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04-27-2004, 08:20 AM
My Little Eye tells the tale of five young adults who decide to take part in a Big Brother type reality show that is broadcast over the Internet. The broadcast will go on for six months, and at the end they will receive $1 million in prize money. They are placed in this big, creepy house within a fenced in area, and if any of them leave before the scheduled end date, none of them will receive the cash prize. Near the end of the broadcast, troubling occurences start popping up. While some are deeply effected by the events, others believe it is just the company behind the broadcast trying to get them to leave so they won't win the cash. Things gradually begin to get much more serious, and the group begins to realize that something truly sinister may be going on.

After hearing about this film, I was very anxious to see it. It sounded like something I'd thoroughly enjoy, and I jumped at the chance to get the R2 SE when it was first released a little over a year ago. The film did not disappoint me at all.

The characters are pretty likable, and the actors portraying them all do wonderful jobs. Kris Lemche of Ginger Snaps fame is perfect as the wiseass of the group, Rex. He pulls the role off perfectly with a wonderfully sly sense of sarcastic wit, and a softer side seemingly aimed towards Charlie in particular, who is played very well by the extremely gorgeous Jennifer Sky. He gives off a vibe that he has feelings for her, yet can't seem to get himself to tell her how he really feels. Its a nice little inclusion that adds a bit to his character, and comes off as rather sweet. I can't blame him for having a thing for her either, because as I said, she is gorgeous, not to mention very charming. Its a real shame that Sky isn't in more movies. Laura Regan, from the underrated They, is pretty much the lead as Emma, and she pulls off the role very nicely. She is quite compelling in the film, and she's great at playing frightened to boot. The other two people in the house are average guy, Matt (Sean Cw Johnson), and the shy and sort of odd Danny (Stephen O'Reilley). Johnson is great in his rather subtle role, and he does quite fantastic with the directions his character takes in the film. O'Reilley plays the quiet, oddball role well, and his ill fated crush on Emma gives him some nice inner conflictions to work with.

The film is wonderfully shot. We get many different angles from the various cameras in and around the house, and the colors in the film are quite nice to say the least. I especially like the scenes at night where the cameras are taping the group in this greenish, tinted color in which the characters eyes are caused to "glow". Very cool looking if you ask me. The many angles are also always inspired and interesting, and I loved how the film was shot in such a manner at times.

The house is a pretty creepy setting, and some of the occurences are pretty damn eerie. Emma's story from her past which she is prompted to tell because of one of the events is really eerie in and of itself, and it adds a further sense of unease to the film and its storyline. There is also always a feeling of something evil watching them, and of course, its only reinforced by the many cameras. Many very intriguing suspicions are raised throughout the film as well, and they make an already beyond interesting film all the more interesting. The film literally oozes mood and atmosphere, and its quite bleak as well.

The reality style plot is used to absolute perfection. There are many wonderful twists, and the story also seems to serve as an anti-reality show device with all the effects the broadcast is having on the characters, and all the dark occurences throughout the film. It also makes perfect use of the reality programming as vile exploitation idea, and the reality style adds so much more creepiness to the plot.

This film quite literally blew me away when I first saw it, and I watch it quite often. Its a definite new all time favorite of mine. A creepy, disturbing, at times touching, and very well done gem to put it lightly, and the DVD is by far one of the crowning DVDs of my extensive collection. I highly recommend this film to anyone who hasn't seen it, and that's putting it lightly!

The transfer on this DVD is excellent. I've watched it several times, and can honestly find zero problems with it. The really picky person would be the only type I'd expect to have any problems with the transfer. The 5.1 audio is used to wonderful effect as well, and serves to really immerse me in the film whenever I pop it in. This film has some great sound effects throughout too, so this track being up to par is a must, and thankfully it is.

The audio commentary with director Marc Evans and producer Jon Finn is one of the most interesting ones I've listened too. Tons of interesting information about the shoot throughout, as well as some of the intentions with certain aspects of the film. One of my favorite commentary tracks.

The interactive browser mode that is unique to this DVD is a very cool and obviously unique feature. Not everyone would like it I figure, but I think its a great little gimmick, and adds some definite fun and style to the disc. You can access many features with this mode, from the characters audition tapes to the ability to view certain scenes from different cameras. That's only the tip of the iceberg too. Truly great stuff!

The rest of the extras are on disc two. The making of featurette is very interesting, and far from your average fluff piece. There's also 9 deleted scenes, all of which are must sees to any fan of this film. A few of them shouldn't have been deleted IMO. All have optional director/producer commentary by the way. Rounding the set out is a gallery, the theatrical trailer, teaser trailer, and a few TV spots.

This film is one of my absolute favorites, and combined with the truly awesome features on this disc, this is easily one of the best sets in my collection. Such a great film, and a DVD that is actually worthy of it!

04-27-2004, 08:31 AM
Couldn't agree with you more. The alternate endings sounded interesting, but I'm not sure that they were ever filmed. The original cut of the film was about four hours I believe.

04-27-2004, 06:24 PM
Great review as usual Cujo, I agree with you for the most part.

I wish some of those deleted scenes with Danny would've been added into the film, I think they would've helped to really make it hit home when you find him hanging. They added some much needed depth to his character, in my opinion.

It's a shame that the r1 disc is missing the trailers and TV spots, I would've loved to check them out.

04-28-2004, 12:57 AM
Glad you guys liked the review and agree. Jeff, the Danny scenes are some of the ones I think shouldn't have been deleted, and agree they would've allowed for some more depth.

04-28-2004, 04:52 AM
Nice review Cujo. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy.

05-10-2004, 07:35 AM
So Thrash, you get around to seeing this gem yet?

05-10-2004, 04:48 PM
Not yet, waiting to make an order online....soon.

DVD Connoisseur
07-23-2004, 11:27 PM
Watched the film in the early hours of this morning....WOW!

Great movie...can't believe I didn't catch it ages ago! 6.99 in the HMV sale. Bargain of the year....

Interactive facility is simply brilliant, too....

03-14-2005, 11:39 AM
Nice review, Cujo108. I caught up with this one last night.

Sad to say though, while I enjoyd your review, I don't agree with much of it. There is simply no sense of time passing in the movie, none of the characters are at all likable, and the ending is just so tacked on I found it laughable. The fact it was shot on video didn't bother me, and as a concept the cameras seemed to work (for the most part - it failed at times when they tried to switch from seing through the cameras that were in the film and true subjective shots).

The 5.1 was used very sparingly, and therefore I couldn't give it kudos.

Basically, a complete failure to me. The way they kept swapping camera views, and the predictable finale just didn't work for me. A 2 out of 10.

ps: I have the two disc R2 version.

John Gargo
03-14-2005, 12:18 PM
I caught this maybe a month ago very early in the morning and I thought it was brilliant... it really caught me by surprise, as judging by the plot synopsis I expected to hate the damn thing. Now its easily one of the best recent horror films I've ever seen... GREAT ending.

03-14-2005, 12:24 PM
You liked the ending? I thought it was rather cliche ridden, and did nothing to extend the slasher genre beyond adding webcams. Plus, it was all rather rushed after spending way too long doing nothing much at all.... still, I have read some people who really enjoyed it....

John Gargo
03-14-2005, 12:42 PM
You know, it may have been a bit cliched, but I absolutely relished in its intensely downbeat tone. I also found the scene near the end where the group finds out what's actually going on to be surprisingly effective and even quite creepy.

Overall, while the idea might have been done before, the execution was what sold it for me... I'm going to get this on DVD as soon as I run across it.

03-15-2005, 05:45 AM
This movie was great even though it had a real tv styled edge to it. The ending was the best with the way it was done. They should have included the deleted deer scene though within the main movie.

04-07-2005, 08:32 AM
I've got to admit, the first hour or so of this movie had me on the edge of my seat. The camera style to me was very original -- creepy and highly effective. The characters aren't explained too well in the beginning so it was tough to identify with the characters. Once the first death occured the movie lost its magic for me and delved into typical formula Horror unfortunately.


The extras are fantastic -- especially the commentary track coming from the employees that put the contest/reality series together. The scene where the computer hacker stumbles upon the website and finds everyone betting on who's going to die next still stands out in my mind. How would you react to something like that if you were living in that house for months under voyeur surveillance and it ends up that no one's taking home prize money -- just death? Very creepy. The killer played a good straight man up until we discover his agenda and then he becomes a boring cliched madman; it is interesting to watch it again with subtle cues like talking into the camera, which is really his employers feeding him information by earpiece and instructing him what to do. Also, be sure to watch the extended auditions in the extras section where it appears that the killer was willing to do 'anything' to be on it. He he.

12-15-2012, 03:42 AM
Been wanting to see this for a while, but the polarity of the reviews kept me away from it. But, caught it on Netflix.

I can see why people's opinions have such a wide range. I'm of two minds about the film myself.

The characters, while decently fleshed out and acted overall, aren't particularly interesting as people. And, two of the actors really tip off some of the "surprises" with the performances. The plot is relatively predictable and there really aren't a lot of shocks to be found.

But, the security camera gimmick does really work well. Even though the plot and characters weren't particularly engaging, I found myself really hooked by the technique. There were enough crazy "how'd they get a camera in there?" sorts of shots, like the one on the pen, the made for some very cool shots. And the wall-mounted cameras made for some really interesting compositions as character moved just out of frame or behind objects. And, up until the very end, the sound design was really impressive in helping the atmosphere.

In the end, I think this is one of those films that those interested in low-budget film making can really appreciate. The gimmick is very effective and goes a long way towards enhancing the voyeuristic nature of the film. It's just a shame that the writing isn't as inventive as the construction.