Exclusive
  44. Toshiba to Drop HD DVD [Dreamcast also rules]
  45. My theater
  46. I wonder if microsoft xbox 360 will go blu ray now that hd-dvd is fading out!
  47. All Blu all the time?
  48. Good news...
  49. Blue Underground going Blu-Ray
  50. Dark Sky Going Blu-Ray: TCM, Magic & Henry
  51. Flat panel vs. rear projection LCD TVs?
  52. All the latest Blu-Ray news
  53. The begining of the end of Plasma TVs???
  54. Tartan: Tale of Two Sisters, Lady Vengeance & I'm a Cyborg
  55. Blu-Ray question - Pirates - Dead Man's Chest
  56. Anyone else miss the format war?
  57. BEST BUY $50 gift card for HD owners
  58. HDTV Recorders
  59. Batman: The Movie ('66)
  60. Complete list of horror on Blu-Ray
  61. The Thing-The Fog HD?
  62. Planet of the Apes: Get Your Stinkin` Paws on It!
  63. Amazon giving HD-DVD owners $50 credit
  64. Blu-ray player recomendations and questions
  65. Do any of you non Blue Rayer's feel left out?
  66. Universal Announces Doomsday, Land of the Dead and More
  67. Do any Blu-Ray owners regret their purchase?
  68. Do any HD-DVD owners regret their purchase?
  69. Finally, Region Free Blu-Ray Players!!!
  70. Paramount Announces Blu-ray's 5/20 Cloverfield, There Will Be Blood & More
  71. Criterion Go Blu-Ray
  72. 720p vs 1080p on a 32" TV...any noticeable difference?
  73. Interesting experiment with a CRT TV
  74. Do any of you guys have your LCD tv in a non aidconditioned room?
  75. HD-DVD Blowout at InetVideo
  76. Finally... China goes Blue!
  77. Nightmare Before Christmas 8/26
  78. Blu-Ray Discs. How many do you own?
  79. Anchor Bay, Where Art Thou?
  80. HDTV...no audio???
  81. 'Kill Bill' Coming to Blu-ray this September
  82. Bond Box Set 10/21
  83. Synapse Films Preping Maniac Cop & The Image
  84. More Anchor Bay Blu-Rays Coming!
  85. Article on my theater...
  86. PHILIPS HDTVs are multi-system
  87. UK: Escape From New York, The Fog & They Live
  88. Warner to cut Blu-ray price this fall!
  89. Any one getting Texas Chainsaw Massacre?
  90. Carrie (1976) 10/07
  91. Where are all the extras on Blu Ray?
  92. Heathers in Hi-Def
  93. Jagged edges around objects on HDTV's
  94. Black Christmas (1974) Blu-ray Disc 11/11/2008
  95. FINALLY!!! The 1st "cheap" Blu-Ray players are here!
  96. Toshiba XDE Player
  97. Shreik Show Announces Blu-ray Titles
  98. What Horror would you like to see on Blu-ray?
  99. Nigtmare on Elm St. blu-ray
  100. good cheap HDMI cable recommendations
  101. Sony BDP-S300 Blu Ray Player only $199 at Amazon
  102. What made you go High-def?
  103. AmazonUK - Buy 2 Get 1 Free Blu-Rays
  104. The Pain Of An HD DVD Early Adopter
  105. How Important are Extras on Blu Ray?
  106. HD DVD questions
  107. Dead & Buried coming to blu-ray from Blue Underground
  108. A list of horror on HD-DVD
  109. Gremlins on Blu-Ray 29/10-08
  110. Horrible news...Il Deserto Rosso (Red Desert) is to be region B "locked"
  111. The Thing on blu-ray in the UK. (All extras included!)
  112. Will Fight Club come to Blu Ray???
  113. Friday the 13th part 3-D going Blu
  114. NOTLD on BR
  115. This should make some folks happy...Bird With the Crystal Plumage announced for blu!
  116. The Blu-ray Reviews
  117. F13 hits blu-ray - Feb 3, 2009
  118. HDMI Splitters any good?
  119. No more DVDs
  120. FvJ for blu-ray
  121. planet of the apes evolution box question
  122. YAY The Crazies is coming to Blu-Rayand more BU titles!!!
  123. Batman Begins Blu-Ray disc problems
  124. When will Jaws be chomping its way to Blu-ray anyone know?
  125. Horror on HDNet!
  126. Ghostbusters
  127. The Exorcist to be Ruined on Blu-ray
  128. Import Blu-Ray Info & Deals
  129. Ghost of Mars 03/31/09
  130. Hellraiser coming to blu in April
  131. Donnie Darko!
  132. Suspiria Italian (Blu Ray) March 11th
  133. How many HD-DVD titles do you Own?
  134. Import Friday the 13th Blu to have more Special Features
  135. Army of Darkness: Screwhead Edition 5/19
  136. Alien Quadrilogy coming to Blu-ray
  137. Just Got a New TV and Now...
  138. Terminator 2 Skynet edition coming to blu-ray may 19th
  139. Let the right one in - blu-ray audio question
  140. My Bloody Valentine 3D on Blu-Ray May 19th
  141. The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly Blu-ray
  142. Blu-ray releases that made you go "WOW"
  143. Friday the 13th Parts 2 and 3 coming to blu in July!
  144. My Wanted blu-ray stopped working
  145. Children of the Corn Blu-Ray announced
  146. Anyone getting the new Matrix blu?
  147. Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown in August
  148. Friday the 13th 2009 Blu-ray Artwork
  149. WB's Red to Blu program
  150. Jagged picture on my HD tv
  151. VUDU HD Download Service
  152. Plague Town Blu-Ray
  153. Gojira a.k.a.Godzilla stomps on to blu-ray this september
  154. Big Trouble in Little China
  155. So where are they?
  156. I knew I waited for a reason: Natural Born Killer's Director's Cut
  157. Warner titles for 9-8-09
  158. Hardware a.k.a. m.a.r.k. 13 finally coming to DVD and Blu-ray
  159. Severin Jumps into Blu-ray with 'Inglorious Bastards'
  160. Lionsgate Announces More Titles for August
  161. Name some movies that are on DVD you want on Blu-ray!
  162. When you upgrade to HD, what do you do with the DVD?
  163. Screwballs coming to blu-ray!
  164. Childs Play, Misery & Hannibal trilogy coming to Blu
  165. New York Ripper announced for blu-ray.
  166. Both Wrong Turn movies going Blu 9/15/09
  167. Save up to $65 on blu-rays at amazon.com!
  168. Friday the 13th Blu-rays next Tuesday, who has the nice price?
  169. Escape From L.A.
  170. New Blu-ray/Vhs combo player from panasonic
  171. Sharp AQUOS 52-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV with Built-In Blu-ray Player
  172. New Lower Priced Samsung LED TVs WOW!!
  173. Henry Blu Ray Sept. 29
  174. How The West Was Won (Blu-Ray)
  175. Anchor Bay Blu-ray Email Update!
  176. Blu-Ray Player/HDTV TV Questions???
  177. From Dusk Till Dawn - Blu Ray?
  178. Ichi the Killer blu-ray
  179. Night of the Creeps will be in HD!
  180. An American Werewolf in London
  181. Halloween 2007 Rob Zombie Blu-ray disc how is it?
  182. are blu rays indestructible?
  183. Near Dark coming to blu-ray in november only because of Twilight!!!
  184. Fight Club 10th anniversary Blu-ray coming nov 17th
  185. Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz and Grace all at Best Buy early
  186. Are better Blu-ray versions of Dawn of the Dead (2004) and Carrie (1976) coming soon
  187. The best and worst of Blu-Ray quality
  188. Creepshow Blu - 8th September
  189. Let the double dipping begin!
  190. Midnight Movie (Blu-ray)
  191. Any 720p/1080i HDTV owners here?
  192. Texas Chainsaw Remake (Blu-Ray) $14.99 at Wal-Mart
  193. Terminator Salvation Blu-ray finally announced
  194. 3 Disc Dawn of the Dead blu ray (UK)
  195. PQ Rating: An American Werewolf In London
  196. PQ Rating: Creepshow
  197. Gremlins Blu-ray
  198. Jacobs Ladder in bluray?
  199. Dark Knight batpod blu for dirt
  200. Question about HD TVs
  201. Must Buy Blu-ray Horror! Part 1 - Child's Play
  202. Must Buy Blu-ray Horror part 2 - The Thing
  203. The Wizard of Oz in HD
  204. My Bloody Valentine 3D
  205. Must Buy Blu-ray Horror part 3 - The Shining
  206. Must Buy Blu-ray Horror part 4 - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Original)
  207. Must Buy Blu-ray Horror part 05 - Friday the 13th part 2 - Blu-Ray
  208. Must Buy Blu-ray Horror part 06 - The Descent - Blu-Ray
  209. Must Buy Blu-ray Horror part 07 - Halloween (78) - Blu-Ray
  210. Must Buy Blu-ray Horror part 08 - An American Werewolf in London
  211. Must Buy Blu-ray Horror part 09. My Bloody Valentine 3-D
  212. Must Buy Blu-ray Horror Top 10 FINAL. Dawn of the Dead (78) (TOP 10 Completed)
  213. Rocky Horror Picture Show debuts on Blu in 2010!
  214. Blu-Ray Upcoming/Retro Releases list. (Movies you should check out!)
  215. Poultrygeist To Be Troma's First Blu-Ray!
  216. Issue with my DVD player upconverting to my LCD
  217. My American Psycho blu-ray stopped working
  218. Black Christmas (1974) on HD Net
  219. Lionsgate November Horror Blu-rays
  220. December Shopping List
  221. Help! Is there a freeware player that can read blu-ray?
  222. What is your LCD picture mode preference?
  223. About going Blu
  224. Upgrade from BluRay in the future?
  225. Warner launches DVD2BLU Program!
  226. Suspiria Coming To Blu-Ray...in the UK!
  227. Anyone have The Mist on Blu-ray and how is it?
  228. Troma Goes Blu!
  229. Neverending Story in March
  230. The return of combo discs
  231. When did Best Buy start carrying BluRays from other regions?
  232. Blu Rays and Scratches
  233. The Lost & Girl Next Door Blus 2/2/10
  234. Saw 6 BD to include original Saw
  235. Cabin Fever: Unrated Director's Cut 02/16/10
  236. Boogie Nights-Best Buy Exclusive
  237. Anyone get in on the Amazon sale of Lost?
  238. Horror on blu-ray in Germany
  239. Peter Jackson's First 3 Films..Coming Soon To Blu?!?!?
  240. January Blu-ray Shopping List
  241. Scream Blu-Ray (Import)
  242. New 3D Blu-ray players in 2010 question?
  243. Piranha (1978) Blu-ray in April
  244. Halloween 6, H20 & Resurrection - Jan 12, 2010!
  245. Dreamscape to be released April 6th
  246. Saw III
  247. 3D Televisions, Blu-rays, Games in Summer 2010
  248. HD Simpsons!
  249. The Relic 04/06/10
  250. John Woo's The Killer in March on BD