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08-02-2003, 08:55 PM
Bad cinema lovers will get a kick outta this.
As the title is hinting, Dawn Of The Mummy is a zombie film - in disguise.
And make that a damn cheezy one.
For some reason I always thought this was made in Italy but it ain't. It's an American/Egyptian production actually, but it still feels, looks and sounds like spaghetti horror to me ...

Grave Robber 1: "What's this smell? It burns!"

Grave Robber 2: "Don't worry, it's the smell of Gold"

Grave Robber 1: "I like Gold!"


EGYPT, 3000 B.C.

Hells bells baby. We see henchmen of a pharaoh whipping the living shit out of some poor villagers before heading off to the next nearby pyramid. There we meet a female priest of some sorts, mumbeling stuff about a curse (in English) whilst henchmen are preparing the funeral for the freshly deceased pharaoh - by removing his inner organs ...


Funky! Underlined with a groovy tune we are introduced to the main players while the opening credits roll.
Before you can really enjoy New York circa 1981 they cut to stock footage of a plane and a voice informing us that they're sending "top models of the world" to Egypt for an exquisite photo shoot.

After dealing with everyday problems like polishing toe nails, replacing a busted wheel and stumbeling across a decapitated head our supermodels are suddenly under fire - shot at by a gang of grave robbers.

Nice welcoming :D

The grave robbers pretend to be archeologists and our supermodels enter a tomb for a sizzling photo session.
They don't mind posing next to a rotten mummy who is laid out in the middle of the room and apparently they don't mind (or notice) the oozing black pus and smoke squirting out between it's bandages, caused by the heat of their lamps.


Yup, soon old bandagehead unwraps and with a little help from his henchmen the "God Of The Sun" is seeking out those who disturbed his peaceful slumber - let the munching begin!


I've only seen Dawn Of The Mummy once, many many many years ago. Can't really recall if I liked it back then, but I was still kinda curious when I read that Anchor Bay UK put this title out on DVD not too long ago, so I just went along and bought that sucker.

Did I enjoy it now? Sure coz I'm one of those bad cinema lovers and Dawn is definitely bad - and sometimes really annoying.
Thing is there's a lot of screaming in this movie. I don't mind a good healthy scream but this was just TOO MUCH.
They actually scream at the top of their lungs at any given moment (not just the women). Needless to say they scream each time finding a dead body, dead horses or chopped off heads - When one of those supermodels is being attacked by zombiefied mummies she screams and cries for eternity it seems, and I was like PLEASE FUCKING KILL HER ALREADY I CAN'T STAND THAT ANNOYING BITCH'S SCREAMING ANY MORE!!!! :D
Then there's a scene involving one of the grave robbers and damn, after discovering his buddy hanging around dead in a butcher shop with a machete stuck in his head this dude screams and sobs like a baby - which leads to another scene showing the same dude screaming endlessly out of excitement coz he found the mummy's hidden gold :rolleyes:

Not really very gory but there are a few "bite" scenes and at least one cool (but fake looking) death scene - Dawn Of The Mummy certainly packs a punch near the action-filled end though, when all hell breaks loose with the mummies roaming a small village.
And where else can you see two fashion models saving the day throwing dynamite trying to blast a mummy to pieces? :D


Video: Pop in the disc and you get to choose between the 16:9 enhanced 1.77:1 widescreen or full screen version.
Not a good transfer though. Some dirt and specs here and there, colors are weak and most of the night scenes are just too dark.
Looks like they pulled a Humongous on us.

Audio: Sound ain't great and that DD 5.1 upmix didn't help very much I think, except for enhancing explosion sounds on a ear busting level. I did prefer the 2.0 version which sounded a tad better in my opinion. There's also a DTS track included.

Extras: Theatrical trailer, Info's and a lame picture gallery plus audio commentary by director Frank Agrama. Still need to check that one out.

08-02-2003, 09:02 PM
Great review as usual Hellbilly!

I also always thought this was an Italian movie, interesting to hear its not.

I've been wanting to see this film for quite awhile, but held off on buying the discs ( I think there is another one as well as this one out, right?) in hope that someone would release this in r1 finally. Hopefully it isn't too far off, your review has started up my urge to see this again.

08-02-2003, 09:04 PM
Thanks man. I'm with you on these films, of course it's bad! I know it - you know it. That's why we buy it. :)

I'll be in the UK in a week, might pick this one up.

08-02-2003, 09:10 PM
Thanks man. I'm with you on these films, of course it's bad! I know it - you know it. That's why we buy it. :)

I'll be in the UK in a week, might pick this one up.

08-04-2003, 06:59 PM
You're right Jeff, there's the German "Red Edition" which is a barebones full screen release though.
Seems like the UK AB version is the one to look out for so far.