View Full Version : Frightmare And Other EuroShock Collection Releases

Mark Relford
01-29-2001, 05:38 AM
Image has Pete Walker's Frightmare and Die Screaming, Marianne for next month. (Haven't seen them. Are they any good?)

They also have Oasis of the Zombies and the vomit inducing contender to the Night of the Zombies throne, Zombie Lake for March.
Wow, it has some deleted scenes. That whole "movie" should've been deleted!

"Have you ever had an Egyptian feast?"

"They're back from the grave and ready to party!"

01-30-2001, 04:22 AM
I'm looking forward to Frightmare. I personally thought that it was a very good movie. I'd like to know how Die Screaming, Marianne is myself.

DVD Connoisseur
01-30-2001, 11:20 PM
I watched Frightmare at an all-night horror festival in Bradford (UK) not too long ago. The writer (?) of Frightmare introduced the movie. I must admit, I wasn't impressed but this may have been down to a lack of sleep. Pete Walker's movies were largely made on a budget of 5 and it kind of shows...

I prefer US low budget movies, but that may have something to do with being British. Even on a $5 budget, a US movie contains a certain escapism. Do British low budget horror movies appeal because they're "different"?

Mark Relford
02-07-2001, 10:06 PM
For those who are interested, DVD Review has reviews for the Walker flicks. http://www.dvdreview.com/html/reviews.shtml