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09-02-2004, 01:34 AM
A 14 year old runaway (Linda Blair) is placed in the care of the state. She is soon to find out her existence means little to many, trapped in the uncaring bureaucracy, the sometimes brutal treatment from her peers and her own abusive family, she will be hard pressed to meet anyone willing her unsung plea for help.

IMAGE: VCI Entertainment presents Born Innocent digitally mastered in its original 1.33:1 ratio, uncut for the first time on DVD and the results are damn good for its age. However you half to take in consideration that this is a 30 year old film so it's not gonna look perfect. There are numerous nicks and scratches throughout and some grain. The print is a tad jumpy at times but is never bad at all. The colors actually look really nice and aren't too faded. The overall image is decently sharp and the blacks are nice and deep. This is a very good presentation of this rare film. I'd rate it with a B.

AUDIO: The audio is presented in dolby digital mono. overall its sounds good and is never too low. At some parts it sounds a little muffled but is still understandable. Also near the end of the film there is some popping/static noise that occurs but it only lasts a few seconds. Overall pretty good. C+

EXTRAS: The only extras here are cast bios for 3 of the films main actors. We also get 3 trailers for some of VCI's other releases. The film is spread over 12 chapters.

NOTE: For anyone who's wondering, the infamous rape scene is presented in its entirety here and is actually not nearly as graphic as it's hyped to be. the only reason I think it was censored from future broadcasts was because Linda Blair's nipple is exposed for a brief second.


09-02-2004, 03:04 AM
Thanks for the review. I really need to pick this one up.

09-09-2004, 11:32 PM
Gotta get this one! Great little TV movie. I have the 16mm film, but a DVD is less hassle to watch. I had no idea this was out on disc. The screen-shots look really good. Thanks for the review.

09-10-2004, 03:18 AM
i was suprised the film looked this great. the dvd is amazing for a 30 year old tv film.

09-10-2004, 03:37 AM
Damn I wish I had remembered to order this from Amazon when I ordered the Dawn set. Oh well next time for sure and yes those shots look pretty nice.