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08-10-2001, 05:21 AM
I would love a dvd copy of this film, but simply refuse the $250 going rate on the Criterion release. My question is with the obvious interest in this film and the obviously low number of dvd's released, why not release more? I know this sounds more simple than it probably is, but OOP does not mean the master print is destroyed. Why have individuals making 3 to 4 times more off your disk when you can release more,making a few more bucks in the process, when there is demand for it? I'm sure someone here has the answer......like maybe future release plans by another company?

08-10-2001, 07:28 AM
I believe it's a matter of Criterion no longer holding the rights to the film. Same as say...Halloween. Criterion once put out a bang-up copy of Halloween with some great commentary. You think they'd make a bundle releasing it again. But the rights now belong to Anchor Bay.

The thing with Salo is that the demand for this film is artificial. I mean, do people REALLY want to own this movie?? It's a combination of "sickest film ever made" and it's OOP status that makes everyone want a copy. Look on a lot of boards, and almost everyone says "I'll never watch it again". Yet why aren't there tons of copies available cheaply, if everyone is so disgusted by it? They're hoarding it, that's why.

I wouldn't be surprised if someone else eventually re-releases this film. It will be funny. After everyone who got shut out of a Criterion copy gets their's, the demand for this disc will go to zero.

08-10-2001, 09:07 AM
Definitely not for everyone. I can tell you this, the dvd is nothing special at all. Normally Criterion has excellent supplements, missing from this one. Check it out if you can find it. I think we'll see this get released from another company down the road.

08-10-2001, 10:32 AM
If you have a region free player... And everyone should have if they are going to collect films... "Salo" is available, uncut, in Britain... Released by the British Film Institute...

08-12-2001, 02:53 PM
I was going to suggest the exact same thing but these Yanks are going to have problems watching the DVD cause its PAL. Australians and Brits don't have to worry bout this because all video players and modern TV sets do both PAL and NTSC.

08-21-2001, 03:10 PM
Salo is possibly one of the sickest and most depressing films ive ever had the displeasure to watch (and ive seen alot!! of movies)
but then i guess that might appeal to some people...if you enjoy such DVD delights as `Men Behind the Sun` then you may enjoy Salo...but i hope i never have to sit through it again! yukkkk