View Full Version : Laserdiscs are making my pocket feel lighter!!

04-03-2001, 05:53 AM
ugh these things are addicting, I find myself staying online for hours looking for deals on either Ebay or Jeff's LD finder.

I've got 38 right now, and a bunch more ordered. One plus to this is I think I'm losing some weight, I don't have any money to buy food lmao.

Heres a few discs I have coming my way, let me know whats up with these: Billy Madison, Blair Witch Project (weird eh?), Children of the Corn 4 (got all those extremely cheap at kencranes), Forrest Gump Special Edition, Jason Goes To Hell unrated director's cut too but I just got a good deal on an Escape from New York Collector's Edition, I 'bought it now' for $14.99.

I've got a bunch more ld's I haven't even watched yet here, I got the Day of the Dead special edition, Dead Alive unrated probably like 20 more haha....I'm in heaven, god bless laserdiscs.

04-03-2001, 06:59 AM
Escape from New York for $15 is a pretty good deal. Forrest Gump is a "common", but I don't think it's out on DVD (not that I care - I hated that damn movie). Blair Witch is one of the last movies ever put on Laserdisc, so it may be valuable someday. Believe it or not, one of the most sought-after LDs is The Matrix, as they only made as many copies as were pre-ordered. And many LD purists prefer the sound on LD over anything else, so they claim that's the only way to watch The Matrix. My $14 DVD does the job just fine for that movie however.

Been to Big Emma's yet? That's a great place to check on a daily basis, and keep a running shopping cart (saves on shipping costs that way). I've got a huge order on it's way to me right now, with Romper Stomer (DVD), Dementia 13, another copy of Tenebrae ($4, why not have a spare?), Saboteur, F/X, and some Anime discs.

On top of that, I went on a major buying binge this weekend at the used DVD and LD stores. First I got the 4 discs of Escaflowne on DVD, then Ross' Exchange hooked me up with the special edition of Logan's Run, along with The Deadliest Art (kung-fu best-of) and La Femme Nikita, all LDs there.

I also need to re-acquire Carrie on Laserdisc. I sold my copy when I got the DVD, which I watched this weekend. I do think the picture is a bit better, but I didn't like the sound on the DVD at all. And both the LD and DVD were the Dolby Digital 5.1 versions, so why the LD sounds better is a mystery. But it does, that's for damn sure.

Yeah, LDs can be really addictive. I think it's the collectibility factor. When I see a DVD I want at a store, if it costs too much, I know if I can wait I'll eventually find it somewhere else cheaper, maybe online. But with LDs, you never know if you'll ever even see the DISC again, let alone at a better cost, so sometimes ya gotta buy right there and then.

04-04-2001, 04:04 AM
Yeah Laserdiscs are fun. Although I find I value them more for their collectibility, the format definitely comes in handy when you have shit studios like MGM releasing DVDs of your favorite movies.

I could have thinned out my Laserdisc collection considerably but decided to keep most of my LDs. I kept LDs like EC's City of the Living Dead, House by the Cemetery and A Blade in the Dark purely because of their beautiful gatefold jackets. Ditto with Re-Animator, Young Frankenstein and many others.

Of course then there's the stuff that hasn't made it to DVD yet (at least in a quality version) like Suspiria, which I watched recently and can't wait for the Anchor Bay DVD.

I still check Ebay once and awhile for titles I'm still looking for but I doubt my LD collection will ever exceed 100.

04-04-2001, 05:29 AM
Yeah, I thought I'd never go triple digits on my LD collection, yet here I sit at 210 discs and counting. Mostly it's been the $1 discs at the Pioneer warehouse, the $2.50 discs at Movie Trader, and the Big Emma 5 cent sales that have padded my collection.

04-04-2001, 12:22 PM
There's still a lot of lasers I want. I plan on ordering a few of the recently released Japanese lasers too, just for collectibility sake. Probably order two of each, sell one of each on ebay to make out even on my purchase. :)

04-04-2001, 09:37 PM
Where do you usually buy Japanese Laserdiscs?