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Ok who all on here seen 28 Day Later? Well if so and if you like the way it was exposed to empty city streets and nothing around except for the survivors and yourself viewing the movie then you might like it.

1st off let me advise you that I saw this on Sci-Fi channel and I think it is not on DVD as of yet.

The movie starts off when people/families prepare to see the comet fly by or to hit earth. I was not for sure witch it was. But I think the people thought it was just passing by and no one wanted to miss it. So everybody and their families awaited to see it.
So out of the unexpected the sky at night started to change to a haze color and bright fumes of gas of some kind gets in the air. It was the comet.

So the movie starts off when Reggie and her boyfriend that works at a theater makes out in the projector room (no sex scene) and I am sure they were not thinking about the comet coming by earth.

So the very next morning.,Reggie and her boyfriend wakes up in the projector theater room and the boyfriend wanted to go check on his motorcycle. As he opens the door he gets whacked in the head by a plumbers wrench. Who was it? Heh.. it was one of the livings and toxicated by the comet.
As the movie goes on Reggie was wondering where her boyfriend was at so off she goes to find him. As she walks out side it was quite as the soft wind. No one around, no one to see.
As she goes towards the alley of the theater she hears ripping flesh! What is it. She screams it was a zombie eating her boyfriend. As of the flesh eating itís edited and did not get to see it in action.
As she tries to get away from the zombie she puts up and fight and yes she does kick that zombieís ass. She finds the keys to her boyfriends motorcycle and off she goes.

The next place she goes is to her parentís house. As I say no1 around , no one to see. She did notice that was clothes on the ground with some kind of brown sand. They were people. They go exposed to the comet and the bodies turned to dust. The not so lucky were the ones that were zombies or I can say the effected.

As Reggie walks into her home she hears of no one, but then finds her little sister alive and well, acting normal as nothing happened. She asked where was everyone and Reggie says they all VANISHED!!

To give a little spoiler , the only reason why Her Sister and Reggie were not affected by the comet is b/c they were shielded by steel. Reggie and her boyfriend were in the projector room of the movie theater that was protected in steel and her little sis that was sleeping in the steel shed in the back yard of there home.

So anyways I will cut to the chase. Reggie and her sister was listening to the radio and notice a voice. So they were thinking others were alive so they went to the radio station, where they found Hector. He was a trucker that came there for the following reason. But to find out that the voice of someone they were hearing on the radio was a recoded tape on the DJ sound room.

I will stop here. Donít want to spoil it no more. As of KILLS there was some, but IF you do watch this movie please do not expect HORROR, and expect it to be more SCI-FI.

The movie was enjoyable and there were some kills, but I am sure the sci-fi channel had it edited. I like the way how this movie kind of felt like ď28 Days LaterĒ (maybe they bit off from this movie) J .

Anyways Out of 5 stars I give it a 3. Had a good story and the movie goes on. Can you just imagine you and couple of your friends being on an empty world with no one around and just taking what ever you like when you like? There are survivors in this movie. But you have to watch it if you want to know the rest! J

You can get more info or trailer from:

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I am going to pretend like I didn't just get all excited thinking this was a review of a real, legit Night of the Comet dvd that was somehow released without my knowledge. That would mean I got all disappointed finding out it was just a review of the movie. :cry:

Nothing against your review, I just clearly need a dvd of this movie bad.

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Sorry about the onebyone. I let everyone at the beginning that they were for warned :cry:

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Well maybe Dave can get the info on a release on this. I mean if he gots a connection. If I am correct, I did remember that it was by Paramount. But on one site it said CBS production. I think it was rated Pg-13 also. But I did enjoy this movie minus all the damn commercials.

03-15-2004, 05:49 AM
You were kind to do that. I got all :banana: just seeing the thread pop up, it was too late to save me by then. I was already "Holy shit! A dvd of Night of the Comet!" Yes, I am an excitable lass when it comes to my favorite movies.

Look what I found: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3393353732&category=41572

Not sure if this is the right route to go, but it's worth a look :confused:

Agent Z
03-15-2004, 06:42 AM

The movie was enjoyable and there were some kills, but I am sure the sci-fi channel had it edited.

It probably wasn't edited too severely, at least in terms of violence, which really wasn't that much to begin with.

03-15-2004, 06:47 AM
Look what I found: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3393353732&category=41572

Not sure if this is the right route to go, but it's worth a look :confused:

That DvdR is taken from VHS. I wouldn't reccommend it.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The setting and some of the main plot points are about the only thing this has in common with 28 days later.. ok those might be quite significant similiarities but i thought the movie felt very different to 28 days later.. 28 days later = 2003, UK, Horror.. Night of the Comet = 80's, US, Sci-Fi..

03-15-2004, 07:54 AM
Night Of The Comet is a great movie. I've had it on VHS for many years now, it's getting a tad worn out though. I would like to see it on a legit DVD sometime this century! :evil:

03-15-2004, 09:05 AM
here. you should check out this night of the comet thread. it's a good movie. i recorded it on to dvd from hbo i suggest you do the same. the hbo version is a clean digital transfer. it'll hold you off till paramount decides to release :)


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Love this film, has always been a fave of mine. A true cult classic in my opinion.

03-16-2004, 03:52 AM
Never saw this film, but it sounds good, Shift. Nice review! :evil:

I should probably rent this now to see if I like it. However, I hope I don't like it too much or I'll be upset that it isn't on DVD yet! :cry: