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08-19-2001, 04:49 AM
I know nothing about Joe D' Amato. But, I have seen his name mentioned with people like Franko and Umberto Lenzi.
My question is, can you tell me something about him? For example, his style or movie of his better movies.

08-19-2001, 05:17 AM
d'amato is your standard eurosleaze director ive only seen 3 of his fims that i know of anthropophagus(gore), sexy nights of the living dead(sleazeporn) and porno holocaust (hard core porn and gore!!!!!) i think the only dvd that i know is availble is the highly cut version of anthropophagus retitled the grim reaper wich i own along with the uncut bootlegs i guess if your into extreme- lenzi and franco its worth hunting down some of his films check ebay or shocking images they have some bootlegs

08-19-2001, 09:17 AM
You need to find a copy of BURIED ALIVE. This is imop his best work and a damn fine flick...very cool.

08-19-2001, 03:56 PM
He also died a few years back.

08-19-2001, 04:21 PM
SEXY NIGHTS OF THE LIVING DEAD is available on DVD from Japan. It's not uncut, but is in English and is reportedly of decent quality.

08-19-2001, 05:51 PM
I also forgot, his real name is Aristide Massaccesi. He often claimed to make over 100 films a year. You can think of him as the Italian Jess Franco.

08-19-2001, 11:20 PM
On the 70's he made mostly erotic films. I've seen from this era:
Erotic Cobra: It's a quite boring flick with full frontal nuditiy and bad plot, but it's fun overall. I think it's unavaliable in english, I've seen it in here, Hungary.
Emanuelle in Bankok (?): I'm not sure the title's right, I've seen it in german Tv. Booooooring, but Laura Gemser is beautiful.
Oh, and his first (?) film was a bizarre giallo called Death Smiles on a Murderer starring Klaus Kinski. MOST WANTED!
He made some famous erotic or hardcore movies combined with gore: Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals, Sexy Nights... and the infamous Porno Holocaust. Well, I've seen Porno Holocaust and... well... I consider myself a D'Amato fan, but this sucks. The porn is lame (the girls are almost guys!), the gore is nonexistent (5 people fall to the ground with bloody t-shirt, that's not gore). I haven't seen Buio Omega aka Buried Alive, but it's a MOST WANTED film.
BUT! In 1981 Joe made Anthropophagous. It's one of the finest italian horror flicks. TWO outstanding gore scenes: a fetus is torn out from the womb and eaten by George Eastman and Eastman in the role of Nikos, the Beast, the Antropofago munches on his own bowels. And a personal fauvorite: George bites a woman's throat out, while skalping her as well!!! Good music, EXCELLENT atmosphere, splatter, gore, death. Unfortunately I bought the Grim Reaper DVD. One of my worst decisions. It's a heavily censored version (let's say: all the gore is cut), mono sound and lame picture quality. Fortunately I have the original uncut version on VHS.
The next year Aristide made the sequel to Antropofago: Rosso Sangue aka Absurd aka Anthropophagous 2. The beast is Eastman again, who terrorizes a small town. Not bad, and VEEEEEERRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYY gory. (In one scene the beast cuts half a man's head with a small electric saw. Blood and brain chunks everywhere!)
He made a fantasy trilogy as well, the Ator films. I've only seen Ator the Fighting Eagle. It's a cheap fantasy, but it has zombies and a gigantic spider! Pure trash. I like it.
In the 90's he only made porn. For example: Anal paprika, Sahara, etc. Raging, intense porn flicks. If you're into porn you should watch some of this stuff.
D'Amato is a very important filmmaker with thousand faces: porn, horror, erotic film, giallo, western, sci-fi (I forgot: ENDGAME, his most notable sci-fi flick) - D'Amato is excellent in every genere. He died in january, 1999. Rest in peace, maestro.

08-20-2001, 06:13 AM
Thanks for the replies guys. You really seem to know your D'Amato Oink. Is Anthropophagus the title you would recommend? You listed several, but I kind of need a starting point.

And to flesh-huntr, could you please give me a little background on Buried Alive?

I've heard his best Euro-sleeze film is Images in a Convent, but I'm more interested in horror.

Are his horror films worth getting? In your opinons of course.

08-20-2001, 07:15 AM
yeh grim reeper(anthropopagus) is a good starting point but the dvd is so cut that it has little gore but its pretty cheap and then there are tons of bootleggs but maybe some body will get some guts and remaster some of his films to be released on dvd

08-20-2001, 06:29 PM
I highly recommend Anthropophagous! Get it as fast as you can!

08-20-2001, 06:40 PM
Stay away from Anthropopagus II (or, as I rented it, "Zombie 6," even though there aren't any zombies in it). It has virtually no plot and, aside from a handful of exciting setpieces, nothing really happens. Also, the ending is absolutely ridiculous, with a blinded George Eastman chasing around a crippled girl; the eye effects are terrible and the girl is obviously not crippled! All in all, Anthropopagus II is a terrible viewing experience.

08-20-2001, 09:19 PM
My favorite Joe films are definately
1) Emmanuelle and the Last Cannibals (pure exploitation and trash cinema at its very best with the stunning `Laura Gemser` and opening with a nurse having her boob eaten!, all this goes from bad to worse...very good fun)
2) Emmanuelle in America (similar to the above but without cannibals...if you can see the uncut version ...within the movie there is a very convincing sequence of a so called snuff movie that has fooled many stupid critics!)
3) Anthropophagous the Beast `Grim Reaper` (mentioned above, not as sleazy to say the least ...but a great horror movie with some very disturbing images and scenes....most gory too!)
And not to mention the vast array of porno films that he has churned out over the years...apparantly his favorite movie himself is his softcore `11 days 11 nights` but i havent seen that yet
If you can locate these movies they are worth seeing i was thouroughly entertained watching them all...VHS available on the Holland label `Video for Pleasure`..but im not sure about Anthropophagous ive been trying to get it for ages!!! *sigh*

Werner Von Wallenrod
08-21-2001, 12:16 AM
D'Amato was married to Laura Gemser, who he made a PLETHORA of Emmanuel flicks with.

08-21-2001, 03:04 AM
shocking images has a few d'amato films including an uncut anthropopagus! its vhs:confused: but worth 10.00:)

08-22-2001, 03:43 AM
I haven't seen that many D'Amato movies but I'll never forget this hardcore porno-flick which has Janet Agren (Eaten Alive, City Of the living Dead ) in the lead!
Can't remember the name of the movie though, and the IMDB doesn't mention the picture if you look at miss Agren's info page.
I guess it's because they don't wanna get into that territory?
All I can say is that it was eXXXtremely wild, not at all like his softcore stuff.
Maybe somebody knows the name of this hardcore flick?