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09-03-2001, 10:22 PM
http://www.vidmarc.demon.co.uk/mondo-erotico/index_rollin.html .................................................. ............hers is a site i found with some good info on rollin as well as some scans of the upcomming Redemption titles !!!!!!:)

09-06-2001, 05:48 AM
Hey Skinnypuppy, I don't have any Jean Rollin movies, which dvd would you suggest buying first? I've been thinking about picking up Living Dead Girl. That throat munching scene makes the movie for me. But other than that, I'm not familiar with his work.

Although I've been told Zombie Lake isn't one of his better films. From the reviews i've read it sounds like a cross between Orgy of the Dead and Night of the Living Dead. Speaking of Orgy of the Dead, when is Rhino going to release the dvd? It's the only Ed Wood film I can't wait to own.

"Throw gold at her. Throw more gold at her. Throw even more gold at her. Throw yet even more gold at her. Torture! Torture! It pleasures me. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha" - Criswell in Orgy of the Dead.

09-07-2001, 03:27 AM
Living Dead Girl!!! is Great!!! and a good film to start a Rollin collection with and maybe follow it with lipps of blood or any of his other vampire films I cant wait for Grapes of death to be released Ive never seen it but ive heard and read so many great things about it and i think he makes up for the rather cheesy zombies in zombie lake in this film i would wait on getting Night Of the hunted it was rather dull.:)

09-07-2001, 06:22 AM
Looks like Living Dead Girl will be my first Rollin DVD. Thanks for responding.
AB or one of these other dvd companies need to release a dvd compilation of Euro-horror. It sure would make it easier to make a decision on some of these films. I have a few books covering the subject, but it's not the same as seeing the footage or hearing from the director or actors.