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02-11-2001, 03:09 AM
Oh - man. Guess what I'm listening to right now. After many, many months of being unemployed, I now have a good paying job, and actually have extra cash. That means I can buy shit. Okay, so there aren't any new Hammer dvds out there, but I tell you what you can buy. Today I got the GDI sountracks to Scars of Dracula AND The Vampire Lovers. Oh yes, life is good. I'm listening to Vampire Lovers right now, and the quality is incredible. These cds are digitally mastered from the original tapes, and they sound great! They have real nice 20 page booklets chock full of pictures and in depth liner notes. I highly recommend the series to all my fellow Hammer fans. You can get them at www.footlight.com, (http://www.footlight.com,) a great little cd store in NYC. For pics and info, go to www.gdirecords.com. (http://www.gdirecords.com.) HF, you've got to get the Lost Kingdom cd! It looks great! Next on my list are Taste the Blood of Dracula and Twins of Evil :D .

02-11-2001, 04:25 AM
mutleyhyde, those cds & booklets look incredibly cool! :D How's the Ingrid Pitt intro on Vampire Lovers? Next time I have an extra $20 I'm all over this one with 25 original themes. :)


If you ever get the urge to rip some mp3s and sign on at Napster let us know!!! :D

02-11-2001, 04:26 AM
Congrats on those purchases, MH! :) I definitely would love to get my hands on these discs and I'm sure they're worth the price tag....can never go wrong with those great Hammer soundtracks. :D

02-11-2001, 08:32 PM
What can I say guys? These discs are great! I've been listening to them all day and last night. They sound better than the dvds! The shop-owner I bought these from, who I've known for over ten years, said that he knows the producer, Gary Wilson. He said Gary told him that when Hammer's musical director, Philip Martell died (RIP bud), he was allowed access to the estate and found all these reel-to-reel master tapes. Talk about a mother load! He was given permission to produce the cds, and viola!, we now have a collection of Hammer music that has never sounded so good. I mean, these discs are crystal clear! Do I sound like a sales man or what? It's all true I tell ya! I guess I just want everyone to experience the pleasure.

BTW, Carl, Ingrids two page introduction is very candid, and deals with how she got the part, and how fun it was working on the film. It's very personal, really brings the reader into 1969 to taste a little bit of the climate that was going on then. I've got to get some of the books going around by or including Hammer Alumni. I think they'd be great reads. The rest of the booklet goes on to talk about the making of the film, and then there's a piece on Harry Robinson who wrote the music. It's all very informative and great fun to read. I haven't read the Scars booklet yet.

I must say, I'm very surprised to see that my favorite of the two is The Vampire Lovers. I love James Bernards works, but The Vampire Lovers is much more interesting than this particular piece by Bernard. Don't get me wrong, Scars is great, i just think that Lovers has more going on in it. Scars tends to convey a single, continuous theme of suspense throughout, never really hitting the dramatic crescendoes and valleys that Lovers exibits, which, while mostly steeped in drama, is often wistfully playful too. This is, imho, why it's the more interesting piece.

And HF, if you can't tell already, it's my opinion that these discs are well worth the price tag :D . I hope you get to check them out soon :) .

02-12-2001, 02:27 PM
MH, just out of curiosity, what is the price-tag on these discs? I do have the following discs and can't say enough good about these:

The Hammer Film Music Collection Vol 1
The Hammer Film Music Collection Vol 2
Dracula Classic Scores From Hammer Horror
The Devil Rides Out Horror,Adventure and Romance For Hammer Films

These discs are wonderful!

02-12-2001, 10:35 PM
Ahhh, so you've already experienced the pleasure of GDI, as I presume the Hammer Film Music Collections Vol.s 1 and 2 are from the same company (if it's the one that Carl posted the pic of). It's the same company, so expect to pay the same that you paid for the compilations. I paid 25 bucks each locally, but only on the two releases. Footlight in NY has the rest of the series for 18.95 each, and shipping is 1.50 for the first cd, and .50 for each additional cd. I'll probably be ordering 2-4 titles at the first of the month. Well, I'm gonna see if I can hold out that long anyway. It would be nice if they could do us a bulk deal, if we got enough people interested. I don't know though; they ARE in NY :rolleyes: . I unfortunately have yet to find an address for the distributer, RMG/Universal (not THAT Universal), but do have a phone number. Maybe they'd do us a deal. I dunno. Email me if you wanna look into this. Catch ya later :D!

02-14-2001, 01:08 AM
Mutley is right, these discs are fantastic! I can't stop listening to them. I have Vol.1 and 2, as well as TASTE THE BLOOD OF DRACULA, TWINS OF EVIL, SCARS OF DRACULA, THE VAMPIRE LOVERS, and The Frankenstein Film Music Collection. It seems these discs have gone sadly unnoticed in many quarters, but I'm glad a few of us are aware of them and appreciate them. :) MH, you're gonna love the TWINS CD!

02-14-2001, 02:05 AM
And how, Hellion! I had the little sucker (heh) in my very hands, but held out to get it cheaper from Footlight (I am a cheap bastard). It turns out that Robinson did the music for all three Karnstein films, and, well, you know how I feel about those twins :D , so I am most definitely looking forward to the Twins cd!

02-14-2001, 08:22 PM
I wish I could get both of those suckers in my little hands! :p :p :p

07-14-2001, 05:41 PM
Anyone who has been here a while should know that I'm a rabid GDI soundtrack fan. GDI is the company that has been releasing the new Hammer soundtracks, digitally restored from original sources. Anyway, in my sorrow brought about James Bernards passing away, I thought I would head over to Footlight Records online and maybe order some more cds. Once there, not only did I find a few new titles, but that Footlight has also reduced their prices on the whole collection. Thought y'all might be interested. If you've never heard or seen a GDI disc, they sound incredible, and the liner notes are extensive beyond belief. I urge any fans of Hammer music to check these out. Go here...

The new titles by the way, are She/The Vengeance of She, and The Hammer Vampire Film Music Collection, both with music by James Bernard.
http://www.footlight.com/img/product/125/20879.jpg http://www.footlight.com/img/product/125/18529.jpg

p.s. Turns out this is a website sale for July, so get your orders in soon!

02-13-2002, 06:56 AM
Well, it has been almost exactly 7 months since I posted the above, but I finally did it! I saved my pennies along the way, and waited patiently for another sale. Lo and behold, Footlight is having a February 15% off sale, and I bit hard. I already had The Scars of Dracula and The Vampire Lovers, but I just got the following titles as well...

The Hammer Film Music Collection Vol. 1
The Hammer Film Music Collection Vol. 2
The Hammer Comedy Film Music Collection
The Hammer Frankenstein Film Music Collection
The Quatermass Film Music Collection
The Hammer Vampire Film Music Collection
The Mummy
The Lost Continent
The Devil Rides Out
Taste the Blood of Dracula
The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb

and.... drumroll please.....



Twins of Evil!!!

...which of course I listened to immediately upon receiving my shipment yesterday. It sounds great, and the liner notes reveal a lot about the production of the film and soundtrack, plus, you get an introduction by Mary Collinson. :D I can't wait to get home and listen to some others.

So, so far as I know, I'm only missing the one cd so far produced, "She/Vengeance of She", as it was out of stock at Footlight, but I'm a hell of a lot better off than I was before. :D

02-13-2002, 08:26 PM
Supercool, Mutley - I'm a soundtrack collector myself - in fact I wanna score film eventually. I'll check out the site & pick up some goodies. Best stuffI managed to pick up last year was a some original Goblin stuff in Italy & Belgium. Original vinyl Zombie in a little record shop in Brussells - for about $10, 4 Of The Apocalypse, and Contamination in Italy! - Cool.

02-14-2002, 01:19 AM
That is sweeeeeet Magnum! European bargain shopping kicks ass! I've never been to Europe, but I did visit you're turf about ten years ago... I couldn't stay away from the book and comic book stores, and the cd shops too. Import prices and availability sure have improved greatly over the years, thankfully.

02-14-2002, 09:50 AM
No kidding Mutley - Euro shopping kicks mucho ass.
Anybody into collecting Italian goodies can do no better than going straight to Rome - and taking a stack of money with them.

A while ago, Catherine (my better looking half) and me went to Profondo Rosso - and managed to score some awesome posters from Profondo Rosso. Opera, Suspiria, Cat O' Nine Tails, Tenebrae - all original Italian Locandinas. In Milan - we managed to pick up some monster scores practically free - they were so cheap. Also some great Joe D'Amato, Fulci, Soavi books & comics.

05-22-2002, 08:22 AM
Well I'll be damned. Check it out - DeepDiscount has opened a new store, www.deepdiscountcd.com, and they have some of the GDI Hammer Soundtracks... for cheap! I already have all mine, but if any of you have been waiting for a bargain on these, I think this is it. They are 11.77 shipped! Click here. (http://www.deepdiscountcd.com/index.cfm?request=/search.cfm?null=%26likesearch=2%26album=%26label=g di%26song=%26year=%26price=0%26noimg=0%26%26artist =ORIGINAL%20SOUNDTRACK) :)

I wish I would have waited, but but I got the best deal on 'em at the time, so no biggie. I paid about 17 a piece on average, and that was on sale, so take it from me, this is a kick ass price.

05-22-2002, 10:02 PM
Definitely my favorite soundtrack.
Highly recommended.

05-23-2002, 06:53 AM
--LOL-- I have the soundtrack to "The Bride of Frankenstein" on CD.

Favorite soundtrack: Tenebre.

06-06-2002, 07:35 PM
Originally posted by mutleyhyde
You can get them at www.footlight.com, (http://www.footlight.com,) a great little cd store in NYC.
Ooh, Footlight! Last time I went there was in the 80s and they used to have great records! :D

I had no idea they had a webpage... I never thought to look! Thanks for posting that! :)

06-07-2002, 10:08 AM
You're welcome Luna, glad to be of service. :D
I found 'em just wandering the streets of NY when I was on vacation there a few years ago. They made my head spin with all their import and hard to find cds. I've only ordered online from them a few times, but the service has been right on. http://www.horrordvds.com/vbulletin/images/icons/icon14.gif