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08-05-2003, 11:51 PM
God Told Me To (1976)

Directed by Larry Cohen

This review is of the version from the Brentwood Fright Night set.

I read about the new release, so I decided to give it a view. I've never heard of the movie up until the other day. I just now realized that it was on one of the Brentwood sets that I have. I checked out the trailer for it on the Blue Underground page and thought it looked interesting. The trailer was as about as much as I knew about the film. I sat down last night and gave it a spin. I thought I knew what I was getting into, but it was definately a little different than I expected.

The basis of the story is about a cop who finds out that all the people who are killing other people are saying that God told them to do what they did. There's more to the story than that, but it's probably better that you witness it for yourself. I don't want to spoil anything. I definately wasn't expecting what happened.

I've only seen a few Brentwood flicks so far, but this is one of the better quality ones. The print is fairly decent for a Brentwood. It has its share of screen artifacts, but this isn't a Criterion, so it's fine for what it is. The sound is acceptable, but you'll have to turn it up a bit louder than you normally would.

I don't think the Brentwood films have extras, but if they do, this one had none. Atleast we get some chapters!

One thing that I noticed is that Sylvia Sidney, who played Juno in Beetlejuice, is in the movie, which I thought was cool.

Overall I'd say that I definately enjoyed this one. I'll be picking up the new release.



Here's a link to the trailer.

56k (http://blue-underground.com/show_trailer.php?trailer=http://www.blue-underground.com/dev/quicktime/godtoldmetosm.mov&width=240&height=145)

300k (http://blue-underground.com/show_trailer.php?trailer=http://www.blue-underground.com/dev/quicktime/godtoldlgnew.mov&width=320&height=188)

08-06-2003, 12:01 AM
Also, Andy Kaufman played the dude on the water tower :) , still not worth seeing more than once IMO, I didn't like it.

08-06-2003, 01:24 AM
Originally posted by mcchrist
Also, Andy Kaufman played the dude on the water tower :) , still not worth seeing more than once IMO, I didn't like it.

Actually, he played the cop who goes crazy in the parade.

I love this film. Wonderfully smart and paradoxical.

08-06-2003, 03:27 PM
The cover to the new disc is pretty sweet, too.

Disco Stu
08-09-2003, 03:56 AM
I was always a little confused by this, I'm assuming, full frame release. I got this movie in my Total Movie 40 pack and it was full frame. But i had seen the movie widescreen on VHS many years before, and the transfer was better on the tape.

I believe it's this version.

08-09-2003, 10:24 AM
Try the Elite laserdisc then. It's widescreen, with a surprisingly good transfer. Actually, it's not surprisingly good. ALL Elite LDs had top-of-the line transfers for their time. Guess that's what happens when you put Vini Bancalari (Elite), Bill Lustig (AB, BU), and Don May Jr. (Synapse) all on the same team. Damn, I miss those days...

08-09-2003, 04:22 PM
I can't remember if it was FS or WS now.

I think it was WS, though. Someone told me that they thought it was a rip of the LD.

08-09-2003, 09:38 PM
Good review Mortis.

After reading this I dug out my Brentwood set and gave this a watch. It is Widescreen and a pretty decent picture. The only other movie from the Brentwood pack that I have watched is Cathy's Curse, and it has god awful picture quality. Looks like a fourth or fifth generation VHS dub!

But back to the subject at hand. I saw God Told Me To some years back on VHS, in fact I am sure that it is still setting on the shelf at the house somewhere, and your review prompted me to watch the Brentwood disc to see if I wanted to upgrade. It is a good movie with an unusual plot, but even though I enjoyed it I believe that I will be sticking with the simple Brentwood disc.

08-19-2003, 10:53 PM
I loved this movie, I thought it was hilarious.

DANCE BITCH! DANCE!!! :fire: :banana: