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10-14-2001, 10:30 PM
The guy who runs Media Blasters has posted some news in a thread over at DVDManiacs.net. Looks to be pretty sweet, especially the two-disc LIZARD set. Unfortunately, it sounds like this guy really is a Eurohorror novice...


10-15-2001, 12:05 AM
That is amazing. Both the Schizo and the Lizard versions of the film. Finally a Fucli 2-disc special edition. Not to mention the Sweet House of Horrors, House of Clocks 2 disc set.

As far as their new announcements, I obviously have heard of House at the Edge of the Park, but what are the other two. Spasmo and 7 Blood Stained Orchids. I have never heard of either of these movies.


10-15-2001, 01:01 AM
They are both Umberto Lenzi films. Here's the IMDb plot summary for SPASMO:

"Christian (Robert Hoffman) and his girlfriend are taking a walk on a deserted beach when they discover a woman's body lying. A closer look proves that she's alive. The next day Christian meets her again at a yacht party and they fall in love. Later at a nearby motel, something weird happens as they prepare to go to bed together: An intruder breaks in and starts beating Christian who accidentally shoots him with his own gun. A few hours later they find out that the corpse is missing and a series of weird incidents takes place. "

And user comments for ORCHIDS:

"Under-rated giallo with a linear and coherent plot, rare enough in this genre, thanks to the Edgar Wallace source material. Not quite up to Solange (also based on a Wallace novel) in terms of style or impact but better than Lenzi's Eyeball and Spasmo. Weak points: bland leading man and typically unmemorable Ortolani score. Aside from a drill scene, the violence is restrained. Good dubbing and fair enough English dialogue translation in the Greek video I saw. Recommended as a second-tier giallo."

"Some old Italian thrillers are now boring, but this one is a gem, even if it is not on Argento's brilliance level. It features inventive murders, a solid mystery, a beautiful title, a diabolical killer and even a good motive for the whole story, and none of the photo-novel antics which plagues lots of Italian movies of that time. This beats any giallo-inspired US nineties "mysteries" (in the "Color of Night" vein)."

10-15-2001, 03:19 AM
great news!! now for a release date

10-15-2001, 05:48 AM
Now for several release dates. And how about a website with dates and cover art and up to date news, you know, all the trimmins.


10-16-2001, 12:28 AM
I have never seen Jungle Holocaust but I love all the other cannibal movies I've seen so I will definately buy this i can't wait. Also i can't wait for House on the edge of the Park on dvd so I can get rid of my vhs. I have loved this sleazy movie for a long time. David Hess rox!