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Lyle Horowitz
10-20-2004, 12:40 AM
This is the film column for my school newspaper. I decided it is more entertaining to read a dialouge than actual reviews, and so did the people who read the column. I thought I'd give you all a taste.

Movies With Lyle & David…& Kevin!

Written by Lyle Horowitz

Since David casually forgot to tell me that my review was due the day before it was due, I had very few options. Coincidentally, I was at my friend Kevin Novinski’s house, and as many of you know, he and I are probably the smartest people in the entire universe when it comes to cinema. So, like I did with David last month in the Beacon, I will have a conversation with Kevin about movies.

Lyle: Hi, I’m Lyle. And this month, I am joined by my good friend, Kevin.

Kevin: Hello. It’s a pleasure to be here. Thanks for having me, Lyle.

Lyle: Anytime. Let’s not beat around the bush for any longer. Let’s talk movies.
Kevin: That’s something you don’t see everyday, Lyle Horowitz talking about movies.

Lyle: This month, we’ll be talking about “Hero”, “Shaun of the Dead” and “Team America: World Police”, among others.

Kevin: I loved “Hero” due to the strong resemblance to many kung-fu films, of which I am a fan. Yimou Zhang did a phenomenal job as director mainly due to the very demanding camera work that he achieved on such large scale sets.

Lyle: Hero was remarkable. The use of color in that film is stunning. I can’t wait for Zhang’s next film, “House of Flying Daggers”, set to arrive in US theatres in December.

Kevin: Halloween is coming up (or has passed, depending on how hard the editors at the Beacon work!) and I thought it would be appropriate to list our top five favorite movies to watch on Halloween.

Lyle: Good idea! Here is my list: “Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors”, “Horror Express”, “Scream, Blacula, Scream!”, “Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein”, & my favorite film of all-time, “Freaks”. How about you, Kevin?

Kevin: Well, I’d have to go with “Deep Red,” “Carnival of Souls,” “The Haunted Palace,” “The Old Dark House,” & “Night of the Living Dead.” Speaking of the living dead, I’d like to bring up another film that you and I saw recently, “Shaun of the Dead.” Taking its title from the popular 1978 film by George A. Romero, “Dawn of the Dead,” it was surprisingly humorous, gory, romantic, and frightening all in one. I greatly appreciated the many references to other great zombie films.

Lyle: “Shaun of the Dead” is one of my favorites of the year. It manages to be hilarious without turning into a brainless spoof. It manages to be scary without being over-the-top. Great writing and good character development, something you don’t see any more in horror movies, are here as well. Lastly, we saw “Team America: World Police”. Throwing political views out of the window and leaving my political correctness at the door, the film is a laugh-riot with great songs and unbelievable sets.

Kevin: Off the bat, I’d like to mention that I am not a big fan of Matt Stone or Trey Parker (who could ever forgive them for “BASEketball?”) but I did find “Team America” to be one of the better films of the year and found myself close to tears from laughing so hard.

Lyle: Well, folks; that concludes this month’s column. I’d like to thank Kevin for filling in for David this month, and to all of my fans, thank you for the love letters. Until next time, this is Lyle Horowitz signing out.

Lyle Horowitz
10-20-2004, 12:48 AM
btw, sorry about the formatting issues. Did this on MS Word, did not translate well; format-wise.

10-31-2004, 05:21 PM
That was pretty neat. I have a recurring review section on my Newspaper, where I review something new, then something old that correlates with it. I just did Shaun of the Dead and Dawn of the Dead. Have no idea what I'm doing next. I like the whole conversation thing you guys did, I doubt I'd to do something like that with mine.

Lyle Horowitz
10-31-2004, 05:42 PM
Thanks, Grim. I just saw Ray last night (amazing film, btw) and I think that will be my next review.