01-14-2001, 06:12 AM
I know I am really new to LD, but that doesn't mean SHIT! Over the past month I have grown apart of Laserdisc and I happen to enjoy them more then DVD. I think LD's look cooler, and I like the way they work better. I really love my collectors editions. I think that right now is a perfect time to step in and save LD. I know for a fact that the modern day horror webmasters can pull the strings together to get the job done. We each have our own connections. I run Savage Cinema.com and Cannibal Ferox.com, and several other horror sites. Dave obviously runs Horror DVDs, lol. And I noticed a lot of other horror/dvd webmasters post on this board. Now I was watching my kick ass Collectors Edition, 25th Anniversary Night of the Living Dead via Elite Entertainment....and I was reading articles on the supplement disc. It talked about how it took 2 companies to come together to make this classic. A commercial studio an a radio station, which happened to plug the movie non stop. Now if we can get several people together we can get our message heard, loud and clear. Whether we get companies like Elite and/or Image, preferably Elite, on the ball, rolling again, Or we do it our selves. We can get Laserdiscs back in style, whether it be for the average horror guy or for the serious collector...which their are plenty of. Now LD's are just so cool, I don't want it to go to waste. Their are still several films that can get released on LD which wont be released on DVD for along time. My idea of this venture is to release ONLY Special/Collectors editions of Cult Films. While typing this I even came up with some new nifty packaging ideas which will please the serious collector. New types of sleeves, where you pop the LD into the slot (like DVD) instead of slipping it into a sleeve. Or releasing a LD, DVD, and CD, duo. Where you have the LD version of the film, the DVD version of the film, and an audio soundtrack CD. Or if you want, on the DVD disc, you can have it be for supplements only. I was also thinking about a LD keep case, like the dvds, but the size of the LD boxes. I have tons of crazy ideas. Maybe a new packaging method could be something that will catch the eye of collectors. I am happy with the traditional LD packaging, but It never hurts to brain storm new marketing strategies.

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01-14-2001, 07:17 AM
I'm sorry but it's too late like beta was to vhs. Everyone is buying dvd players but hardly anyone has a laserdisc player and they are hard to find. Just enjoy the ones you have or can find and get used to wonderful less expensive dvds. Laserdiscs have gone the way of records. Sorry.

I have seen the new face of poverty and it is DVD...

01-14-2001, 07:25 AM
I don't like that negative attitude. I will do everything in my power to revive this God-Like format and return it to its immortal grace.

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Alan Smithee
01-14-2001, 07:28 AM
What is it that is so much better about LDs? Supplement-wise, for some films, I can see your point, but format-wise, I can't think of one advantage that LDs have over DVDs. LDs cost A LOT more than DVDs. DVDs have menus, which makes navigation of the disk easier. DVDs are capable of better image and sound quality than LDs. An entire film can fit on one side of a DVD; with an LD you have to flip sides. Also, LDs are either CAV or CLV, but any DVD can be paused, slowed down, frame by framed, etc. Then there's the size issue. LDs are the size of LPs, DVDs are the size of CDs. DVDs take up less space (on my shelf and in the store) and are also easier to ship. LD is a dead format, and for good reason. The only reason people (and I'm including myself here) still watch and collect LDs is for films and/or supplements of films that have not and/or will not be released on DVD. I think its safe to assume that if a DVD contains the exact same supplements as a previous LD release, people would rather own the DVD. Rather than try to resurrect a dead format, wouldn't it make more sense to start petitions to get collector's edition DVDs of films released, or to get LD supplements of films included on future DVD releases? (Actually, I'm pretty sure there are petitions like those in existence).

01-14-2001, 08:07 AM
Well said Alan. BigDeg I think saying "I will do everything in my power to revive this God-Like format and return it to its immortal grace" is a little silly and extreme don't you? hehe calm down and try
women they are better than laserdiscs or dvd because they are better to look at but I wish we didn't have to listen to their audio. Just Joking. Good luck with your lasers.

I have seen the new face of poverty and it is DVD...

01-14-2001, 10:14 AM
God like format <snigger>...

Kiss it goodbye, it is over. It was never an affordable format, and DVD has come so much further in the market in 4 years than Laserdisc came in its entire 18 years. Enjoy what you have, and leave it at that.

01-14-2001, 11:55 AM
Well I do like the way LD looks, plus I buy boxed sets from japan. In Japan, DVD are priced same price as LD. So when I buy a 7 disc LD set for 600 dollars, I feel like I gotten something, as they include a big book, plus gifts, and just to hold a big 7 or even 13 LD disc set is liek 'WOW".

. I recently bought the a box set in DVD format, to replace the LD version I have, but it costed the same, I felt I didnt get my money worth at a small box set that I can hold in one hand, plus no big book. Just didnt seem right.

techically one thing I dont liek about DVD is it takes a minute to load up,and wait for the compnay logo, then wait another minute for the menu screen to finally settle down. In LD, pop it in, spins presto, I can get to whatever I need to get to. Also LD fast forwards better, and never jams uplike some dual layered DVD does.

everything has a pro and con.

01-14-2001, 12:17 PM
Arrow if your dvds are slow or jam up, maybe it's time for a new player. Out of the 131 dvds I own or the many I've rented I have only found 1 dvd that I had trouble with and that was the Substance version of Cannibal Holocaust but I believe that is the discs fault for skipping and stuttering.

I have seen the new face of poverty and it is DVD...

01-14-2001, 02:09 PM
Try all you like but laserdisc will never be revived for new releases. It's never going to happen. Image has written it off and Elite can't afford to press 500 lasers and make a few thousand dollars of profit off of it (at best).

There's certainly things I like better about LD than DVD - no macrovision, no region coding, no "forced trailers", etc. when first starting them. As for DVD menus, I never, ever liked those at all. I'd much rather have chapter stops only like laserdiscs have..

There's also things about DVD that I enjoy over LD - 16x9 enhancement, more market=more horror movies being released (e.g. Army of Darkness special ed.), greater availability.

Laserdisc isn't dead for me, however. There's ALWAYS going to be a used market and you should be able to enjoy it very much. There's lots of special editions horror laserdiscs, plus I huge amount of horror movies that exist on LD and not DVD. The number is dwindling but there's always going to be some. I'm always browsing ebay and other laserdisc sites to try and find some good deals.

Just look at the lack of enthusiasm for revising the format that you've seen on this very forum - where there are lots of laserdisc fans. If you can't get any excitement about it here, you're not going to find it anywhere else either. Reality is, what you want to do is impossible. Try all you want, it just isn't going to be possible.

One thing you might want to look into is releasing your own laserdisc! Find the rights to a certain movie, see if you can get a commentary done by someone and maybe dig up a few more extras, press 500 copies and sell it! I remember Blackest Heart Media did it with Fulci's Cat in the Brain. I don't think there were any supplements on it though.

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01-14-2001, 08:05 PM
Kinda like giving cpr to a skeleton at this point. But yeah, I still own one. The good of the format?

-No regional coding!
-older titles (which are catching up on DVD at an awe-inspiriing pace).
-and the SOUND! Am i one of the few who notices you have to crank up DVDs way to high to get decent sound compared to laserdiscs and the bass is nothing in comparison!

These aside, I still love DVD's picture and options. But sad to say, any hope of reviving laser are slim to none.

01-14-2001, 09:47 PM
Yeah, I LOVE laserdisc as much as the next guy (probably a lot more), but it's pretty obvious that it's time has passed. Not only have all the LD pressing plants dried up, but no one's even making the PLAYERS anymore!!
Sure, LD is cool, but people have to make a PROFIT in order for there to be hardware and software available.

Finall, the death of laserdisc has meant discs available for less than $10, even ones that listed at $75+. Enjoy the format, but no amount of glowing green fluid is gonna bring it back to life.

01-15-2001, 05:53 AM
Actually it was Box Office Spectaculars which released Cat in the Brain. And it was jam packed with suplements, It is compared to the Ferox LD. Box Office Spectaculars was a company back in the 60's which made campy low budget films, it died along time ago...Bob Murwawski of Grindhouse Releasing bought the name Box office Spectaculars and created a company of his own which released Cat in the Brain on Laser Disc. Bob runs both Box Office and Grindhouse. If you know the orginal Box Office Spectaculars made Blood Feast. This Cat in the Brain LD is reccomend, I know Image is repressing it to dvd in either 2001 or 2002 but it wont have all the suplements the LD has, it may have a few of the same..but also a few different. The studio does that, so you buy both. I don't know why Box Office wont go to Anchorbay since they did such a good job on The Beyond disc, but Image did do a hell of a job on the DVD!

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01-16-2001, 01:50 AM
I went to a seminar on DVD and new media technology while in Florida. They claim they aren't even using DVD to it's fullest potential at this time. We have much to look forawrd to. LDs are nearing completion here in the US. nobody wants them. Sad, but oh well. We just have to set aside old things and realize the unavoidable. but be optimistic, we do have more titles coming.

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