View Full Version : Ahhh, I'm back boys and girls

05-04-2001, 11:26 PM
Hello, after a long absence of posts to my favorite forum, I should be able to post regularly, as I did in the past. Whether this is good or bad, well, just don't tell me if it is bad.

To make this post somewhat less off topic, when am I going to get my damn Soavi dvds? Soavi is an awesome director and we would be much happier if we had his films on dvd

05-05-2001, 11:21 PM
Hmmm, like "La Chiesa", for example ? ;) An extended version on DVD would be welcome. The video I know runs 98 mins (PAL) but has some gaps in plot and logic, Im not sure if Soavi wanted it so, but its a bit confusing seeing the people in the movie just "disappear" from one scene to the next without knowing what (exactly) happened to them, some scenes need to be continued or finished ;)

DVD Connoisseur
05-12-2001, 12:57 AM
Jason25, please bring back your excellent European Film of the Week slot.

Actually, it might be worth making it a monthly slot to give people time to purchase the DVD under discussion.

Anybody else miss this feature?

05-12-2001, 05:44 PM
ME! I actually participated in this topic each and every time I saw it posted. I really like it. I'm right there with you DVD Connoisseur.
And while we're in this brining back talk, hey Dave, what happened to Teus. titles?

05-14-2001, 08:24 AM
Great feedback guys! I'm working on the next one as we speak, glad to see you like it. I enjoy the discussions that take place talking about these great dvds with true horror fans.