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08-04-2001, 10:37 PM
YESSS! After several long, excrutiating months of no new Hammer dvds, today, just retrieved moments ago from my mailbox, my friends, I hold in my hands a copy of Anchor Bay's new release of - deep breath - Scars of Dracula! I am... so happy. :D

We've seen images of the exterior art for months, so I won't bother you with details there, although it is an exhilerating experience to lay my eyes on the physical presence of the actual package, and not some digitally transmitted image. There are two inserts, one being a chapter list of the extra disc, The Many Faces of Christopher Lee. It is a single paged card, and sports several crazed images of Mr. Lee on one side, and one image on the other of Lee as a cool and reserved Count. The insert for the movie disc would be called a "Collectible Booklet" if this were put out by MGM. It is a two page deal, with a wonderful reproduction of poster art on the cover, somewhat extensive liner notes on the two inside covers, and the chapter list on the back cover.

One sad note to report. The top insert was very slightly mangled along the right side, due to the incredibly odd keepcase. The case is of "single-case" width, and inside there is a very peculiar design in which the second dvd is on a round, moveable disc holder on hinges. It's really an odd design, and I just know I'm going to have to treat the packege with kid gloves when opening so as not to trash the inserts.

But hell, who cares?!? The movie is here! Damn, I have a party I have to be at in two hours, and I have to go buy a gift. DAMN DAMN DAMN! Well, I know what I'll be doing later tonight! :D

08-04-2001, 11:36 PM
Congrats mutley, I'm envious! Skip the party and watch that disc! :D I have a 3 dvd order with bn.com for Scars, Mummy's Tomb and the Behind the Apes 2 disc and the wait is killing me, hope they show up on Monday. :)

08-05-2001, 12:31 AM
An Amaray Case? Like House/House 2 and The Mummy Ultimate Edition? It's the size of a single DVD, but there's a seperate, movable holder for a second one.

What the hell is on the second disc?? For $15, I'm surprised.

I was thinking of ordering it from DDD, but at this point, I fucking hate them. Anyone who takes 15 days to get me a DVD doesn't deserve business.

08-06-2001, 12:20 PM
Thanks Carl. I feel for ya bud. All I can say is you will be very pleased when it does arrive. :D

Andrew, second disc has a self-narrated documentary on Chris Lee's carreer. I think it may have some other stuff too, but I haven't been able to watch it yet.

I have however watched Scars of Dracula, and it is beautiful! Mind you, I am only watching on a 4:3 t.v., so can't take advantage of anamorphic, but the image was still awesome. The print was very clean, the colors vivid, and there was no constant fading in and out of color, as there is on Dracula Prince of Darkness, The Reptile, and other early AB Hammer releases. The mono audio was very clear, and presented James Bernards score very well. I would like to have had at least a stereo mix to allow the score a little more fullness, but really, the mono did a damned good job of it anyway.

There are some great, classic Hammer Horror scenes in this one, but the characters can just be plain dumb at times. But so what? It's a movie, and a Hammer movie at that, and if it takes a lame plot segue to get the victims to the villains lair, then that's okay by me! In Hammer, it is the atmosphere, gore and bosom that count, and Scars of Dracula delivers! Some of the scenes are just downright brutal, and these girls have some signature Hammer racks on them! Good good good eye candy throughout. And, of course, Chris Lee rocks! So, need I say it? I highly recommend this one!

p.s. Andrew, just a friendly word of caution; If DDD draws such ire from you for two weeks, I would not order from Troma if I were you. ;) Try waiting three months plus for dvds. THAT sucks! Let me ask, how many times have you gone with DDD, and when was your Phibes order? My first order with DDD was pretty bad too, but I stuck with them for the prices, and they've only got better for me. I mean, damn man, Scars of Dracula doesn't street until 8-7 and I got this Saturday, the 4th. Works for me.

08-06-2001, 05:47 PM
Don't worry, I'm never ordering anything from Troma. Ever.

I ordered Phibes on the 25th, it shipped the 27th, and they say it'll be here the 9th. It's my first order from them though, so I dunno. I'm just used to buy.com, which, granted, is $2-$3 more, but I get my disc 4-5 days after I place my order.

I also pre-ordered The Wicker Man LE, so if they do well with that, I may keep ordering from 'em.

08-06-2001, 11:08 PM
Hello! I have this one on order but I lumped it in there with my August 28th order of Universal/MGM DVDs and The Wicker Man. I would cancel it and Wicker and ship those out earlier but I'm afraid if I did, I would lose my reserved copy (if I have one) and might not get the bonus DVD or Wicker Man box.. Ohwell.