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08-08-2003, 03:32 AM
In the year of 1984, a man gets killed in a car accident. His son seeks bloody revenge and plans on exterminating the driver's whole family with assistance of the mexican octet mafia (8 identical twins!). The octet mafia, assassins who torture their victims over years provided an adequate payment, conduct a horrible terror regime with the help of abject tortuousnesses and a well-assorted weapons collection. Now the two families are amidst this madness, killing each other with uttermost bestiality. The coma-brutal duel has begun...

The movie:
If you think the plot doesn't seem to make much sense, you're right. But this gem of an amateur splatter gorefest aims into a whole different direction: Sit down, open some beers and have fun watching the characters kill each other in the most bizzare ways! Those just killed then take revenge on the killers, and the whole thing starts over the other way round. While this may seem dumb, it works pretty well and is quite entertaining. If you're into this kind of movies, that is. If you liked Braindead, Violent Shit, Hunting Creatures and the like, this is definately your kind of movie. If not, stay back.
Don't expect any such things as a reasonable story line, decent dialogs or sophisticated acting. This movie ain't got it, and IMHO this movie doesn't need it.
Here's a dialog example:

HEIKO: "He needs a new brain. Let's go and kill someone on the street and implant him his brain!" - MIKE: "No, that would take too long! Take half of my brain!"

You'll probably imagine what follows.
The F/X are overall quite well done, and they improve as the movie proceeds. One's got some pretty nasty stuff to stomach, like intensive bashing (partly reminded me of Guinea Pig 1), piercing with knives, lances, swords and other objects, chainsaw/buzz saw/drilling machine action, exploding heads, severed limbs, bad treatment of pregnant women (for details on this one, watch the movie!), shootouts and of course gallons of blood.

The transfer:
Due to its amateurish nature, you can expect no wonders here. A small amount of the footage at the beginning of the film (around 5 min) was shot back in the mid 80's, and it shows. After that, both picture and sound quality are much better, but still below average DVD standard. Quality-wise I'd say its comparable to VS 3 (Infantry Of Doom).

The DVD:
Das Komabrutale Duell
Germany 1984-1999
Director: Heiko Fipper
Cast: Heiko Fipper, Stefan Hoeft, Stephan Fipper, Mike Hofmann, Andreio Fiore
Language: German (Stereo)
Subtitles: -
Region Code: 2
Video Format: PAL, Widescreen 1.66:1
Label: CMV Laservision
- Chapter selection
- Trailer
- Omitted scenes
- Outtakes
- Scene comparisons (analog <-> digital)
- Background information from the set
- Audio commentary by director Heiko Fipper



08-08-2003, 03:49 AM
I've been drooling over this movie for a while. Thanks for the review dude, coming from a fan of this shit definitly sounds like my cup-o-tea. Have you seen Ostermontag? I want to see that one too.

08-08-2003, 05:21 AM
I need a region free player.. quick. :(

I'm missing out on all of this sick shit!

08-08-2003, 09:25 AM
Great review man. Although I am not a fan of Braindead, Violent Shit and such, these movies always interest me.

08-08-2003, 11:12 AM
Originally posted by mcchrist
Have you seen Ostermontag? I want to see that one too.

Yeah after watching DKD I'm interested in that one too. I'll check to find a shop...

By the way there's an official DKD site at http://www.daskomabrutaleduell.de/
Unfortunately it's in German only, but it's got some pictures from the movie.


08-08-2003, 11:16 AM
I find german easy to sit through, even though I don't know a lick (but you can blame Schnaas and Ittenbach for that, I still haven't seen an english print of Anthro2000 and the only things I've seen in english from Ittenbach are Burning Moon (subs) and Legion of the Dead (crap, I want an uncut print)... The review on the english dub of Premutos have scared me away, it's such a grim movie without it.

08-08-2003, 04:58 PM
I got mine for a pretty decent price from this (http://www.entertainment-xxl.de/product_info.php?products_id=9) shop which although it's a German URL (and most of the site is in German language too) is located in the UK. Check their 'Informationen' section for details on payment / delivery / shipping, these are in German and English.
So far I've ordered from them once, and their service was ok. I had to wait almost 4 weeks for delivery though - I guess they didn't have some of the titles I ordered in stock.


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01-05-2006, 02:22 AM
Man, does anyone know where I can get this film?

01-05-2006, 09:15 AM
The cmv laservision disc is OOP, and to my knowledge, no other release exists atm. So your only option would be to try to get a used copy, eg though ebay.