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Ralph Mouth
06-16-2001, 11:44 AM
I thought some of you may be interested to know you can pick up Fulci's "Lizard in a Womans Skin" and Deodato's "Cannibal" on PAL VCD-CDR from http://www.cinetastic.com

These are uncut versions of these rare films. If you can play CDR, it may be worth checing out. I think it works out as 11 for Brits, such as myself.

06-17-2001, 11:01 PM
Excellent info Ralph, I would love to pick up Lizard in a Woman's Skin. Excellent film.

06-22-2001, 05:52 AM
Just thought I should let you guys know that I've ordered the VCDs and will let you known how good the quality and film is if you like?


06-26-2001, 06:49 AM
My copy of the VCDs arrrived yesterday and I watched the film right away.. Man was I impressed!!!

The video and audio quality on the VCD is pretty crappy but I was expecting that. It is an uncut and widescreen presentation however.

This film has got to be Fulci's most artistic and stylish hands down. Dont Torture A Duckling is better plot wise as a giallo but Lizard is so amazing it blew my mind. It also contains a nice social commentary on issues revolving around the time the film was made (1971).

I think any Fulci or Eurohorror fan HAS to see this film!! Does anyone know if there are any plans on releasing this gem on DVD in any region?!?!

06-26-2001, 08:40 AM
My mouth is watering here, I gotta pick up those VCD's until these films hit DVD.