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Mark Relford
10-16-2000, 07:35 AM
Well, here goes:

(1) Part 3: Jason squeezes this unlucky sap's head until his eyes pop out in 3-D! Great memories of that in the theater!

(2) Original Friday: Kevin Bacon gets an arrow through the neck. I just love when that blood bubbles up! I'm getting misty eyed just thinking about it...

(3) Part 6: A counselor getting speared and flipped in the air.

(4) Jason Goes to Hell (uncut): Jason slices a chick in half and blood sprays on her boyfriend during some lovemaking.

(hehehe) What are some of your favorite Friday kill scenes?

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10-16-2000, 08:10 AM
I believe it's part 7, but its the scene when he takes the female in the sleeping bag and whacks her against the tree while she trashing around in the sleeping bag. I love that. And the scene in Part 8 where the boxer is fighting Jason on the building rooftop, and he dishes all this crap out on Jason, then Jason takes juts one punch at him and decapitates him. Awesome. http://www.horrordvds.com/forum/smile.gif

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10-16-2000, 11:16 AM
Sliced chick from 9...
Crispin Glover in 4...
Sleeping bag from 7...
Weed Whacker from 7...
Horshack in 6...

10-16-2000, 07:10 PM
My favourite kill scene from the Friday series would have been at the end of the first one when the gangsters tried to do that drive-by on Chris Tucker & Ice-T but they didnt get them. I honestly cant remember another kill in the series

10-16-2000, 08:36 PM
Probably that girl-splitting scene in JGTH.

I like the many variations on the Jason-under-the-bed routine (Kevin Bacon, the girl in part 3, the redhead in New Beginning, etc.)

I thought the extended death scene of the really nice counselor from Jason Lives was one of the scariest, even if the kill is mostly off-screen. And the gore effects on Bacon's girlfriend in the original are top-notch (ax to the head).

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10-16-2000, 09:58 PM
DopeChamberX and I think alike! I vote for the sleeping-bag-against-the-tree killing in New Blood...she stopped squirming real fast!

10-17-2000, 12:09 AM
I would have to go with the deaths of Vera (wicked arrow to the eye) and Andy (hacked in have like an twig) in part 3. I also have a fondness to the twin that gets throw out of the window in part 4. I have all these deaths scences downloaded on my desktop.

10-17-2000, 08:55 PM
How 'bout the part in Part VI: Jason Lives! when the couple are having sex in the camper, and the girl gets her face shoved into the wall of the bathroom, and it makes an impression on the wall? I also, of course, dig the sleeping bag scene from New Blood, as well as the ten-foot weedwacker (only wish there'd been more blood!). Also, the guy standing on his hands in Part 3 who gets the hell chopped out of him (He gets hit with so much force he like folds in half! It's great!).

10-18-2000, 05:20 AM
Jasondog, that's too funny! Hey, forget Jason vs Freddy, how about Jason vs Deebo!

10-18-2000, 09:40 PM
There was also the speargun through the groin in Part 4. Another good one.

10-20-2000, 12:24 PM
My favourite has always been Kevin Bacons death with the arrow. I saw it when i was 10 and was completely blown away. It was years later before i realised how they did it. I never slept on my back after seeing that as a kid! The axe in the head is also a good one and ive not seen it done better since.

Those are my favourite gore killings but for shere inventiveness i love a lot from part 6 like snapping the policeman in half and the head through the caravan. Red hot poker in part 3 (or 4, they are all a blur!)Ouch!

10-30-2000, 09:00 PM
Best death hands down is Dr. Cruz in Part 7. I hated that fucker and the weed-wacker was all too appropriate for him. Now if we could only see the uncut version complete with more blood, gore and entrails I could sleep a peaceful man.

Mark Relford
10-31-2000, 03:18 AM
I wonder if that petition for the uncut New Blood DVD was a success.

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12-22-2000, 05:00 AM
My favorite kill has to be to Jason himself in Part 4, God bless Tom Savini for his work when Jason slides his dead down the knife. PArt 4 to me was my favorite by far...I thought all the deaths were interesting and to me this film is one of the great 80's slashers. The head twist/saw to the neck death at the start of 4 is also a favorite.

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Chucky P
03-16-2001, 04:02 AM
My college showed part 3 tuesday night as the 2nd half of a double feature starting off with Bless the Child, which scared off most of the people leaving us real horror fans for the main attraction. I remember seeing this movie when I was about 10 on tv years ago and this was actually the first time I saw the r-rated version and I was quite surprised with some of the kill scenes. I didn't know Andy's crotch exploded and that eyeball gag. Classic! :D

03-17-2001, 03:20 AM
I thought the scene in part 2 where the guy in the wheelchair gets the machete to the head and then rolls backwards down the stairs was pretty funny! :D

I also liked the road flare in the guy's mouth and Junior getting decapitated while having a fit on his motorcycle, both from part 5.

One that looked painful was in Jason Goes to Hell where the cop melts after Jason leaves his body.

:eek: :eek: :eek:

03-17-2001, 03:46 AM
I'd have to go with CreatureKidd - the scene in the camper where the face gets imprinted into the wall is the one that always comes to mind when I think of the series. In fact, it is the only one I remember, the others just faded away...

03-17-2001, 10:43 PM
Jason's impalement on the machete at the end of #4 is probably the most gruesome and well-done of the series.
The most disgusting and painful-looking has to be the cop's death in part 6. As the cop is kneeling on the ground, Jason forcefully bends him backward, breaking him in half. His head comes to rest next to his feet. Ouch!