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bWo Stevie
04-19-2003, 07:46 AM
Anyone have a rough guess as to when The Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell DVD will be out? and will it be the uncut version? I love this movie and can't wait for the DVD to come out.

bWo Stevie
04-19-2003, 07:51 AM
Crap, This probably should in the "Classics" forum.. sorry

04-19-2003, 08:10 AM
I don't think it's been give any kind of official date yet, but I'm hoping for a fall release. It's not uncommon for studios to release their older horror films around Halloween.

It's also going to be a special edition. I remember reading somewhere they recorded a commentary with David Prowse and a couple of others.

04-19-2003, 11:44 AM
I bought Quartermass Xperiment in the UK a few weeks ago, and inside they advertise a DVD of this one. However, no-one had it for sale. Those UK discs rock, they have a wonderful 24 booklet in each of them!

04-19-2003, 10:04 PM
Originally posted by bWo Stevie
Crap, This probably should in the "Classics" forum.. sorry

Yep, and no problemo. :)

04-21-2003, 02:29 AM
I heard this would be the cut version, just like Paramount released to VHS. I guess this is due to the policy Paramount has to releasing films uncut. I thought I also read the the UK release is also cut. Maybe someone has some accurate info on this?

04-21-2003, 11:56 AM
I think the UK version is missing like 50 seconds. I largely buy these films because of my memory of them as a kid on late night TV. My memory then would have been the cut versions. In other words, this film is great, and cut or not, I'll be buying it. Oh, the UK version hits end of May.