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Mark Relford
07-23-2001, 09:01 AM
Welcome, boils and ghouls to Uncle Hack's SPOOKtacular poll! Vote at your own risk.

07-23-2001, 06:19 PM
Creepshow has always been a favorite of mine. Offers a perfect balance of horror, comedy, and fun! Creepshow 2 is a great follow up as well, and it is a shame that they couldn't use the other stories King had submitted because of production limitations. I saw Cat's Eye back when I was a kid, but I remember really liking the last one with the awesome green troll. I wish Hollywood would release a new horror anthology film!

07-23-2001, 09:06 PM
My pick is Creepshow, which may or may not be the best anthology on the list, but always has been a personal favorite.

It was one of the first horror movies I saw, it scared the crap out of me and to top it off (as I've mentioned) I went to Carnegie Mellon University, where parts of it were filmed.

And I do think you can easily make a case for it being the best of the bunch, too.

07-23-2001, 10:07 PM
Good poll idea. I voted for "Tales From the Crypt" even though I'm a huge Romero devotee and I do love "Creepshow". But I figured "Creepshow" would be leading in the polls so I decided to give 'ol Amicus a boost. Also, I saw Tales in the theatre when I was a kid and it scared the living shit out of me! And Joan Collins is just so damn mean!

07-24-2001, 02:06 AM
I voted for Vault of Horror though the old Tales from the Crypt movie is a very close second. I love creepshow and Creepshow2 but the first two I mentioned are even better. If anyone hasn't seen these two older 70's movies find them and enjoy them they are great.

07-24-2001, 02:23 AM
Originally posted by betterdan
I voted for Vault of Horror though the old Tales from the Crypt movie is a very close second. I love creepshow and Creepshow2 but the first two I mentioned are even better. If anyone hasn't seen these two older 70's movies find them and enjoy them they are great.

I had a hard time deciding between these two also -- both are all-time classic horror anthologies. I am also fond of From Beyond The Grave though I don't think it's very scary -- but it's opening credit sequence shot at Hyde Park Cemetery is very cool and creepy.

07-24-2001, 01:31 PM
Most certainly "Dead Of Night". (Coming soon from A.B.) Favorite stories are the ones with the girl at the party, and the mirror. Ghost stories; man, you can't best them. "Black Sabbath" is 2nd. -I've rarely seen a creepier ghost than the ugly woman who wants her ring back. "Tales That Witness Madness" was rather disappointing, but "Twilight Zone" was very good. "Monster Club" was a dud though, apart from the spooky story with Stuart Whitman. "Asylum". -pretty good, especially Richard Todd and all those moving bodyparts.

07-24-2001, 01:34 PM
-Shit, that should read "beat them", of course. Sorry, drunk again !.

07-26-2001, 04:14 PM

I voted for Creepshow. Basically for the reasons already coverd by most. I think the stories are better in some anthologies because they get to the point and move fast. Instead of spanning on for 82 minutes+, ya know!

We should have a definative list. I'd love to hunt for these films. You guys remember DEADTIME STORIES??? Kinda silly with a horny director, but remember liking it as a kid. Who knows what I'll think now. Either way, I'm started to list some of the ones above I haven't seen. How bout some more????

07-26-2001, 05:56 PM
I actually fell asleep at the theater watching Dead Time stories when it first came out. It was a midnight show and Me and my friends had not slept in about 2 or 3 days partying. I remember it being crappy but who knows it may have been good but I was just so wore out.

07-27-2001, 02:16 AM
I have an old VHS recording of Deadtime Stories taken from HBO years ago. It is totally retarded but I still have a kind of affection for it. I think maybe the best story in it is the one with the witches and the young apprentice who kill local villagers for their blood so they can bring their other sister witch back from the dead. The apprentice is played by Scott Valentine, who also played Malerie's boyfriend "Nick" on Family Ties. What a career! ;)
Definitely not one the best horror anthologies, but still kind of fun.
It almost feels like John Waters doing horror...

Mark Relford
07-27-2001, 08:51 AM
Originally posted by MISFITZ
How bout some more????

Night Gallery (TV movie)- Sterling's da man! Blows away the spotty series.

The Willies- Cheesy fun.

Grim Prairie Tales- Haven't seen. Any good?

After Midnight- Haven't seen.

Chillers- Haven't seen. Any good?

Twice Told Tales- zzzzzzzzzzzz

The House that Dripped Blood- Entertaining batch of stories by Robert "Psycho" Bloch.

Torture Garden- More Bloch. Haven't seen.

08-14-2001, 09:40 PM
i'm a crypt fan, myself. although I really enjoyed the 2 creepshow movies.

black sabbath is also good

08-15-2001, 12:58 AM
my pick: twilight zone-the movie. i know, its more fantasy than horror. but the last two stories are just classics. i hope warner will release twilight zone soon on dvd.

08-15-2001, 07:28 AM
yeah , i remember watching the series back when i was young. Scared the living crap out of me.

Peter Vincent
09-17-2001, 07:01 PM
5 Jolting tales of horror written by Stephen King & (mostly) directed by George A. Romero. It don't get no better than dat!!!

Mark Relford
09-18-2001, 12:45 AM
...And the winner is (drum roll, please.) CREEPSHOW!
It's a great horror anthology and a nice tribute to EC comics.

On another note, here's hoping The Offspring gets a DVD release in the near future. Who has the rights?

Thanks for voting, kiddies! Uncle Hack will have another putrid poll soon.

09-18-2001, 09:55 AM
Tales from the Hood was an awesome movie. It had four stories, plus a fifth framing one.