View Full Version : AB Chat?

09-17-2001, 01:06 AM
Did the Anchor Bay chat that was scheduled ever happen. I thought it may have been delayed like many other events due to the current situation in our fair country, but I wasn't sure. I was heavily looking forward to seeing what they were going to annoynce, since they havn't annoynced any heavy hitting titles in months. I mean come on, they don't even have any Fulci Collection DVDs in the works. And I know that we ALL are waiting to hear what their take on the whole Opera problem will be.


09-17-2001, 06:58 AM
We need more Fulci!

09-18-2001, 01:39 AM
"...they don't even have any Fulci Collection DVDs in the works"

I thought that they were releasing "Four of the Apocalypse" under their Spaghetti Western series. It is still under their future releases section for Late 2001.

09-18-2001, 01:11 PM
AB chat is tonight.