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04-22-2003, 03:23 AM
Our fun tale starts out with horror icon Jeffery Combs, nearly unrecogizable with face prostetics, as the legendary H.P. Lovecraft. (Funny, the make-up almost makes him look like Bruce Campbell, who could've played the part without the make-up!)
It's Fall 1932, and Lovey boy has found out that the fabled Necronomicon has been guarded by a sect of Clandestine something something monks!
In a far fetched way, he swipes the keys from one said monk. When the monk leaves him to his research, Loves is off to look at the book he really wants to see. Ignoring the obvious danger signs (doors closing, keys dropping into water, door without handles or keyholes opening to reveal the book), he sets the book on a table and starts to read.

The movie is made up of 4 stories including the wraparound.
First up is "The Drowned"
Eddie Delapoer (Bruce Payne) has inherited a decrepted old hotel. He is greeted at the hotel by the lovely Ms. Gallmore (Belinda Bauer). Soon it is evident to the viewer that their pressance is disturbing something under the hotel. When he sees a painting of his Aunt Emma, we are treated to a flashback of uncle Jethro and the accident that killed his love, Clara.
Gallmore urges Eddie to destroy or sell the hotel, and leaves him with his uncle's suicide note. As he reads, we flashback to that story! Jethro is kinda pissed his wife and son are dead, so he throws the bible in the fireplace and kicks everyone out from the viewing of his dead-un's. He is visited by a cool looking creature (but obvious rubber masked), who hooks him up with the Necro.
The book opens right to the page of ressurection. After biting Metallica (not dead which eternal lie, with strange eons death may die) his wife and son revive.
The reunion is short and messy!
Back to present day, the end of the note is missing, but dumbass Eddie tries the same shit! Chtulu comes!
That's all I'm gonna say on this one.

Back to the wraparound, the monks are onto Lovecraft.

Next up is "The Cold".
Reporter Dale Porkel (Dennis Christopher) visits a strange freezing house. he is met by Amy, who explains how she has a rare disease that makes her allergic to heat and light. Another flashback (a lot of these!) and we see Emily's (her mom's) story. Mom tales a room at the house, kept by Leena, and also housing the mysterious Dr. Madden (David Warner). Her abusive stepdad comes to visit one day, and is dealt with by Madden (BOOM!).
Before this out cold tale is over, the Dr. gets some nookie, the Dr. melts, mom's shot, some cool gore is seen. I won't ruin the end of this one either.

After a quick visit to lovebug, it's off to the last chapter, titled "The Whispers".

During a high speed chase, we meet 2 cops. From their corny dialogue, we learn the chick Sarah (played by the most horrible actress I've seen in a while! Signy Coleman), is preggers with Paul's (her partners, of course) baby. After a rollover crash, Paul is taken from the upside down car. She gets out and follows the blood trail looking for him.
The rest of this yarn includes horrible over-acting, some weird characters like the seemingly psychic blind woman, a few scares, underground passages. piles of body parts, burnt cops, and aliens with a taste for bone marrow!

We come back to wraparound to see what happens to Cool H.P. Love. If you wanna know, check out the movie! (A good reviewer can't give up too much info!)

The Library (wraparound), and The Whispers were directed by Brian Yuzna (who also has a cameo as the cab driver).
The Drowned directed by Chrisophe Gans
The Cold by Shuske Kaneko

Like I said in a previous post, the quality of the disc is impressive. Great looking fullframe transfer, the blacks are dark and solid, fleshtones are fleshtoned.
Decent 2.0 soundtrack, optional Portugese subtitles.
A couple of lame photo galleries make up the extras.
All in all, this is a movie worth a look. Some effects are cool, some are kinda cheese. Most of the actors are good enough to carry the film, but Signy fucking sucks!
The disc is nice, and worthy of a spot in my collection. It can be had from some online dealers, but I got mines for about half the price off ebay from a dealer in Brazil. It got here within a week, undamaged. Not sure if any US version is in the works.

04-22-2003, 07:21 AM
Have you read any Lovecraft bigdaddy?

After biting Metallica (not dead which eternal lie, with strange eons death may die)

04-22-2003, 09:49 AM
I need a region free player. :(

04-23-2003, 12:21 AM
Originally posted by mcchrist
Have you read any Lovecraft bigdaddy?

I know Lovecraft wrote it, I was doing the sarcasm for humor thing as I was getting bored writing a straight review.

I forgot to mention on this review that the dvd is region "all" and NTSC format, so you don't need a region free player for this version! Happy Hunting!

04-23-2003, 01:05 AM
I know Lovecraft wrote it, I was doing the sarcasm for humor thing as I was getting bored writing a straight review.

Sorry, couldn't tell.