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08-08-2003, 07:26 AM
Recently, I have been on a pretty big grindhouse kick, finishing off the HG Lewis films that I wanted to see, I was looking for some more. I asked a friend of mine for some recommendations and this was one of them. I finally checked out Image's disc today, and figured I would write you all a review incase there is anyone else interested in these types of films, but don't really know where to look.

Image presents THE CORPSE GRINDERS in its 1.78:1 theatrical aspect ratio, with enhancement for 16:9 TVs. Sound is Dolby Digital Mono. The picture quality as well as the sound are both subpar. The print has a decent amount of grain and some damage; while not awful, I wasn't impressed. Sound was hard to hear sometimes, and like the picture quality, wasn't awful, but not impressive.

Rounding out the disc are a couple cool extra features. There is a feature length commentary with director Ted V. Mikels, which I haven't listened to yet, a pretty cool theatrical trailer, an extremely shitty music video tribute by Bentmen, a Ted V. Mikels filmography, a nice 5 minute slideshow of behind the scenes production photos and finally a selection of trailers for other Mikels movies including THE WORM EATERS, BLOOD ORGY OF THE SHE DEVILS, GIRL IN GOLD BOOTS, THE DOLL SQUAD, 10 VIOLENT WOMEN and THE CORPSE GRINDERS.

So THE CORPSE GRINDERS starts off with a series of cats attacking their owners. Soon enough we find out that the owners of a catfood company are using corpses as the main ingrediant in their food. All the cats that have been attacking have been eating the food from that company.. coincidance? A doctor and his girlfriend/nurse don't think so! They decide to do a little investigating on their own and soon find out what is really going on at the catfood factory!!

This movie was pretty cool, although not as good as I hoped it would be. It was lacking the gore of an HG Lewis movie, although it did maintain the charm and feel. Landau (who was one of the owners of the catfood company) was a real scumbag and was a pretty cool character, while all the rest of the characters were pretty good in their own right too. Also of note was some cool editing featuring the corpse grinding machine during some of the deaths, which appealed to me.

With a runtime of only 73 minutes, this film never wears out its welcome and is pretty fun. Although fairly tame, it should appeal to fans of HG Lewis and the like. Recommended!


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I've always been interested in this. Now maybe I'll give it a try. Once again, great review Jeff! :)

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Nice review man, sounds like a cool flick.