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07-12-2001, 09:04 PM
Finaly! After an all to long wait I finaly have the NonHoSonno DVD in my posession! I'll be giving the movie it's first spin after nightfall... I have a feeling it's going to be an awesome experience since this movie persumably is Argento's 'return to form' according to lots of people. I'm not expecting it to be his best ever, but I DO expect it to be way better than his 3-4 latest movies. And it's going to be really interesting to see all those breathtaking scetpieces people have been talking about for some time! And let's not forget Goblin's score wich seems to be one of their best EVER, and that's not bad since they have done some classics in the past!!! :)

I'll let you guys know what I think about the DVD and the movie it selfe tomorrow!

Man... can't that damn sun settle soon!?!? *waiting for darkness*


07-13-2001, 02:59 AM
Let us know ASAP as I am awaiting people's reviews before dishing out the cash for this disc :)

On another note, is it worth getting the Italian DVD now or is it wiser to wait for a US release?

07-13-2001, 04:47 AM
I'm still waiting on mine. The shitheads at dvd.it sent it out without an invoice so UPS sent it back to them. Christ, you'd think given the amount I paid for it they could at least get their shit together. I was wanting this DVD for monday (my birthday:()

07-13-2001, 09:28 AM
Napalm, that sucks man.

Waiting for mine, Gusse, keep us informed, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the disc.

07-13-2001, 03:17 PM
After what have felt like an eternity I have finally seen Dario Argento’s latest opus! Here you have my personal reflections/comments about the actual movie and the MedusaDVD. Please note that this is what I feel about the movie, and not necessarily what YOU will think about it when/if you see it! Here we go, starting off with the movie it self.

I had some rather high expectations for this movie for the same reason that you who’s reading this probably have... After Argento’s last, and weakest EVER, movie (Phantom Of The Opera) I just wanted him to show me that he’s still on top of his game SOOO bad. It felt like this could be a ‘make or brake’ movie for him, since many of his movies in the 90’s didn’t live up to his high standards set in the 70’s and 80’s. It was about time he showed us if he was able to me a nother GREATE movie! It’s not like I thaught it would be his ‘best movie ever’ or something like that, but it just HAD to be better than his most reasent ones... And, well... what can I say – I honestly feel that NonHoSonno is a GREATE step in the right direction! My hopes/expectations where fulfilled, and then some!

I had gotten a bit worried after reading some of the negative comments about the movie at www.imdb.com concerning plot, acting and so forth. I can see where some of this is coming from, but all in all I didn’t think it was AS bad as some people seem to have thought. There are some lame actors in the cast (2-3 of them, if you ask me any way) but the majority of the cast was actually above my expectations! Max Von Sydow is an awesome actor, we all know that so it should come as no surprise that he put on a stellar performance! Perhaps the best character/performance EVER in a Argernto movie? I actually think so!! The other characters didn’t get as marvellous treatment by their actors, but most of them at least got an adequate or rather good performances.

About the script/plot, I actually found it to be really good! Some rather minor logical holes, but nothing that really annoyed me or anything. All in all I have to say I think it’s one of the best worked through and easy to follow ever in a Argento movie. There are loads of characters/read herrings introduced throughout (and I do mean LOADS OF!) but I didn’t have a hard time keeping track of them all. You quickly get the feeling that most of the characters have some sort of motive that would make them a potential killer, but it’s all kept at a good level and never gets as obvious as the people over in Hollywood seem to feel they have to get in order for the audience to notice! I really like how the story unfolds, quite a ride if you ask me!

Another thing I had heard complaints bout was the pacing of the movie. Every body seem to like the first 25-30 minutes but after that some people seem to feel that ‘everything goes on at a snails paste’... I don’t feel the same way, but then again I do see where this might be coming from! The movie kicks of at once, and the suspense is kept at an tumendous level throughout the first 25 minutes. Don’t want to ruin it for all of you who haven’t seen the movie yet, but be prepared to get that confusing feeling of terror AND joy at the same time that you often get when you see how brilliantly Argento stages his setpices.... Classic stuff!

After this adrenalizeing opening we are introduced to the rest of the characters of the movie. This is where some people seem to loose their patience. Things get a bit more ‘talkie’ and so on, but I really don’t hold that against the movie. Quite the opposite actually, I feel this gives the viewer a good feeling for many of the characters; ho they are, where they come from, how they work and how they interact with other people. This is what makes all the characters so easy to follow for the rest of the movie in my opinion! ...And by the way, even though there’s a lot of talking and so on I never found it to be all THAT slow any way, I felt everything was kept at a good paste even when people weren’t getting slayed! Good and fast editing, without going over the top MTV style! Bravo!

About those murders.. I had understood that this was going to be a rather violent movie after reading Nick’s review (www.darkdreams.org) some time ago. But man, I didn’t think it was going to be THIS gross! There are 2-3 REALLY disturbing murders in this movie, I won’t say anything more about that but rest assured – you can’t miss them when you see the movie. Stivaletti’s sfx will please all gore hounds, I promise you that! ;)

Another thing that’s really rockin’ in this movie is Goblins terrific score! Man oh man, if you like their style of movie scoring you WILL NOT be disappointed. They have made some really classic scores in the past and now the one for Nonhosonno will join the others in their hall of fame. One of the Goblins best works EVER!!!!!! I’ll by this record as soon as possible!

In conclusion, regarding the actual movie any way. I honestly think this proves that Argento shouldn’t be counted out – he can still enchant us with his unique style! He can still be creepy and scare us. I got really worked up during most of the murder-chases, jumped in my seat out of sudden scares and was grossed out by the more detailed parts of the murders! If I would have to describe the movie experience in short to some one who asked me I’d probably describe it as a rather “modern mixture ‘Profundo Rosso’ and ‘Tenebrae’”! And please note that I call it ‘modern’! Perhaps that what’s been putting some people off about the movie, that it’s not a full blown nostalgic return to the maestro’s old works? Don’t get me wront, it’s NOT ‘MTV-modern’ or anything... What I’m talking about is that the script includes usage of ‘modern’ equipment like mobile phones, computers and so on – and there’s some internal joking about ‘the old times’ through out the movie. And some of the editing feel unusually ‘modern’ and so forth – but you can still tell that it’s a Argento movie! The famous ‘carpet crawl’ sequence is a prime example of this – he still likes to make things a bit different! Dario has evolved, and that’s not a bad thing if you ask me! I came in expecting a decent picture that would show that Dario still can make good movies, and I came out wondering how I could have ever doubted him in the first place! Now I have a nother feeling instead, and it goes something like – ‘how the hell is Dario going to top Nonhosonno with his next movie!?!?!’. But this problem is more of a pleasent problem, don’t you think? ;)

It’s hard to grade a movie this short after seeing it, but my initial feeling gives this something like B+/A- or something like that!

07-13-2001, 03:18 PM

I have watched the movie two times, with English 5.1 sound and subtitles the first time and the second time I started to look at it with Italian 5.1 sound but switched to the English one again after about 20 minutes....

The picture quality is really good! I noticed some of those white flickering dots during the opening titles, but after that I didn’t really notice anything. I’d probably grade the picture quality to something like A-/A or something like that. Really good anamorphic picture – can’t see anyone getting let down by this transfer any time soon!

About the sound.. As I said, I haven’t listened through the whole Italian soundtrack 5.1 – but my first impression is that it’s a bit better than the English one. But since this movies original language seem to be English I felt most comfortable to view it with that sound! I have never quite got the hang of how the Italians record their sound – but from what I have heard it seems as though they tend to let the actors talk either English OR Italian while filming, but they don’t record it. While the whole movie is edited they go back and put on the voices with dubbing (sort of weird, don’t you agree?) ! Anyway, that’s what I have heard... As with Nonhosonno I get the feeling they all talked English during the shooting, and they actually recorded their voices at the same time – but in some cases they went back after wards to dub some of the dialogue anyway. I’m rather sure Max Von Sydow’s initially recorded voice is the one used anyway – other wise his dubing is really good!

I know some of you out there have problems with varying English accents but personally I don’t have a problem with that at all! If you DO have a problem with English accents you might prefer the Italian soundtrack (red a comment from someone at www.darkdeams.org ’s forum who said he found the movie easier to follow when he didn’t have to get confused by the varying accents of the cast through out...) otherwise Id recommend you to shoes the English one – even though it’s not quite as nice sounding as the Italian one...

Grades for the sound? Well, thats a hard one – but if you put a gun to my head and made me grade them Id probably say B+ for the English 5.1 one, and A for the Italian 5.1 one. (There’s also an Italian 6.1 option, but I don’t have the equipment to listen to that...).

On to the extras... You get a 15minute ‘behind the scenes’ sort of featurete about the making of the movie, a Italian trailer, talent profiles/biographies/filmographies of some of the people in front of- and behind the camera. The usual sort of thing you know...

I’m sad to say that the featurete is Italian-only wich is a shame since it seems to be really good! Lots of interviews with Dario, Sydow and the others as well as we get to see the sfx being worked on, the carpet crawl being rehearsed and so on. It’s interesting to view even if you don’t understand Italian but (naturally) it would be even greater WITH the option of English subtitles. The same thing probably for the other extras as well since they are all in Italian! By the way – the menus are a bit confusing (Italian) but you get the hang of them pretty quick. Ok designend menus if you ask me, would have been nice to see a bit more animation in them though...

A grade for the extras? Well... I guess B+ is fair if you understand Italian, othervise it’s probably more lika a B-/C.

There you have it, my feelings towards the movie and the DVD – now, buy it and make up your own minds. Is it a return to form for Argento or not? I think so, what do you think?

07-13-2001, 03:20 PM
If you are wondering why I split the review in to two posts; the original post was to long for this forum! :) ...I probably got abit carried away while writing it, hehehe :D


07-13-2001, 09:55 PM
Nice work, gusse!

I'm looking forward to seeing this one in R1, hopefully on a nice loaded AB disc (with subtitles!).

Thanks for the thorough review.

07-14-2001, 02:29 PM
Please note that you do have the option to see both English and Italian subtitles during the actuall movie. It's only the extras that are italian-only! Don't know if that was clear after readin my initial review.